A woman should be a mystery – female relationship tricks

Relationships between two are not only based on mutual love, passion and trust. Time passes, and the relationship gradually moves to the stage when you know absolutely everything about your partner. And in a family where there is already nothing to surprise each other with, it is not uncommon to get tired of predictability. How to keep your relationship fresh? How, years later, to remain a mystery to your man?

Don’t be predictable

A man’s interest (in addition to traditional interests) is also based on the ability to discover new facets in a woman. Do not live “on schedule” – breakfast, lunch, dinner, scandal, hot reconciliation, curlers and a mask for the night. However, overdoing it with unpredictability is also not the best option. Everything is good in moderation.

These tips will help you to remain always mysterious and desired for your loved one.

Be discreet

Even if you are an absolutely open person – this does not mean that a man needs to be told and shown everything… Let him think that in his absence you are living your own, unknown to him, rich life, even if it is not so. This keeps the man in good shape, not allowing him to admit the thought – “she will not go anywhere from the submarine.”

  • No need to call your husband at work every 15 minutes and report that you fed the cat, went to the store, watered the flowers and sewed a button on his shirt. He himself will ask in the evening – how was your day. Even then, you shouldn’t give him the to-do list for the day.
  • If he sent you a message in messengers, do not rush to reply immediately Behave as if you were dating – pause. And you can sometimes answer a phone call – “I’ll call you back, I can’t speak now.”

Do not get too carried away with creating your own “zest”

Surprise your man. Surprise constantly. Change yourself, your lifestyle, diet, appearance, rearrange – be different all the time. Experiment with haircuts and makeup, dresses, lingerie and nightgowns, even bedding and fragrances around the house.

A man loves the mystery in a woman, but this does not mean that he wants to count the cells in a “Japanese crossword puzzle” all day and night.

Know how to keep secrets about your life

If you are just starting out dating or living together, no need to dump all the ins and outs about yourself at onceincluding childhood illnesses, boss inadequacy, and your second aunt’s quirks. Such a confession will only scare a man away. And he will become simply bored of “guessing” you. Try to give the most necessary minimum of information for all questions. Moreover, extremely positive. Hide the rest, for the time being. Remember that some phrases and words cannot be said to a man under any circumstances.

These tips will help you to remain always mysterious and desired for your loved one.

Know how to shut up in time

Understatement is talent. As in a soap opera – that is, “in the most interesting place.” And let him wait, worrying, for the “next episode”.

Always leave effectively

He should always notice when you leave.

Do not devote your whole life to waiting for him, beloved

Get a couple of hobbies. It’s good if they also generate income. Lead an interesting and fulfilling life. He shouldn’t think that you consider him the light in your window, and the best entertainment for you is to bring him slippers after work. In this case, your mystery is zero. Behave, emphasizing that you are confident in yourself and on him, unique, the light did not converge like a wedge.

Watch yourself

Always, even at home, on a day off get ready to look like a magazine cover model. Even 10 years of marriage behind your back is not a reason to walk with a mask of sour cream and cucumbers with your husband, wear worn-out slippers and an old robe. A man should see you well-groomed and beautiful.

These tips will help you to remain always mysterious and desired for your loved one.

Never allow yourself to perform various beauty treatments in the presence of your husband

It is clear that he has already seen you without makeup, but you should not pluck eyebrows with him, do a manicure / pedicure, apply makeup, squeeze pimples and sew up holes on tights. Hide this part of your life from a man, as if you just met. Let him think that you are already waking up so fantastically beautiful, deliciously smelling and well-groomed. Even our grandmothers always advised to get up earlier than the spouse in order to be “fully armed” by his awakening.

Be careful

Your erotic lingerie is a candy wrapper that a man must unfold at a certain moment. So no need to throw your laundry anywhere – it is perceived by a man with interest only on a woman, but not on the back of a chair or on a rope above the sink. Be passionate, avoid monotony in your intimate life – and your man will always be attracted and interested in you.

Surprise your husband with a gourmet dinner

Every woman from the cradle knows about “the way to the heart …” That is, a man should eat fully and tasty so that he does not have the strength and desire for other people’s buns. But you also should not accustom a man to the fact that you practically live in the kitchen. Sometimes you can “please” him with a couple of jars of canned food, motivating such a dinner with his busyness.

Be a princess in a good way

Never tell a man about a pimple that has jumped on a soft spot or uncomfortable pads.

Concerning belching and other natural processes in organism, a man must sacredly believe that your body is not able to reproduce such sounds at all

These tips will help you to remain always mysterious and desired for your loved one.

To be always desirable and mysterious is not an easy science. But a little feminine trick – and the admiring glance of your man will relentlessly follow you.

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