Abuse on the face. How to distinguish a defender from an aggressor?

In the 90s, I served as an operative in the murder investigation department of the Criminal Investigation Department. I have seen many times how expensive it can be for a girl to make a mistake when choosing a partner.

Based on my extensive experience of interacting with criminals, knowledge of anthropology, modern neuroscience and, of course, psychology, I was able to deduce some patterns connecting physiognomic signs and behavioral features of people prone to violence.

It’s about motivation. A strong, strong-willed, self-confident man asserts himself through victories over himself. An insecure but tough aggressor – through humiliation of others.

So what facial features will allow you to distinguish defender from abuser and avoid a fatal mistake when choosing a mate?


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  • Heavy jaw – self-confidence.
  • Wide nasal bridge – high stress resistance.
  • A straight forehead is thoughtfulness.

A confident, strong-willed man will never raise his hand against a woman. He calmly digests life’s difficulties and bears responsibility without losses for the psyche.


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  • High jaw – sharp straight decisions.
  • Expressed volitional nodules – the ability to “act”.
  • Thin lips – low sensitivity to other people’s emotions.
  • Thick low eyebrows – impulsiveness and temperament.
  • Thin nasal bridge – sensitivity to external stimuli, self-doubt.
  • Thin or poorly developed wings of the nose – irascibility.
  • Sloping forehead – low social responsibility, impulsiveness.

The more signs from the list you see in one person, the higher the likelihood of uncontrolled violent actions.

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Let’s dwell in more detail on the most significant features of the abuser

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A person with sloping, sloping, low forehead the spheres located in the prefrontal zone of the brain and responsible for the sense of conscience, self-awareness and other mechanisms of social restraint are oppressed. They are smaller in size and, as it were, crushed by the front of the skull. Unlike highbrow individuals, social taboos and rules are much weaker on these people. It is easier for them to ignore the laws established in society.

Body and facial hair Is one of the last visual signs connecting us with evolutionary ancestors. Natural hairiness occurs when some people have increased production of male sex hormones, primarily testosterone. As we understand it, if the primary animal instinct begins to dominate, the mind gives up its position.

On the face, heightened emotionality can be seen in three forms: pronounced eyebrows, thick stubble and beard with no mustache… Such people, as a rule, do not know how to deny their desires, and in combination with a sloping forehead, they poorly control emotional outbursts.

Jaw – the main weapon of mammalian predators. People with high jaws move much more easily from words to action. They are not afraid of possible obstacles, because their inner instinct tells them that strength is on their side.

Add to this confidence a trigger in the form of uncontrollable emotions and a complete disregard for all kinds of social conventions. Get a ready-made rapist, “kitchen fighter” or crazy jealous.

A cocktail of insecurity, temperament and impulsivity becomes the fuel for aggression and explosive harsh actions. Such a person does not know how to admit his mistakes and only feels significant when he rises above others.

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Understanding the predisposition of a man with the help of physiognomy is an excellent insurance. But the psychotype only creates these predispositions. Upon closer examination, in each of the specific cases of domestic or sexual violence, we will find other, primarily social, factors that influenced the development of the situation.

Study your man’s ideology and behavior carefully. What does he believe in? How does he behave in different life situations? What and, most importantly, how does he speak?

I hope this article will help you learn how to recognize a hidden threat and find your true defender.

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