Agni yoga for beginners – exercises, tips, books

What is Agni yoga and what types of yoga for beginners are there? This religious and philosophical doctrine, also known as the Living Ethics, which is a kind of synthesis of all religions and yogas, points the way to a single spiritual and energetic basis of the universe, or the so-called Spatial Fire.

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Agni yoga is the path to human self-improvement, the development of his psychoenergetic abilities through a series of exercises – meditation.

Agni Yoga teachings – features of theory and practice

“Agni – Yoga – is the Yoga of action” – said V.I. Roerich, the founder of this teaching. The peculiarity of Agni Yoga is that it is both a theory and a practice of spiritual self-realization. Exercises in Agni Yoga are not difficult, but they require humility, service and fearlessness.

The main direction of the teaching is using the main channels of perception, to learn to listen and understand your body. Yoga helps to understand the true causes of diseases, painful symptoms, helps to get new information about the capabilities of the body. The sphere of understanding deep sensations is expanding, the relationship becomes clear, how needs, desires and feelings are reflected in bodily states.

By doing yoga, you will begin to purify your body and mind; thanks to the performance of asanas and pranayamas, the process of personal growth is accelerated.

Agni yoga exercises for beginners

Agni yoga exercises for beginners
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Relaxation exercise

Sit in a chair so that the maximum surface of your lower thighs is on the chair. Feet should be firmly and comfortably on the floor. Place your feet shoulder-width apart or slightly wider. In this position, the body must be extremely stable. The back should be straight without leaning on the back of the chair. Smooth spine – an invariable condition for igniting the inner fire (the postulate of Agni – yoga). You should be comfortable in this position. Put your hands on your knees, close your eyes, calm down. To support your spine in an upright position, stretch your neck or imagine that your crown is suspended by a thin string to the sky and constantly pulls you up. Breathe evenly, noticing mentally: “Inhale, exhale ..”. Inwardly tell yourself, “I am calm.” Then imagine that there is a huge bundle of warm, soft, relaxing energy above you. It begins to pour out on you, filling every cell of your body with relaxing energy. Relax all the muscles in your head, face, and do not forget to relax your forehead, eyes, lips, chin and cheek muscles. Feel clearly how your tongue and jaw muscles relax. Feel that all the muscles in your face are completely relaxed.

The relaxing energy then reaches the neck and shoulders. Pay attention to the muscles of the neck, shoulders and larynx, relax them. Remember to keep your spine upright. The mood is calm, the mind is clear and cheerful.

A stream of relaxing energy goes down to the hands. The arm muscles are completely relaxed. Living energy fills the torso. Tension from the muscles of the chest, abdomen, back, pelvic region, all internal organs goes away. Breathing becomes easier, more airy and fresh.

The warm energy of relaxation descends through the body, filling the cells of the muscles of the legs, thighs, and feet with relaxation. The body becomes free, light, you hardly feel it. Along with it, emotions dissolve, thoughts are cleared. Remember this feeling of complete relaxation, a state of complete rest (2-3 min.) Then return to reality: wiggle your fingers, open your eyes, stretch (1 min).

Practice it with practice. This exercise usually takes no more than 20 minutes.

Sending thoughts for the Common Good

It is based on the phrase from the Teaching: “May it be good for the world.” Try mentally to send “peace, light, love” to the heart of each person. At the same time, you need to clearly visualize each word. Peace – to almost physically feel how Peace penetrates into every heart, how it fills all of humanity, the entire earth. Light – to feel the filling, purification, enlightenment of the whole earth and everything living on it. To mentally send

Love, you need to feel Love in yourself at least for a moment. Then convey All-love to all that exists, while clearly imagining how this message penetrates into every heart on Earth. This exercise leads to strengthening the goodwill and disinfecting the space.

Exercise “Joy”

Joy is an invincible force. Simple words, spoken with joy, in the world of your own heart, achieve great goals. Try to live in joy for at least one day. Find a joyful word for everyone who comes to you. To a lonely person – give all the love of your heart so that, when leaving, he understands that now he has a friend. To the weak – discover a new sense of knowledge that has opened to you. And your life will be a blessing to people. Your every smile will bring your victory closer and will increase your strength. Conversely, your tears and discouragement will destroy what you have achieved and push your victory far back. How can you become a more positive person?

Agni yoga: recommendations for beginners

Agni yoga for beginners - exercises, tips, books
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Where should a beginner start? With a great desire to become happy, self-develop and really work.

People who begin to practice Agni Yoga on their own have many questions. For example, “Where to start?”, “What time of day is it better to do yoga?”, “How often do you need to do it?” and a number of others. In addition, at the first stage, you need to develop in yourself such qualities as self-discipline, a sense of proportion, a desire to work, the ability to structure your time, and it will be difficult to achieve this alone.

In addition, a state of relaxation can be achieved by performing a certain technique, which may not work the first time. It is advisable to initially conduct classes in general or therapeutic practice classes.

Angi yoga – video

Agni Yoga Books for Beginners

  • Roerich E.I. Three Keys, Secret Knowledge. Theory and Practice of Agni Yoga “.
  • Klyuchnikov S. Yu. “Introduction to Agni Yoga”;
  • Richard Rudzitis “Teaching of Fire. Introduction to Living Ethics “;
  • Banykin N.P Seven Lectures on Living Ethics;
  • Stulginskis S.V. “Space Legends of the East”.

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