Adjusting Bed Height for Maximum Comfort

When was the last time you had a good night’s rest?

Research shows that an average of more than 1/3 of adults in the United States don’t get the necessary seven hours of sleep per night.

Fortunately, adjusting your bed height can make a big difference in your sleep quality. Let’s examine your bed height options and which may work best for you.

High Bed Height

A tall bed has a height of between 25 inches and 36 inches. An antique bed usually falls under this category since they are typically three feet high.

A tall bed can be an elegant addition to your room, particularly if your ceilings are tall. This type of bed is also the best option for you if you are tall or want a sophisticated look and don’t have health issues.

Low Bed Height

A low-profile bed is usually between 18 inches and 24 inches in height.

An ultra low platform bed is a great option if you want your room to feel taller and look more open. It especially fits well in a minimalist-style or Japandi-style room. It can be a great addition to a loft/ attic space or a low-ceiling bedroom.

This type of bed can also help you sleep cooler. That’s because warm air rises. Having a lower bed means you’ll enjoy cooler air while sleeping.

In addition, sleeping close to the floor might make you feel cozier. That’s because you may feel connected to your surroundings rather than feeling isolated from them.

This can create a more serene, calming environment. That means you may fall asleep more quickly and rest more peacefully all night long.

Still, a low bed height may not work well for a taller person. Instead, it best suits an average-size or shorter individual.

A low-profile bed also might not be the best fit for someone with mobility problems. That’s because getting in this type of bed requires getting low, which may place strain on your joints.

Standard Bed Height

A standard bed is 24 inches tall. It’s a popular option since it suits many individuals.

A standard bed’s height can be kind to a person’s joints if they are susceptible to back issues. This type of bed is also a great option for two people who share their bed and want a bed that will suit both of them.

Choose the Right Bed Height with Confidence

Tall beds are ideal for taller individuals, while low platform beds are perfect for average-size or shorter people. Low platform beds are also ideal for minimal setups, lofts, and rooms with low ceilings.

A standard bed can be an excellent choice for individuals of all heights.

Consider the many unique benefits of high, low, and standard bed heights as you explore the best bed height for your needs today.

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