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A cosmetic bag for only 1000 rubles is a reality: a set of cheap, but effective and high-quality cosmeticsBudget cosmetics are often not credible. Meanwhile, many of its representatives are not inferior to their brothers from the “luxury” segment. I will tell you about my favorite products that have long been prescribed in my cosmetic bag. They have been tested by hundreds of make-ups and my wallet, because their main plus, in addition to quality, is the price.

The entire set presented below will cost no more than 1,000 rubles.

The right start – budgetary facial cosmetics

The key to healthy skin and perfect tone on the face is hydration.

If the face resembles the Sahara Desert in the midst of a drought, then no foundation can hide it. And concealer won’t hide. And even more so – powder. Therefore, it is necessary to start preparation for make-up with moisturizing.

Serum Floresan Meso-cocktail “Instant lifting” 100% hyaluronic acid

Lightweight serum with a subtle pleasant scent. Does not leave stickiness on the face, does not create a film, does not roll.

Absorbs quickly and really moisturizes. When paired with a day cream, it will create the effect of a tightened, elastic skin. Any tone will fall on such a “live” base.

Serum Floresan Meso-cocktail

With intensive use, a 10 ml bottle is enough for 1.5–2 weeks.

This little savior costs only 100 rubles

Perfect eyebrows – inexpensive cosmetics?

The eyebrow trend is in no hurry to end. Narrow or wide, fluffy or perfectly smooth – the main thing is to look natural.

This is where the palette comes to the rescue …

DIVAGE EYEBROW styling kit

What is it good for?

The palette consists of two colors: dark brown and dark gray. It is important that gray does not go into charcoal black, but brown into red. The colors can be mixed among themselves, achieving the desired shade.

DIVAGE EYEBROW styling kit

The shadows are surprisingly persistent, they hold on confidently throughout the day. Lay down evenly, do not generate dust and perfectly paint over all “empty” areas.

Another plus is economical consumption.

The set includes a convenient double-sided brush for styling eyebrows and clearly drawing the contour. There is a small mirror on the top cover, which means you can fix your makeup at any time.

Convenient and not expensive, only 200 rubles

The matte chic of cheap eyeshadows is as good as luxury!

It seems that everyone loves nude in makeup, because it is beautiful, natural and sexy.

Eyeshadow Just Mattby DIVAGE

This is a real universal make-up soldier. The palette contains four basic colors: from pearl beige to noble brown.

The eyeshadows have a delicate silk texture, they do not roll, they are easily shaded and do not flow. They calmly endure a 10-hour working day.

Eyeshadow Just Mattby DIVAGE

The palette can be used for soft daytime and evening smoky makeup. And the darkest shade can be used for eyebrow shading.

The price is also pleasantly pleasing, shadows can be bought for 200-250 rubles

Look even more expressive with inexpensive mascara

Mascara The ONE 5-in-1 Wonder Lash Mascara Luminescence Blackout Black by Oriflame

My absolute personal favorite in the mascara under 300 rubles category.

No “magic” changes will happen to the eyelashes: they will not become 2 centimeters longer, they will not become 10 times thicker and will not acquire a “crazy bend”. Mascara will emphasize what is already there by nature, make the look more expressive and brighter.

Mascara The ONE 5-in-1 Wonder Lash Mascara Luminescence Blackout Black by Oriflame

Unusual brush with bristles of different lengths well colors even the shortest eyelashes. Mascara does not leave lumps, does not drip with black dots on the lower eyelid.

It can be washed off quickly and easily with any make-up remover.

In a word, this is a high-quality, “working” and inexpensive mascara for 250 rubles.

Underline the main thing with cheap eyeliner

Oh, those arrows! Learning to draw them is a whole art. Eyeliners are great for this.

Essence 2-in-1 Eyeliner

This is a real find for both beginner shooters and professionals of clear lines.

The eyeliner is double-sided: on the one hand, it is a thin marker with a sharp tip, on the other, a wide, beveled hard brush that allows you to draw ideal corners on the outside of the eye. Quickly? Yes. Conveniently? Yes.

Essence 2-in-1 Eyeliner

Easy to apply, dries quickly, lasts a long time. What else do you need from a classic black eyeliner?

Price – 150 rubles

Natural and seductive – with a budget lip liner

What to expect from a lip liner for 100 rubles?

Quality. This is what pencils prove to us, which have already become classics.

Lip liner Vivienne Sabo line “Jolies Levres”

A large selection of trendy nude shades in the line.

Soft texture, matte finish. Does not dry out lips and holds well, without rolling into the corners of the lips. Works great when you need to emphasize the contour of the lips or hide imperfections.

Lip liner Vivienne Sabo line

A good substitute for matte lipsticks and just a convenient option for every day.

It turned out as many as 6 high-quality products, which at first scare away with their low price, and in the end they become irreplaceable “favorites”.

Don’t be afraid of budget makeup. This segment is full of surprises, sometimes not very pleasant ones, but there you can often find really cool, effective remedies.

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