Advantages of the new fat bike for active leisure – features of the women’s fat bike

How to choose a fat bike for a girl correctly?A bicycle is a means of transportation that embodies total freedom, which does not require gasoline, driver’s license and expensive maintenance. And the feeling of excitement from the speed and pleasure that comes with driving a bike is familiar to every bike owner. Moreover, if this is a fashionable today and absolutely fantastic fat bike, on which you can make trips of any complexity.

For what roads was the fat bike created, and what are its main differences from ordinary two-wheeled “horses”?

The content of the article:

  1. What is a fat bike, and what is it for?
  2. Fat bike types – pros and cons
  3. How to choose a “fat bike” for a girl?

What is a fat bike and what is a fat bike for?

For the first time they started talking about a fat bike back in 1932, when a photo of a bicycle with unusual thick wheels appeared in one of the American publications.

True, the official parent of the fat bike is still considered to be the inventor Grunwald, who improved the bike so that it could ride in the snow in Alaska.

Since that moment, many original fat bike models have been created, and the popularity of the unique transport is growing every year.

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What is a fat bike?

The term itself becomes more understandable if we turn to the origin of the word, which stands for fat (fat) bike (bike).

However, even one glance at the bike is enough to understand that it is designed to overcome obstacles. Fatbike is a real off-road bike for which there are no obstacles – no snow, sand, ice, or off-road are not obstacles for it.

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Bicycle structure: how does a fat bike work?

The main features of this transport include:

  • Thick wheels, which are 3.5-4.8 inches wide (on a regular bicycle, the tire width does not exceed 2 inches).
  • Tire pressure to overcome bumps and bumps.
  • A high grip patch for a more confident ride and an all-terrain bike.
  • Wide handlebar (approx. 720 mm).
  • Solid weight (14-19 kg).
  • Defined fork and frame geometry.
  • Sturdy frames.
  • Disc brake system.

As for the rest of the features of a fat bike, they are not too different from the features that ordinary mountain bikes have.

What is a fat bike ride?

According to the reviews of happy owners, a fat bike is practically indistinguishable from an ordinary mountain two-wheeled friend in riding.

Pros, cons of a fat bike

Fat bike types – pros and cons

A common feature of all fat bikes is, of course, their charisma.

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However, the classification of these bikes is not so extensive (the range of models from different manufacturers is much wider), and the main differences are in absence or presence of offset (note – displacement of the hub relative to the central axis of the bike and wheel).

In addition, fatbikes may differ in width and size of tires

Pros of offset models:

  1. Solid cost savings on the bike due to the ability to use Shimano Acera hubs and types.
  2. Interchangeability of wheels (an undoubted advantage, for example, in the North).


  • A strange kind of bike.
  • Uncomfortable setting of the rear brake due to too narrow clearance of the brake / machine covered by the wheel.
  • Difficulty assembling classic 29-inch wheels.
  • Lack of ability to install the rim.

Pros of offset-free models:

  1. The use of wheels with straight spokes, providing an even load on both sides of the rim.
  2. An appearance that is closer to that of a bicycle.
  3. Easy wheel assembly.
  4. Possibility to install narrow “Summer” wheels on 55 mm rims, as well as on 3.8-inch rubber.
  5. The use of rims of different widths without the need for significant modification of the transmission.


  • High price of bushings.
  • High price for framesets.
  • The presence of problems with the capacity of the tires.

Also worth noting …

  • Foldable fat bikes that can be disassembled without difficulty and special tools. In these models, manufacturers have provided steel frames (or made of durable aluminum) for high reliability and reduced overall weight. Also, a folding bike can have folding pedals and even a removable handlebar.
  • And electric bikes. These very comfortable fatbikes are not produced by every company specializing in bicycles. Features of electric bikes: the presence of a motor wheel. Electric bikes are more comfortable to use, have reliable frames and allow the installation of a disc hydraulic system. True, you don’t really drive through the snowdrifts and swamps on such transport.

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Among the advantages of a fat bike, as a cycling SUV in general, the following general advantages can be noted:

  1. Increased cross-country ability. The fat bike overcomes most of the obstacles that even most mountain bikes stop.
  2. Smooth movement even over holes and bumps.
  3. Stylish trendy look.
  4. Reliability and stability, despite the size.
  5. The thickness of the tires reduces the risk of puncture and allows you to maintain the right pressure in the chambers.
  6. The ability to use in different weather, climatic and geographic conditions.

Alas, there were some drawbacks:

  • Solid weight (can reach 20 kg).
  • The high cost of components and repairs.
  • At speeds over 30 km / h, riding a fat bike is difficult. That is, this bike is definitely not suitable for those who like to ride fast. For fans of speed, it is better to choose the option with a motor and a battery.
  • Lack of components in small towns (you will have to order by mail).

Choosing the right fat bike – how to choose a “fat bike” for a girl?

Fatbikes invariably attract the glances of passers-by, which is not surprising – this transport resembles a fashionable hybrid of a bicycle and a motorcycle, and the possibilities of a fatbike delight all cyclists, most of whom switch to fatbikes.

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However, the main thing is to choose the right bike-SUV:

  • Take a close look at the models offered on the market, reviews to them, their key features, the reputation of the manufacturer.
  • Having chosen a model, take an interest – which components will have to be changed most often and where to get them… Also, it will not be superfluous to clarify the moment about the possibility of repair.
  • When choosing a fat bike, remember its weight! It will be difficult for a fragile girl to “break up the hill” on a 20 kg apparatus. The girl is advised to choose more modern models, in which lighter frames, the use of innovative metals are provided.
  • A fat bike fork can be soft or hard. Her choice depends on the wishes of the future owner of the bike and on the type of riding. Rigid Fork – For riding on sandy roads and cities without damaging your tires. As for the soft suspension fork – it will increase the bike’s resistance to all oncoming obstacles, as well as provide more comfortable off-road overcoming.
  • Fat bike frames vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer. Frames 18 “are suitable for a person with a height of 165-178 cm. And frames 20” – for heights from 175 to 185 cm. As for the distance from the groin to the saddle itself, it should exceed 10 cm. However, the required frame size can be determined using the formula: multiply the length of the legs by 0.56 and divide this (resulting) number after by 2.54. The result is your frame size.
  • The wider the wheels, the more stable the fat bike. Which, of course, is good for beginners. Therefore, it makes sense for a beginner to find a fat bike-niner with a wheel diameter that will be higher than the usual 26 inches of a fat bike.
  • Tread… Traction directly depends on it. Therefore, for driving in nature, we choose gravel and mud tires with minimum and medium pressure, and for urban conditions – slick or semi-slick. We are looking for studded tires for the winter season.
  • Price. It all depends on the manufacturer. There are models with American labels, but assembled in Asian countries, priced over $ 860. As for branded fatbikes, assembled at the manufacturers’ own factories, their price starts at $ 1200. But do not forget about the “law of fashion”: you can buy a model out of fashion that has not been sold during the season at a sale before the next start of the season.

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