a miracle anti-scale technology or simple physics?

Various methods are used to combat scale. Quite often, attempts are made to trap calcium and magnesium compounds, which form corresponding deposits when the water is heated. Such actions are accompanied by a gradual clogging of the filter elements. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean them, waste time and money.

During chemical treatment, the water is contaminated with new impurities. In some situations, it becomes unfit for drinking and hygiene. Additional cleaning is usually not economically feasible. Such methods are suitable for protecting washing machines, boilers, and other technological equipment.

Electromagnetic filter AquaShield performs its functions without the aforementioned disadvantages. It doesn’t need to be cleaned. It does not change the chemical composition of the water. Operating costs are minimal. To find out how this positive result was obtained, it is necessary to familiarize yourself in detail with the technology of electromagnetic water treatment.

Electromagnetic filter transducer Aquashit

An attentive person will need information about the scientific justification and practical implementation of the project. This article contains a comparison with alternative methods, answers to popular questions, reviews about AquaShield. This information will help you create effective limescale protection without cost or error.

Magnetic and electromagnetic water treatment technology

Special protective measures have become in demand hundreds of years ago, after the widespread use of steam engines. Even then, the positive influence of the magnetic field was noted. With its help, not only the smallest particles of metal were retained. Corresponding action significantly reduced the rate of scale formation.

The next surge of interest in methods of special water treatment was caused by the appearance of affordable household appliances (50-60 years of the last century). We needed protection for washing machines and dishwashers, irons and coffee makers, individual boilers and heating systems in general.

It was during this period that scientifically based theories began to appear explaining the positive effect of the magnetic field. It was found that its impact is complex. The accumulation of identical electric charges on the shells of the ions prevents their approach. At the same time, the shape of the hydration shells changes. The protrusions that appear do not allow the particles to unite into a single whole. Crystallization processes do not develop. Microscopic impurities are removed by the liquid flow from the working area without the formation of dense layers of scale on the pipe walls and surfaces of the heating elements.

Electromagnetic water treatment

Currently, technologies in this category are divided into two groups. In the first, permanent magnets are used. They are often installed inside pipelines to increase efficiency. The second technology is the creation of a field using electric induction coils.

What is the principle of the AquaShield electromagnetic filters?

The devices created at NPI “Generation” (Ufa) are equipped with pulse generators. They form electromagnetic oscillations with variable frequency, which are fed to two coils. They are wound on the upper surface of the main pipeline. This design makes it possible to create a sufficiently powerful field, the lines of force of which are located perpendicular to the direction of the water flow.

Emitter wires of the electromagnetic scale converter Aquashit

Detailed information about serial devices is published on the official website of AquaShield. Below are some technical characteristics of serial devices that will be useful for comparative analysis with other types of equipment:

Model Power consumption per hour, no more, W Maximum power of protected boiler equipment, kW Operating range along the water supply route, m Maximum permissible water hardness, mg-eq / liter
AquaShield 5 2 700 17
AquaShield M 10 9.3 700 nineteen
AquaShield Pro twenty Not limited 2000 21

Based on the data presented, preliminary conclusions can be drawn:

  • For the operation of the electromagnetic scale converter AquaShield does not require a lot of energy.
  • In the current range of the manufacturer, you can choose a model for the protection of domestic and industrial boilers.
  • AquaShield Du60 is capable of performing its functions at a high concentration of calcium and magnesium salts.
  • One device is sufficient to prevent limescale build-up in a large water supply system.

What helps the AquaShield softener to effectively fight scale and lime?

The main difference from direct analogs is the generator, which operates in a wide frequency range (1-50 kHz) according to a special algorithm. For monitoring and control, AquaShield Du60 and other devices of this brand are equipped with a microprocessor. An alternating field is more effective than that which forms a permanent magnet. With an increase in the energy potential (AquaShield M), the destruction of old scale accumulations begins. As cracks appear in the lime layer, the process accelerates.

To solve the most difficult problems, professional-level equipment AquaShield Pro is used. The power of the fields created by such a device is so great that the shells of bacteria, the structure of other microorganisms are damaged. The descaling speed reaches several millimeters per month. It should be emphasized that this process takes place without the use of aggressive chemicals. Gentle electromagnetic cleaning does not damage pipeline components, boiler heat exchangers and heating elements of washing machines.

Competitive technologies

To make the comparison correct, you can select only those techniques that use electric current. When analyzing, it is necessary to apply the above-mentioned features of the AquaShield electromagnetic water softener. To exclude errors, a sufficiently long service life should be considered, at least 10 years.


This embodiment also uses a generator. But the electromagnetic oscillations created by it differ from those that are formed by AquaShield Du60. High-amplitude ultrasonic waves create vibrations of pipes, fittings, and other parts near the radiator. This prevents hardness salts from attaching to them, which are converted into a solid state. This effect destroys old scale, therefore it can be used as an effective cleaning agent.

The main disadvantage is clear from the very principle of operation. Strong long-term oscillatory processes damage the protective and decorative layers. They are capable of creating cracks in welded joints.

Ultrasonic scale transducer

Also, it should be noted the insignificant range of action. To provide the same protection as AquaShield Pro, you will have to use several ultrasonic generators. Energy consumption will increase, and the overall reliability of the engineering system will decrease. We’ll have to pay more attention to control procedures. To connect numerous devices, you will need to create a power supply network.

In some operating modes, ultrasonic generators create resonance and unpleasant sounds. It is difficult to eliminate such discomfort by isolating the premises, since the vibrations are propagated by the pipeline system.


A positive charge accumulates on the surface of microparticles of calcium and magnesium salts during the transition to a solid state. As the temperature rises, the effect of EMF on electrons in metals increases, which gradually creates a charge with a negative potential on the wall of the heat exchanger. These processes contribute to the formation of pollution.

Electrochemical installations are designed to protect against scale. The main operating elements are the cathode and the anode. They are connected to a power source and placed in the fluid stream. Charged particles are deposited on these surfaces rather than forming a hard porous layer on parts of the processing equipment.

An additional advantage is the formation of numerous crystallization centers in the bulk of the liquid. These processes are similar to those formed by the AquaShield electromagnetic filter. Microscopic particles do not have time to combine and are carried out of the working area by the flow of water.

When choosing such a set of equipment, the following nuances should be taken into account:

  • In order to extend the time of exposure to charged particles, complex paths for the movement of liquid are created in the designs of electrochemical installations. This increases the dynamic resistance in the system.
  • Cathodes and anodes are available as replaceable cassettes that must be removed regularly for cleaning.
  • To ensure the constancy of good protection, automatic adjustment of the current strength is used, the power supply settings are changed promptly.
  • With an increase in hardness of more than 10 meq / liter, it is necessary to excessively increase the area of ​​the cathodes.
  • Manufacturers of such equipment recommend installing it directly in front of the heating boiler.

Taking into account the above facts, it becomes clear why the number of positive reviews about AquaShield is growing. The electromagnetic softener does not harm technological equipment. It does not interfere with the free passage of water. The maintenance of the working condition of the equipment is carried out automatically. Its nominal service life exceeds 20 years, which is a record in the field of protective systems against scale.

Does AquaShield soften water?

Even the most powerful device, AquaShield Pro (Pro), does not change the chemical composition of the processed liquid. Therefore, the content of calcium and magnesium salts per unit volume remains the same. But the magnetic field prevents the formation of scale from these chemical compounds. Fine particulate matter can be captured by a mechanical filter. If this is not needed, they are sent to the sewer as a drain.

Use of the AquaShield water softener filter in everyday life and industry

To learn more about different options for using effective technology, communication with specialized experts and users will be useful. Useful information can be obtained on a specialized forum about AquaShield. When studying this and other data, it is necessary to take into account the features of your own project:

  • To equip a small new apartment, the power of an entry-level device is enough.
  • If you need to remove old deposits, you should pay attention to the devices of the “M” series.
  • It is possible to protect a cottage, cafe, office from scale with the help of the electromagnetic scale converter AquaShield Pro.
  • In large household and industrial facilities, several devices are installed, taking into account the range of the selected models.

Electromagnetic water softener Akvaschit in the boiler room

It is not difficult to buy AquaShield in Moscow or in any other city. To do this, it is enough to find a suitable option on the Internet. But we must not forget that high-quality original products are offered only by enterprises certified by the manufacturer.

Reviews of AquaShield owners

For an accurate assessment, you should study the opinions of commercial users. They use AquaShield in the most difficult conditions. Their recommendations will be useful to future private owners. Below is the data from the official website of the manufacturer:

Company Model Reviews on the use of electromagnetic water softeners AquaShield
State Unitary Enterprise “TEK of St. Petersburg” “Du 160” During the entire heating season, regular inspections proved the ideal condition of the pump walls, pipeline fittings, and other process equipment. There is no scale on the corresponding surfaces, no traces of corrosive processes were found.
OJSC “Rosneft” “M” According to the results of special studies for the control period, a decrease in the thickness of the scale from 1.2 to 0.2 mm was established.
CJSC “Novosibirskenergo” “Du 160” After a six-month period of operation, a decrease in operating costs was established. The use of instruments helped to reduce the workload on staff.

Feedback from the owner of the DN60 filter

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