9 most powerful female athletes in the world

9 female athletes to look up toSince ancient times, women have been considered fragile and refined natures. They are endowed with natural charm, true beauty and gentle character. Women are meant to be home keepers, loving wives, and caring mothers. However, not everyone shares the opinion of the public and chooses a calm, family life.

There are many confident women in the world who have chosen to become athletes and build a sports career. They have incredible strength, courage and resilience. Not many people know that on the way to success, famous women athletes had to overcome a lot of difficult tests.

The girls trained exhaustingly and overcame their own laziness in order to improve their bodies, selflessly ignored the criticism of others, confidently participated in competitions – and stubbornly walked towards the main goal. Now many women athletes have become famous all over the world and received the title of champions.

However, the internal struggle continues – after all, when a person is the object of envy, gossip and contempt, it is not easy to survive.

But, despite all the judgments, athletes still believe in their own strengths and achieve great success in life.

We invite our readers to meet the most powerful women on the planet.

9 female athletes to look up to

1. Jill Mills

One of the most courageous and hardy bodybuilders on the planet is Jill Mills. She is a professional powerlifting master with a muscular body and incredible strength.

Jill Mills was born on March 2, 1972 in America. From early childhood, she dreamed of doing weightlifting, admiring the courage and achievements of famous bodybuilders.

Jill Mills

In her youth, the girl confidently decided to devote her life to training in the gym and become an athlete, using sports magazines as motivation. Thanks to perseverance and perseverance, she managed to achieve great success in her career and take possession of the two-time title of “The Strongest Woman in the World.”

Now she is a multiple world champion in powerlifting, being at the pinnacle of fame and popularity.

2. Becca Swenson

American powerlifter Becca Swenson was born on November 20, 1973, in Nebraska. She weighs 110 kg and is 178 cm tall.

The athlete is the embodiment of strength and courage. She has come a long and arduous journey before becoming an athlete and receiving many high awards. At the beginning of her career, Becca thought about bodybuilding, but due to her muscular physique and heavy weight, she had to take up powerlifting at a professional level.

Becca Swenson

After a time of grueling training, the woman began to show good results and set world records. At the time of the deadlift competition, she lifted a barbell weighing 302 kg.

At the moment, the athlete has many great achievements and well-deserved awards, as well as the high title of the world record holder.

3. Gemma Taylor-Magnusson

The title of one of the most powerful female athletes in Great Britain belongs to the English athlete – Gemma Taylor-Magnusson. She is a two-time deadlift champion.

The master of powerlifting managed to get the title in 2005, thanks to overcoming the weight of 270 kg. This marked the beginning of Taylor’s success and sporting achievements.

Gemma Taylor-Magnusson

Gemma’s decision to take up weightlifting professionally came at a young age. As a child, due to being overweight, she was deprived of sports games, but she always dreamed of taking part in school competitions. In an attempt to change her usual life, the girl decided to overcome her own insecurity and reproaches from others, starting hard training.

Her desire was not in vain, because in the future the athlete managed to achieve unprecedented heights. And her career not only provided her with a champion title, but also helped her to meet true love.

4. Iris Kyle

The life of the American athlete from Michigan, Iris Kyle, is also devoted to weightlifting. With a weight of 70 kg and a height of 170 cm, the woman is a professional bodybuilder. She holds an honorable place in the bodybuilding rankings and is one of the most successful bodybuilders in the world. On account of the athlete – 10 well-deserved awards, including the title of “Miss Olympia”.

Iris began to show her passion for sports from her school years, running and playing basketball. It was sporting achievements that contributed to Kyle’s first victory in bodybuilding competitions in 1994.

Iris Kyle

She never shared public opinion about her masculine appearance and muscular body, having her own idea of ​​the standards of female beauty.

In 1988, the woman began to rapidly build a sports career, and received the status of a professional, having repeatedly proved that she had no equal in competitions.

5. Christine Rhodes

Christine Rhodes was born in the United States on September 10, 1975. From an early age, she showed success in heavy sports, deftly throwing a disc, a spear and throwing a hammer. Deciding to follow in the footsteps of Bill Nyder’s grandfather, who was the champion shot putter, Christine took up powerlifting in earnest. But her husband, the famous strongman, Donald Allan Rhodes, had a special influence on her sports career.

Christine Rhodes

Listening to her husband’s advice and feeling his support, at the competitions in California, which were held in 2006, the athlete achieved great success. Her deadlift result was 236 kg, and her bench press was 114.

After winning the championship, Rhodes’ sports career began to skyrocket. Since 2007, she has received the title of “America’s Strongest Woman” six times.

6. Aneta Florchik

The next bright, strong and confident woman in weightlifting is Aneta Florczyk. She was born on February 26, 1982 in Poland, where her sports career and path to success began.

Active training and passion for powerlifting became an integral part of Anet’s life at the age of 16. The girl stubbornly strove to improve her body, and soon began to participate in strongman competitions.

Aneta Florchik

In 2000, Florchik received the title of European champion. In 2002, she became the winner of the powerlifting competition, and in subsequent years she was awarded the honorary title of “The Strongest Woman in the World.” Another great achievement of the strong woman is the establishment of a new world record in the Guinness Book.

Anet has many loyal fans, as well as detractors who are trying to ruin her impeccable reputation. But the woman athlete has already learned to take a punch and ignore haters’ harsh statements.

7. Anna Kurkina

Among the huge number of the most powerful female athletes, one of the main places belongs to the Russian athlete – Anna Kurkina. She has unlimited strength, muscular and muscular body, which allowed her to become the absolute world champion in powerlifting and set more than 14 records.

Anna is rightfully considered the most powerful woman on the planet, the title of which was awarded to her for several years.

Anna Kurkina

Along with numerous powerlifting competitions and receiving high awards, Anna is actively involved in coaching. For 17 years, she has been training beginner athletes in the gym, helping them to improve their imperfect figure.

Sport is an integral part of the life of a champion, ready even at the age of 53 to confidently move forward and not give up.

8. Donna Moore

British resident Donna Moore is considered one of the strongest female athletes. At the 2016 powerlifting competition, she won an absolute victory and received the well-deserved title of the best strong woman.

Donna Moore

Donna’s list of accomplishments also includes world records. One of the most important and significant events in her life was the competition in lifting heavy stones. The attribute was enormous and weighed 148 kilograms. Moore put in a lot of effort, and not without difficulty raised a stone, which broke the previous record – and secured her victory.

9. Irene Andersen

Irene Andersen is a strong and courageous woman who is a professional bodybuilder. She is a member of the international federation IFBB and actively participates in the annual competitions.

Over the years of her sports career, Irene was a multiple champion, and almost always won. She was awarded the honorary status “The strongest woman in Sweden”, which the strong woman always tried to maintain.

Irene Andersen

Bodybuilding for Anderson became a major part of life at the age of 15. Then the girl visited the gym for the first time, and decided to completely change her body. As a child, she always showed a craving for sports, and in her youth, Irene was fond of judo, Thai boxing and kickboxing.

At this time, the athlete stopped her activities and left the sport, devoting her life to her beloved family and raising three children.

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