Actress Amber Heard attracts “unhealthy relationships”

Actress Amber Heard attracts people who are absolutely not suitable for her. And when relationships don’t work out, it’s bad for your emotional well-being and mental health.

The 32-year-old star of Aquaman has a rich past. She went through a marriage and a scandalous divorce with Johnny Depp, met with the founders of the Tesla brand, Elon Musk. Amber is bisexual, so her past partners include female photographer Tasia Wan Ri. She dated her before Johnny and Elon.

Hurd calls all his relationships unsuccessful. And she assures that her friends warned her every time that she was making a mistake.

Amber Laura Heard

Amber Heard

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Amber Heard with Johnny Depp

Amber Heard and Elon Musk

Amber Heard with Tasya Wan Ri

The actress hopes to learn from her falls. And he will find a person whom he can call a “healthy choice” for himself.

“There’s a joke in my small circle of friends,” says Amber. “They call me Disaster. Even when Tasya was there, they told me: “This is eccentricity, but it is difficult to imagine something even more strange.” They say that a lot can be said about a person’s character by who he is attracted to. I’m not always attracted to healthy relationships. But I still have hope. I dream of feeling a sincere attraction to someone well-to-do. I really want this.

Hurd believes that she is generally more lucky with girls than with men. But she would never agree to fake romances with guys, just to create a certain reputation for herself in show business.

Once she openly declared her orientation. And now, with surprise, he studies the stories of colleagues who arrange whole shows out of this.

“People talk a lot about confessions, about getting out of the shadows, about how they feel relief,” adds Hurd. – I listen to them with some envy, because my experience turned out to be the opposite. It was terribly hard, and I suffered a lot because of it. When people think about admitting their orientation, I understand that I did not have this. If at that moment a man entered my life with whom I could avoid a politicized and misleading narrative, I would love it. But everything should have become real. By the way, I am often asked if I would like to meet with another actor who “appreciates privacy” in the coverage of his personal life.

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