A selection of the best films about fashion, style and successful women

Fashion happens not only on the cover of gloss, but also in the cinema! In films, you can trace the latest trends of the time, as well as things that have already left the store shelves. What films are worthy of the attention of fashionistas?

1. JIA (1998)

Why supermodel Jia Marie Carangi in the late seventies named the queen of the world podium? The movie picture is based only on real events. The plot is based on the biography of Gia Marie herself, who used to be an ordinary dishwasher in an abandoned cafe in a big city.


Jia herself was played by the inimitable Angelina Jolie, who also bears the title of the most beautiful and fashionable girl of our time. This film is suitable for those who do not believe in their own strengths, however, dreams of conquering the world’s catwalks.

2. Dior and I (2014)

How to get to the Dior fashion house and do it in less than an hour and a half? Of course, no one will let an ordinary person into a haute couture house, but this film will help you to feel everything that is happening behind its walls.

Dior and I

How the work takes place, how masterpieces are created, how many people participate in the process – everything is reflected in this documentary. Moreover, the viewer will feel as if he himself is in the legendary house of Dior.

3. Revenge of Haute Couture (2015)

Is it a fashion comedy? Easy! The starring role is the consummate Kate Winslet, who plays the role of a glamorous girl. She returned to her hometown, but not just to visit her favorite places, but to change the inhabitants!

Haute couture revenge

In the hands of a woman, the neighbors turned into snow-white swans. At least 10 women have become unique persons, however, after Kate herself begins to take revenge on them for everything done …

4. Phantom Thread (2017)

Fashion and love – are they incompatible? Far from it! Mr. Reynolds Woodcock makes unique dresses that fly in stores like hotcakes. However, all the charm disappears after she appears … Alma.

Ghost thread

After meeting Alma, his life literally changes 360 degrees. This is a unique painting about tenderness, love and haute couture in London in the 50s.

5.Dries Van Noten (2017)

The film is in honor of the famous designer, who until recently did not want to open his workshops to the world … Thinking that workshops with chic clothes keep secrets, people look at the picture in one breath.

Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten is a unique designer, and this film is a reflection of him. The plot contains a lot of creativity, personal life, as well as biography. And also a film about how even ordinary people can change the world of high fashion.

6. Yves Saint – Laurent: Crazy Love (2010)

One of the most famous designers of all time, Yves Saint Laurent, lived a bright and very difficult life. The documentary will tell about 50 years of work of this recognized genius of world fashion. Ups and downs, triumphant successes and shocking failures, insane passion and all-consuming depression …


This film is death, addiction, fame and love. It is the reverse order of the designer’s life that is reflected in the plot. This is a unique painting that is saturated with tenderness and affection.

7. Coco before CHANEL (2009)

Already the title of the film reflects the essence – the biography of the famous prima Gabrielle Chanel. It shows how the girl lived before the opening of the brand, how she took her first steps into the world of haute couture.


Although fashion trends are not reflected in it, the film fully shows the life of Chanel, her path, as well as life in France in the second half of the 20th century.

Fashion films are guides to the world of designers, fashion designers and famous personalities. Fashion does not stand still, just as such films do not stand still. Trends, trends – everything is reflected in the art world. Fashion is the engine, and films are a direct path to understanding the process.

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