Aiva Onfroy Net Worth

Aiva Onfroy, a young actress, has a net worth $15 million. She was born in Parkland, Florida, on July 9, 2002. She has lived her entire life in Florida, Georgia and the Dominican Republic. She has a mother and father who are both actors. Her parents are from Jamaica and Panama, and the couple met when they were both in elementary school. Aiva has been a featured actress in several short films, and has also worked as an extra on Disney Channel television shows.

Aiva Onfroy is an actress who has appeared in several TV shows and commercials. She is the daughter of a former owner of five exotic car companies, and she has worked with many celebrities since her early teens. Aiva’s parents have both been involved in show business for many years, and Aiva Onfroy’s net worth is estimated to be anywhere between $1 million and $5 million. The actress is only 18 years old, but she is already making waves in the entertainment industry. Her YouTube channel has 70k subscribers, and she has been featured in many short films.

Aiva Onfroy was a child of Panamanian parents in Parkland, Florida. She was scouted at an early age, and began appearing in commercials. Aiva’s popularity grew rapidly after she was discovered as a model and actress. Aiva has worked with many celebrities, including Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, and Lindsay Lohan. She is also an active blogger for the social media site Instagram.

Both Aiva Onfroy’s parents were successful entrepreneurs. Her father owned five exotic car companies. She is now one of the most sought after celebrities in the rap world. Aiva’s net worth is believed to be between $1 million and $5 million. As Aiva becomes more well-known, her net income will likely increase. If she continues to grow her fan base, her net value is bound to skyrocket.

Aiva’s parents have been involved in car design since childhood. Her parents are also involved with fashion design. Aiva has been in the entertainment industry for nearly five years and has a net worth of $20 million. She has worked with a wide variety of celebrities, including singers and musicians, and has appeared on several Nickelodeon shows. Aiva Onfroy net worth is estimated between $1 million and $5 million, depending on her career and philanthropic efforts.

Aiva Onfroy’s entire family has a net worth of $20 Million. Her parents are interior designers and business owners, while her father was the former owner of five exotic automobile companies. Her networth includes her salary from acting and her music career. Her YouTube channel has more than 70k subscribers, making her a great candidate for a high-profile position. Gabriel and Ava are their two children.

Aiva Onfroy’s parents were Panamanian and her mother is Dominican Republic. Her parents met through a cousin and the Internet. Aiva Onfroy’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million. This includes her acting income and other philanthropic activities. If you’re looking for a young actress with a high-profile career, you can check her bio at

Aiva Onfroy’s parents are both interior designers. At only eighteen, she was discovered and has achieved international fame in the entertainment business. Aiva Onfroy’s networth is estimated to be $20 million. Aiva has 70k loyal fans. Aiva Onfroy is worth approximately $5 million.

The actor has appeared in many commercials and TV shows. She is a triple threat in entertainment. Aiva’s philanthropic activities include helping underprivileged children in her community, which are a great way to support her networth. It’s also important to note that Aiva has a close relationship with the late rapper XXTentacion. The XXTentacion’s brother, Dwayne Onfroy, confirmed that he was related to his sister.

Aiva Onfroy’s parents are both talented. She began modeling at age five and was signed to several major labels at an early age. She has appeared in commercials for Gap and Old Navy and Hollister as well as in movies, television, and on TV. Aiva has a net worth of $2.7 million. Ava is a triple threat in every way. She is an actor, model, and social media influencer.

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