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Mizo drops for effective treatment of alcoholismIt would be funny if it were not so sad – indeed, before my husband often came from friends “on the horns” and began to bullshit. I am a girl with character, and often, instead of wisely keeping silent, I began to sort things out with a drunk husband, without waiting for the morning and his guilty head …

How to find a way out of drunkenness?

I was terribly annoyed that, firstly, when he gets drunk, the responsibility for his business is on his assistant. It’s high time to dismiss this madam, because she is on good terms with her husband’s finances – and even when he comes to work, she manages to steal money from the treasury.

The second is what he drank outside the house, with friends. And not only in bars and restaurants, but also in the countryside.

I remember these apartments and summer cottages from my unmarried life. Wealthy handsome men, one of whom is my husband, are held in high esteem by the ladies present at the drinking parties.

Repeatedly he came with the smell of women’s perfume, long hair of all stripes on his clothes, in the night SMS of frivolous content could come from incomprehensible numbers.

Such a pastime of a saint did not suit me from the word “absolutely”, because the situation began to threaten my carefree, calm life. I deal exclusively with myself and my husband, I have no other source of income besides our common money, and the loss of a business or this relationship would be like death for me.

Therefore, I decided to allow him to drink culturally at our house – or, without bothering him, accompany him in alcoholic drinks. I perceived it as entertainment: trips, new acquaintances with interesting wealthy people. Yes, and it brought us closer at that time, because the relationship endured problems.

Somehow quickly and imperceptibly, the beloved entered an alcoholic tailspin. Since everyone was happy with everything, he could drink, and I – not be jealous, euphoria set in, overshadowing the daily affairs.

Our business started to suffer losses. While he drank, was hungover and slept, the affairs were in the hands of the assistant, in whose interests, I repeat, it was to steal money for a short time, rather than keep the ship afloat.

Dissatisfied clients of our company slowly began to fall off, money became less, and alcohol dependence – deeper.

It was time for my husband to get hungover every morning.

By that time, the work was full of seams, there was no strength to come to the office in an adequate state to conduct interviews, and my husband hotly dispersed the former team by half.

There was no one to work, the remaining five large clients were preparing to break off relations with us, the situation was extremely difficult – both morally, physically and financially.

It was urgent to save the business itself. I decided to get myself together – and get my spouse out of the alcoholic comatosis, and work issues to be resolved after that.

We have tried several drugs that reduce alcohol cravings, but the allergic husband reacted badly to them.

There was no time to play the lottery with the selection of funds from hard drinking, and it was dangerous to health, so I persuaded my husband to go to the clinic for a consultation.

Mizo drops for effective treatment of alcoholism

Midzo drops – an easy solution to the problem of alcoholism!

The clinic’s doctor recommended a complex therapy to us: visits to a psychologist and the drug “Midzo” – drops to control alcohol consumption.

Even before the visit to the clinic, relatives with an alcoholic past advised us “Kolme”, ​​but it is no longer on sale in Russia.

So, there is the same substance as in the one assigned to us, which means it is time-tested, and it definitely works safely.

Mizo drops for effective treatment of alcoholism

  1. The proposed option suited me, Firstly, because it has a minimal, in comparison with similar, list of contraindications, and the most “terrible” reaction in case of alcohol breakdown is a decrease in pressure and vomiting.

For comparison, a similar action “Disulfiram” can give a reaction up to myocardial infarction.

  1. AND Secondly, this option is a compromise between hospitalization, which the doctor suggested, and treatment at home, staying in business.

At Midzo, the husband stopped allowing himself to drink, so as not to get into unpleasant situations associated with a reaction to alcohol at work.

Mizo drops for effective treatment of alcoholism

This is extremely important for the husband, because he is constantly at meetings, negotiations, buffets, and must be in good business shape.

This is how I returned to my former carefree life, and my husband is grateful to me!

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