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Long skirts have appeared many years ago. They are often worn not only in cold weather, but also in summer. Of course, you need to choose a model made of lightweight fabric so that it is not hot in it. The right skirt will help create a versatile look for any situation.

Long skirts

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Stylish colors

Skirts in rich, bright colors are popular this season. Models of red, yellow or blue shades look great. They should be paired with muted tops and T-shirts. A black or white top will go with almost any skirt, but without accessories, the look can look incomplete.

Asymmetrical skirt You can buy it at Zara for 1999 rubles

The asymmetrical ocher skirt will highlight the most graceful part of the leg.

It is suitable for both hot summer and autumn. Accessories of earthy and brown shades are well combined with such a model.

If we talk about fabrics, for summer, products made of silk, chiffon, organza, linen or cotton are best suited.

Denim skirts are universal, you will feel comfortable in them in any weather.

Light denim skirt Stylish light denim skirt for 2599 rubles. You can find such a model at Pull & Bear

Such a model will help create both a bully and an office image. Combine it with blouses or tops of different colors, it is better to wear sneakers or ballet flats on your feet.

Linen skirt from Mango Linen skirt from Mango for 6499 rubles

The skirt will help you stay in the image of a business woman, without suffering from the heat. For going to the office, you can combine it with a plain blouse and sandals with small heels.

Pinstripe skirt Skirt from Mango for 3999 rubles

Another good option for going to work is a pinstripe skirt.

Blue Plasification The model with the photo can be purchased at Oodji for 2299 rubles

At the mention of long skirts, it is these pleated models that most often come to our minds. In a way, they have become classics for a long time.

You can pick up an item in almost any color and it will look great on any shape.

Especially often such skirts are bought by girls with narrow hips to add extra volume.

Shiny pleating If you like pleated skirts, check out this model for RUR 2299 from Reserved.

Shiny items are incredibly popular this summer. This model can be combined with the same shiny top as in the photo, or you can limit yourself to a simple black T-shirt.

Fit by body type

Owners of curvy hips are sometimes shy about their shapes.

Choose a high-rise skirt to soften the transition from belly to legs.

You can further emphasize the waist with a narrow black belt.

Layered skirt in Gloria Jeans Model cost – 799 rubles

This layered skirt from Gloria Jeans with polka dots is perfect for girls with large hips.

A graceful belt will accentuate the waist. It is better to wear a regular black or white T-shirt upstairs. With the right shoes and accessories, you can create a retro look.

Air skirt Light and airy skirt for 1999 rubles from InCity

The model goes well with a black tank top. As a rule, it is recommended to combine printed things with monochromatic ones, but in this case the image looks harmonious. The embroidery on the T-shirt complements the floral print of the skirt.

Flowy fabric model You can buy a skirt at Oodji for 1199 rubles

This flowy piece looks gorgeous with a regular blue blouse. It is perfect for summer walks, travel or late get-togethers on the beach. An intricate print will take over all the attention, distracting others from your feet, if necessary.

Long narrow skirts emphasize all the voluminous areas of the figure.

If you have massive hips or a bulging tummy, everyone around you will see it.

You can refuse narrow things altogether, or choose a long, voluminous blouse for them. It will hide all the irregularities and create the correct silhouette.

Smooth pleated skirt You can buy it at Zara for 1999 rubles

This straight pleated skirt looks very impressive thanks to the bold stripes. The upper part of the suit is also on sale. But it is not necessary to combine these things together, you can wear a plain T-shirt or top. The stripes visually slim, make you a little taller. For an evening event, you can wear heels under such a skirt.

Skirts with ruffles and flounces look charming on any girl.

They are recommended for women with wide shoulders and narrow hips.

Layered pieces with intricate prints balance the upper and lower body for the perfect look.

Ruffle Skirts A skirt with a flounce for 2999 rubles from Zara looks very stylish

Due to its fashionable shade, this model goes well with various things, monochromatic and printed.

Skirt with print and flounce Its price is 2999 rubles

A printed and flounced skirt from Mango is perfect for an airy, romantic look.

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