Agatha meaning of a name for a girl, origin, fate and character, diminutive

Knowing the origin, the meaning of the name, you can improve your life. A person has a set of qualities that are manifested in relationships with other people, employment and outlook on life. The meaning of the name will determine those areas in which you can most successfully self-actualize.

Origin and meaning

Came from Greece and is translated from “agathos” as “kind.” There is a version that this is the female form of the Greek male name, or at least a variant of its pronunciation – Agathon, Agathon, Agat. Be that as it may, the translation has the meaning “good”, “good”.

In Russia, the name is quite rare, but it is common among Europeans. On the territory of the Russian Federation, similar forms are more popular – Agafya, Agapia (in Orthodoxy, the Old Russian transcription corresponds to the name Agafya).

Astrology name

The meaning of the name (winter – Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Sagittarius): calmness, firmness. She knows exactly what she wants, confidently goes to the goal, confidently overcoming obstacles. Logic, the voice of reason takes control of emotions.

The meaning of the name Agatha

The meaning of the name (spring – Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini): kindness, optimism, patience. Has a developed sense of humor, which plays a role in establishing contact with other people.

The meaning of the name (summer – Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo): selfishness, emotionality. At any opportunity, he flatters his pride, which causes condemnation from other people. It is difficult to argue with her, almost impossible to convince of incompetence. This is a caring hostess, subject to marriage with a balanced man.

The meaning of the name (autumn – Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius): participates in the fate of loved ones, quickly comes to the rescue. At the same time, disinterested nobility extends only to those who have managed to gain the girl’s trust.


Quite relaxed, calm, sociable. Expressed leadership qualities help to lead like-minded people, confidently defend their position.

Character traits: persistence, firmness, independence, ambition. She tends to rely only on herself, not daring to trust someone with her fate. She tries to take everything into her own hands, shows perseverance, brings what she started to the end. Confidently walking towards the goal, she is used to hiding emotions. It is very difficult to find out about the inner experiences of a woman even for those close to her.

Name forms

Other forms of pronunciation, short or diminutive, are Agatka, Agatushka, Agati, Agasha, Agatochka, Aga, Gata, Gasha, Aggi, Aggi, Gate. Church, at baptism – Agathia.


The little girl tends to avoid excessively active games and noisy peer groups. The child chooses to spend time alone with himself, but at the same time demonstrates some arrogance and pride, which complicates education. He chooses as friends more often boys. The girl is independent enough, she can find answers to any questions, if an urgent need arises.

The meaning of the name Agatha


The fate in adolescence develops a little differently, the character changes, previously uninteresting ambitions acquire special significance. New qualities are revealed – responsibility, charm, logic, diligence. The girl is independent from others, she lives in her own world. She is characterized by male ambitions, she likes the desire for new knowledge, skills, obtaining a prestigious education. With age, he does not tolerate injustice, rudeness and violence. Kind-hearted, she enjoys playing with animals and protects those who need it – vulnerability, helplessness are of particular importance for a girl.

Life has grown

One of the main positive qualities of an adult woman is the ability to plan her time, correctly setting priorities. Having become a wife, a mother, she, perhaps, finds time for everything:

  • communication;
  • work;
  • routine duties;
  • self-realization;
  • recreation
  • hobby.

She is distinguished by femininity, surrounds loved ones with warmth, care, energetic and friendly. However, it is not easy to argue with her – she does not like to admit her own mistakes, as well as to attach importance to objective facts, therefore she often prevails in such discussions. He goes to any set goal stubbornly, confidently, sparing no effort or time. The woman is distinguished by such a disposition that she becomes bored without new impressions. She strives for continuous development, constantly studies something new, transfers attention from one object to another. Likes to study foreign languages.

Passion and hobby

She does not like to spend time uselessly, she constantly needs to do something. In this case, the matter should be important, bring practical benefits, have a certain meaning in life. Friendly by nature, she adores visiting guests, meeting new people, traveling, walking in picturesque places. He readily approaches the study of various fields of knowledge, trying himself in various fields of activity. Therefore, it is not possible to single out any specific area. At the same time, it is important that people from their close environment fully share this approach to life, otherwise they may not count on a trusting relationship.

The meaning of the name Agatha


Quickly gains authority, respect, influence. Outstanding public speaking helps you become the true soul of the company. Characteristics in relationships with friends:

  • can motivate to achieve success;
  • supports, helps, knows how to find the right words;
  • easily makes contact with any people;
  • achieves recognition from the first minutes of communication.

Difficulties in communication can arise due to excessive straightforwardness, harshness. It is difficult to make concessions, but in order to avoid conflicts, she is able to make appropriate efforts on herself.

Profession and business

The secret of the name lies in the fact that Agatha is extremely ambitious. For her, order, consistency in everything is important. A woman always accurately and in a timely manner fulfills the assigned tasks, is never late, is not lazy, does not give up. Most often they are implemented in such professional areas as:

  • jurisprudence;
  • psychology, psychotherapy;
  • politics;
  • journalism;
  • archeology;
  • the medicine.

Thanks to the desire to constantly learn something new, he is quickly and successfully implemented in his career, he can become a specialist simultaneously in several areas of activity that are not inferior to each other in terms of importance.


The unusual name endows its bearer with enviable health. And this is despite the fact that Agatha rarely observes the regime, monitors nutrition, sufficient physical activity or proper rest.

The meaning of the name Agatha


There are always many men nearby. Far from deprived of attention, but in no hurry to make a choice. To win her attention, numerous fans will need to be patient – the girl pretends that she stubbornly does not understand, does not notice frank hints of a relationship. Of particular importance for a woman are such personality traits as dedication, perseverance, perseverance. This is not due to pride or egocentrism – Agatha simply protects the inner world from outsiders.


Wants and can be a first-class lover. For her, the main thing is both to enjoy herself and to satisfy her companion. Intimacy is built not only on physical comfort, but also on psychological connection. The girl is capable of evoking a desire from the first minutes of acquaintance and is distinguished by her loyalty to her partner.

Family and marriage

This is the true embodiment of the keeper of the hearth. Cleanliness, comfort, order are of particular importance. I am ready to do anything to defend the rights of my family, to protect children, to provide proper support to my spouse. She always strives to create such an atmosphere at home so that a man always wants, in a hurry to return there. Quarrels with a partner can arise on the basis of diverging interests – rarely takes someone else’s point of view into account.

Agatha compatibility in love and marriage

The most favorable relationships, strong marriage develops with men: Anatoly, Artur, Vadim, Ruslan, Semyon, Stepan. The characteristics of the characters of potential partners are more harmonious with the claims of the girl, therefore conflicts in such unions are a real rarity. With Pavel, Eduard or Jan, the relationship will be tense, complicated, compatibility is minimal.

Agatha’s birthday

In Catholicism, name days are celebrated on February 5 and September 20. This name is not used in the Orthodox faith. Agafia’s birthday according to the church calendar is January 6, January 10, February 18, November 11.

The meaning of the name Agatha

Characteristics of the name by letter

Spelling the name, each of which means certain personality traits, will help determine the strengths for achieving the goal. The meaning of individual letters:

  • A – active, strong in spirit, honest, impetuous, cheerful;
  • G – strives for continuous self-improvement, attentive;
  • A – hardworking, persistent, proactive, creative;
  • T – conscientious, risky, smart, pragmatic;
  • A – has creative talents, developed intuition, subtle perception of the world, jealous.

The combination of the meanings of such letters endows the owner with strong energy, strength of character. At the same time, she is distinguished by her sociability, calmness. Honest, self-centered, but reserved, a woman is able to influence those around her.

Characteristics of the name in numerology

The lucky number, regardless of the zodiac sign of the owner of a unique name in meaning, is 9. Its meaning: symbolizes leadership qualities, developed intellect, giftedness in several areas of life at once. The carrier of such a number is always full of energy, enthusiasm, perseverance, perseverance. Of the negative qualities, selfishness, arrogance, aggressiveness, and a tendency to mood swings can be distinguished. However, even this does not interfere with achieving success, quickly gaining authority, and achieving material well-being. Relatives can safely count on proper, disinterested support, help if necessary. The number symbolizes loyal love for loved ones, generosity, patience towards them.

Famous people named Agatha

History knows many famous, outstanding personalities in various fields of knowledge with an ancient Greek name.

Agatha Barbara – statesman and politician, President of Malta from 1982 to 1987.

The meaning of the name Agatha

Agata Budrina is a Russian art critic, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Agatha Christie is a world famous English writer, the author of detective novels and plays that do not lose their popularity even after many years.

The meaning of the name Agatha

Agata Maksimova is a Russian-French model and actress.

The meaning of the name Agatha

Agatha Roca is a Spanish film actress.

Agata Turchinskaya is a Ukrainian writer and poet.

Agata Mruz-Olszewska is a Polish volleyball player.

The meaning of the name Agatha

Agata Rustica is an Italian journalist and public figure.

Name days and patron saints of Agatha

Name days in January: Agafa (January 6), Agathia Nikomidiyskaya (January 10).

Name days in February: Agafia Panormskaya (February 18).

Name days in November: Agathia, Martyr (November 11).


Agatha in different languages

English Agatha
isp Agata, Águeda
it Aga, Agata, Agatha, Agathe, Agatina, Agda, Agi
franz Agathe
greek Αγάθη
ukr Agatha, Agafia
horv Agafija, Agata, Agatija
Czech Agata

Astrological symbolism

Auspicious day Thursday
Zodiac Sign (Horoscope) Fishes
Patron planet Neptune
Stone talisman Amethyst
Color Violet
Element Water
Plant Cypress
Totem animal Dolphin, whale

Poems and songs

Shura Borisova “Let others say that the return …”

Danko “Agata”

A detailed structural analysis, a description of the meaning of the name made it clear that daughters are called Agatha at birth, who, having matured, will become successful, authoritative, creative personalities. A woman knows and follows the laws of karma – this happens by itself, without any effort. The name goes well with the patronymic Sergeevna. To call a girl Agatha means to lay in her destiny exclusively positive vectors of development.

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