8957 Old Southwick Pass Johns Creek Ga 30022

This single family home is located at 8957 Old Southwick Pass in Johns Creek, GA, and is listed for sale at $3,500,000. It has been on the market for 349 days. It last sold for $499,999 on April 24, 2007. It is a 7, 9.5-bath, 10,821-square-foot home built in 2001. The neighborhood is considered safe and has few violent crimes per 1,000 residents, making it a great investment property.

This home is located in the Country Club of the South, a neighborhood in Johns Creek, GA. The neighborhood has a walk score of fifteen and a bike score of twenty, but most errands will require a car. The ambient noise level is 40 decibels, which is considered to be faint. There are 34 different Internet providers in the area, including DSL, DOCSIS, and fiber optics.

The area is safe for kids and pets and offers many amenities. There are a variety of schools in the area, including a public charter school. The local government is also supportive of families, as it is an excellent place to raise a child. However, if you have a family, you may want to consider a different neighborhood. The Country Club of the South has a low crime rate, with no reported violent crimes.

You’ll find 96 homes for sale in this community, which is an increase from last month. There were only four sales in the last month, compared to four sales in the same period. This area is highly educated, with 97.0% of residents holding a high school degree. Compared to the national average of 33 days, the average days on the market for a home in this community was 150 days.

This home has a walk score of 15. Its bike score is 16. Its traffic is moderate. It has a low crime rate. The city is home to a diverse population. There are over 9,000 people living in the area. There are only 58,300 people in the entire region. The average income in this community is $80 per year. The median household income is $18,000.

The area is extremely safe and has very low crime. The noise level in this neighborhood is 40 dBA, which is considered to be a low-noise area. You can live in this neighborhood without having to worry about street noise. You will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of this community. The surrounding neighborhoods are ideal for outdoor activities. You can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of a tranquil setting and the peacefulness of a suburban community.

This home is located in a great location with easy access to major highways. It is located in a neighborhood with a walk score of 25. The neighborhood is also very safe to walk or bike, and there are many nearby restaurants. In this community, there are only a few homes listed for sale. There are 96 total, and it’s possible to make an offer at this price.

The area is very accessible. There are about 28 homes for sale in this neighborhood, which is 26% less than a year ago. The number of sold homes in this neighborhood is the same as last month, but is 20% less than the previous month. The average adult in this area has a high school education, which is higher than the national average. It has a median age of 35, so it’s a great place to raise a family.

The average home in this neighborhood is built in the mid-1990s. Its location is not particularly safe. There is a high chance that some of the neighbors will be noisy. This is not an ideal neighborhood for people who are sensitive to noise. If you’re not comfortable with loud noise, the neighbors should not be your first priority. The community has an average of three members per household, so you’ll be comfortable in this home.

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