90 day split food diet – essence, basics, menu

Everyone has long known the principles and meaning of separate nutrition, the main popularizer of which was Gerber Shelton, who created compatibility tables for various products. On the basis of this method, the effectiveness of which for weight loss has been proven by the time and experience of many people, the Slovenes Polyanshek and Chrobat have developed the 90-day separate diet that has conquered the whole world. It is simple, it is available to a person of any age and in any state of health.

90 Day Split Food Diet - The Basics, The Menu

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The main benefits of the diet are the normalization of metabolism, improvement of the gastrointestinal tract and the effectiveness of weight loss.

The essence and principles of the 90 Day Split Diet

This diet allows you to achieve optimal weight for your figure and lose (if any) up to twenty-five extra pounds Subject to the principles of proper nutrition and after the end of the diet, the achieved result will be maintained.

90 Day Split Food Diet - The Basics, The Menu

Basic Principles of the 90 Day Diet

  • Eating only certain foods in their right combination.
  • No need to exhaust yourself with starvation.
  • Separation of products into groups and their alternationallowing the body to effectively shed fat stores, losing weight by getting rid of excess fat resources.
  • Gradual weight loss without harm to the body and consolidating the result for a long time.

How to enter the split food diet mode correctly?

First of all tune in to the result… As a rule, the excess centimeters at the waist are the consequences of an impaired metabolism, which is normalized thanks to this diet. The proven efficacy of separate meals and the reduction in calorie intake will allow you to achieve the desired result and consolidate it for a long time.

90 Day Split Food Diet - The Basics, The Menu

  • Be patient – you can’t do without it, as in any diet.
  • Follow the recommendations carefully in accordance with the requirements for the diet.
  • Do not expect that in a month you will turn into a fashion model, and you can return to your old diet with a light heart and light body. The course of the diet is ninety days.
  • Get a notebook. Record your weight at the start of the diet, including your hips, waist, and chest. Follow the changes.
  • Combine your diet with an active lifestyle (exercise equipment, morning exercises, walks, etc.).

The core of the 90 Day Split Food Diet. Four-day blocks

These blocks are The “base” of the 90-day diet… They involve eating only strictly certain foods and on certain days.

90 Day Split Food Diet - The Basics, The Menu

  • Protein day. The diet is exclusively protein-rich foods. That is, eggs, fish and meat products. It is also allowed to eat vegetables.
  • Starchy day. Diet – foods rich in starch. Porridge and potatoes, vegetables containing starch, bread made from flour, which contains whole grains. Bean and vegetable soups are allowed.
  • Carbohydrate Day… Diet – cereals, bread, pastries (without milk, eggs, yeast), pasta, cookies. Vegetables and some dark chocolate are acceptable.
  • Vitamin Day… Diet – any fruit, pleasing to the body. Also allowed for consumption are dried fruits (seven to eight pieces, to normalize the digestive tract), seeds and nuts (unsalted, and in small quantities). Juices are also allowed, and even recommended, any.

What’s the hardest part about this diet? Every twenty-ninth day of the diet, only mineral water can be consumed. This is a kind of cleansing of the body for a more complete assimilation of previously consumed foods. This “unloading” is carried out three times during the entire period of the diet, after the vitamin day.

Recommendations for the 90 Day Split Diet

90 Day Split Food Diet - The Basics, The Menu

  • For breakfast, eat only fruit
  • Do not eat lunch earlier than At twelve o’clock… In case of an acute feeling of hunger, it is allowed to eat any fruit.
  • Dinner should be no earlier than three hours after lunch… On a protein day, the break is at least four hours.
  • After eight in the evening, eating is prohibited.
  • Allowed on a vitamin day frequent fruit snacks… Do not worry if there are too many snacks – then the appetite will decrease.
  • Lunch portion is quite large, for complete saturation, the portion for dinner is half the size.
  • Choose foods for a diet only fresh and natural… No additives or too much carbohydrates.
  • Season vegetable salads with a small amount vegetable oil… No mayonnaise or sauces.
  • Forget about baked and fried foods for a while… Switch to stews or steamed dishes.
  • Add a little salt in a ready-made dish, directly on the plate (do not salt during cooking). Replace salt with herbs and spices whenever possible.
  • Drink at least two liters of water per day.
  • Follow by the level of calorie content of dishes – it should not be too high. Count calories, use a notebook.
  • Combine diet with exercise to consolidate the result.

90 Day Split Food Diet - The Basics, The Menu

Separate meals – diet menu for 90 days

Protein day

  • Breakfast – a couple of fruits (a glass of berries, pears, apples).
  • Dinner – lean, stewed or boiled meat, fish or two eggs. Another option is broth, cheese, cottage cheese, vegetable salad without starch. Greens, a slice of bread.
  • Dinner – the same as for lunch, with the exception of bread and broth.

If you feel hungry during the day, it is permissible to use tea, water, low-fat milk.

90 Day Split Food Diet - The Basics, The Menu

Starch day

  • Breakfast – a couple of fruits.
  • Dinner – rice, legumes or potatoes. Vegetable broth or salad, a slice of bread are also allowed.
  • Dinner – half of lunch, no bread.

90 Day Split Food Diet - The Basics, The Menu

Carbohydrate Day

  • Breakfast – two fruits, according to tradition.
  • Dinner – pasta, pancakes (without eggs and milk), boiled vegetables with tomato sauce. Porridge (buckwheat, barley, etc.) is acceptable.
  • Dinner – biscuits (three pieces), dark chocolate (three pieces), tiny cakes (the same amount), ice cream (fifty grams) – your choice.

90 Day Split Food Diet - The Basics, The Menu

Vitamin Day

  • The menu of this day is very simple: you can eat raw, boiled, or baked fruits throughout the day, compotes, juices, some vegetables.

90 Day Split Food Diet - The Basics, The Menu

The effect in this diet is largely achieved by reducing the calorie content of the meals consumed. One way or another, you have to sacrifice something – either a piece of bread or a cutlet, replacing them with low-calorie vegetables. The process of losing weight with a 90-day diet does not slow down, which is due to the cyclic change in the diet.

I am not a supporter of diets, but out of all the popular diets currently available, the separate food diet definitely wins !!! There are proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins in the diet, there is no sharp weight loss and stress for the body, it gradually adapts to new conditions, a new way of life

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