A man loves or uses – how can a woman understand this?

Any girl or woman in a relationship, at least once, doubted the sincerity of the feelings of her chosen one. An insidious man can easily create the impression of being in love – to say compliments, to court, give gifts, but the “light” that is kindled in his soul may be just a sexual desire. However, love implies deeper feelings: affection, spiritual closeness, tenderness and warmth.

Maybe he’s just using me? Such thoughts creep into the head completely spontaneously.
Indeed, it is quite difficult to understand how your partner feels about you. But – it’s still possible.
There are few faithful signs that suggest the nature of his feelings:

    • The first sign is if a man unexpectedly appears in life and just as suddenly disappears.
      At the meeting, he is affectionate and attentive, but after sex it seems to be a substitute for him. He turns into a cold and indifferent person. Or, even worse, he leaves right away, referring to a very important matter.
    • Men love with their eyes.
      If you catch his enthusiastic gaze and notice that he is looking for you with his eyes, and having caught it, he looks without stopping – this is Love.

Love cannot be used - how to understand if a man loves you or uses you?

    • The third sign. A loving man takes care of his woman.
      He is worried about her comfort, convenience. A self-centered and not in love person thinks only of himself. He will not ask how the health and well-being of his beloved, what movie she wants to see, where to go. If such a man is going to go to a bar, he goes, regardless of the wishes of others.
    • His words are at odds with his deeds.
      He says that he yearns for you – but does not call, wants to see – but does not come, swears that he loves – but having fun with friends on the side – all this is a bad sign. This also includes empty promises, fake confessions and other “ear noodles.”
    • The chosen one is increasingly in a bad mood in your presence.
      He is irritable, harsh, overly critical. Maybe he’s just tired of you. He has achieved his goal, and he is no longer interested in you.
      But perhaps it is – just temporary trouble at work, health problems and other everyday difficulties. It is necessary to call the chosen one for a conversation and find out the reasons for his coldness.
    • Lack of attention to your problems.
      “Darling, are you sick? – Well, let’s get treatment. I’m going to my friends. ” “Has your beloved grandmother died? “Call when you are free.” A loving person will try to support you in difficult times and will not leave you alone.
    • Meeting friends
      If he hides you from acquaintances, this is bad sign… Indeed, for a man, his company means a lot. Doesn’t show – it means that he is not going to communicate with you for a long time.
    • Long courtship
      The candy-bouquet period is not only just courtship, it is also the first manifestations of feelings. If a partner has forgotten about a bouquet or some other cute trinket already on the second date, then this can be regarded as inattention or greed, which is even worse.
    • If a man puts you behind the wheel of his own car, it shows high confidence in you.
      After all, a strong half of humanity is very scrupulous about their cars, and unauthorized people are prohibited from accessing them.
    • Getting to know your parents is a very serious step.
      If a young man has been dating you for a long time, but does not introduce you to your parents, it means that he does not consider your relationship to be serious enough.


But the fact that a man does not call down the aisle is not yet a sign of dislike. Men are more often simply afraid to take a serious step, and also want to live in a civil marriage – and at the same time be relatively free.

    • Another sign is polite communication.
      If a guy is in love, he will refrain from obscenities, even if in the usual company he gushes with swear words. If a young man is just having a pleasant time with you, then he does not hide his nature and does not try to look better.
    • Each person has their own special places and strong emotions associated with them.
      It may be a simple tree in a meadow, under which he, as a child, flew airplanes, or his grandmother’s old house, where he spent half of his childhood, or maybe the main square in the former city. If a person is in love, he wants to open up completely to a loved one.… Entrust him with secrets and secrets. The lover will want to lead you to his special place. The indifferent will not even talk about its existence.
    • A loving person remembers everything he asked
      And even after a few months he will be able to remember the details of a special conversation. It will also remember why this teddy bear is important to you and why you are afraid of snails.
    • By the way, if a man forgets about your birthday –
      this is a serious offense and a clear sign of dislike and inattention to you.
    • A man in love does not go out with girls – even if it is his childhood friend
      After all, he is so cherishes your relationshipthat is afraid to compromise himself with unworthy communication.
    • A man in love who adores his girlfriend treats her delicately
      He puts his hand in front of the car, opens the door, and does not slap on the shoulder like a bosom friend.

Women often tend to invent a man for themselves. They endow the turned-up gentleman with non-existent qualities, assign him absent feelings. And then they themselves believe in it and painfully hold on to unnecessary relationships.
Therefore, it is useful to sober up your mind in time and take a close look at your chosen one. What if it turns out that he doesn’t love you, but simply uses you?

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