Actress Meryem Uzerli delighted fans in a gentle way

Turkish-German actress Meriem Uzerli, who became famous thanks to the series “Magnificent century”, delighted fans in a gentle, feminine way. The actress shared on her Instagram a fresh picture in which she poses in a white total-look and with soft loose curls. Fans liked this image, and many compared the actress with her famous film heroine.

Photo @meryemuzerlimeryem
Photo @meryemuzerlimeryem
  • “Just an insanely beautiful girl,” – kashan.ept.
  • “Pretty woman! At least 10 years less can be given ”, – aleksei_kravtsov2020.
  • “Beauty” – krispirous.

Sudden glory

Meryem was born and raised in the German town of Kassel. After graduating from the theater school in Hamburg, she performed on the stage of the theater for several years, then she was able to try her hand at cinema. Success hit her in 2011 after the release of the Turkish TV series “The Magnificent Century”, in which she played the main role. Thanks to this project, they started talking about Meriem not only in Germany and Turkey, but all over the world, including in Russia.


Change of image and criticism of fans

In 2018, photos from the Cannes Film Festival appeared on the network, in which Meryem Uzerli appeared in a new, unexpected way. The girl lost weight, dyed her hair blonde and visibly enlarged her lips. Fans were shocked by the sudden metamorphoses of their favorite’s appearance and criticized the new image, believing that in the image of the red-haired Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska, the actress looked much more attractive. To the delight of the fans, Meryem soon returned to her former appearance, getting rid of unnecessary artificiality.

Meriem 2
Meriem in 2018 in Cannes
Meriem 3
Meryem Uzerli in his usual look in 2019. Photo @meryemuzerlimeryem

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