9 types of love – which one is yours

9 types of love that are sure to be in your lifeHow many times have you been sure that you met that very true love? It is this feeling that motivates us to feats, makes us wake up easily in the morning, it is a panacea for all problems (although, more often, they are still their source). There are basic types of love that have been in the life of every girl at least once.

After reading the article to the end, you will understand the specifics of your relationship, and you will be able to realize your place in them.

9 types of love that are sure to be in your life

Destructive love

Surely each of us at least once in our life came across a person, the experience of a relationship with whom was the most toxic in history. The very person who makes you cry into your pillow for hours, limit communication with friends and deprive yourself of ordinary female joys, but to whom – for a completely incomprehensible reason – you always want to return.

In such love, you always feel inferior and forgotten, because you look around and ask yourself: “Do they love me in return? Do you need all this? “

Constant worry about your personal life and feelings of loneliness in a relationship can end, at worst, with depression, at best with breakup.

Most often, such love happens in youth, after which each person rethinks his life and is determined with what exactly he would like to receive from his beloved, and what categorically does not accept.

It seems to many that they are simply unlucky, but in reality, this is just a life lesson that will undoubtedly benefit.

Unhappy love

From the first minute a spark ran between you – which seemed to last an eternity … But betrayal or non-reciprocity ruined the dreams of a happy life together.

Most often, it is after unhappy love that people lose faith in the best and begin to avoid attachment.

Memories of past feelings are rarely forgotten, leaving deep scars on the soul.

Kinds of love - unhappy or destructive love

The love you deserve

You are a real super hero couple!

For all the efforts that you went through together, fate gave you a valuable gift – love. For your support and care even in the most difficult times, for the absence of material claims, for depression and despair, the desire to be alone, for all the walls that stand in your way – you really deserve your happiness.

This kind of love definitely makes sense because you created it together.

New love

More often than not, people find it difficult to admit to themselves that they have found a new love. Exciting meetings, romantic mood, sleepless nights and long kisses are the main characteristics of an emerging feeling. You are free and independent from each other, you feel that no one owes anyone, therefore, such relationships are often devoid of emotional conflicts and heated disputes.

True, feelings can fade away as quickly as they appeared.

The love you deserve

Everyday love

This kind of love is characterized by burnout, or, simply put, a habit. In such a relationship, partners are comfortable with each other, but love is perceived as an unconditional fact.

It is these relationships that allow people to fully open up to each other, without fear of judgment from the outside.

Many couples are worried about the lost passion, visit psychologists, various trainings … But is this psychological swing so important, or is the feeling of comfort and warmth next to a loved one still more valuable?

Fake love

Most often, fake love is created by women who dream of the perfect boyfriend. They take plots from films as a basis, select a partner in the image of the stars, paint a honeymoon in the Maldives … Unfortunately, forgetting that people may simply not fit each other.

It is for this reason that some until the end of their lives cannot find true love, because they are vainly trying to glue the constantly disintegrating puzzles of the desired picture, which does not correspond to reality.

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Everyday love

Meaningless love

More often than not, this kind of love is a big delusion. Partners like to experience the very fact of love without worrying about having true intimacy.

Yes, you can spend evenings together from time to time, but you will definitely not endure hardship and inconvenience for the sake of the happiness of another person. This is a feeling close to passion, thanks to which people feel important and recognized just because they are in a relationship with someone.

Friendship love

Friendship love is characterized by a lack of chemistry between partners. You may really like the person, but don’t ruin the conversation by trying to build a romantic relationship.

You will mean a lot to each other, but you are unlikely to spend the rest of your life together.

Remember that finding a good male friend is even more difficult than a decent boyfriend.

The same love

“The same” love

This type of love, the purest and most sincere, defies scientific explanation. It just is, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Partners can constantly quarrel, end a relationship, start it again, but some inexplicable magic will again and again pull you to this particular man.

You are even afraid of his “ideality”, because you understand: not a single person in the world can give you the sensations that you experience with him.

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