Alcohol in early pregnancy

Alcohol in early pregnancy“Horror stories” about the consequences of alcohol taken during pregnancy have been told a lot. Every adult woman, and even more so the one who is preparing for the appearance of a baby, knows very well that alcohol and pregnancy do not combine. But it’s not even about the dangers of alcohol, but, in fact, about the fact that many consider abuse and episodic use to be different concepts. And also that the expectant mother should not deny herself anything.

Is it so?

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Safe Doses of Alcohol During Pregnancy – Do They Exist?

Alcohol in early pregnancyMany of the women have heard that a glass of red wine is even good for a woman in position. Of course, this alcoholic drink has its positive properties – it can increase appetite and even hemoglobin levels.

But will this wine be good for the fruit, albeit in such a small amount?

What facts confirm (deny) harm of alcohol to the fetus?

  • Scientists at one time proved that exactly half of the alcohol consumed crosses the placenta… That is, the child automatically “uses” wine together with his mother.
  • All organisms are different. There are no hard boundaries or specific dosesallowable for drinking alcohol by a pregnant woman. For one, half-glasses of wine can be considered overkill, and for the other, a glass of beer is the norm.
  • There is no difference between drinks of different strengths. They are equally harmful
  • There is no such thing as a safe dose of alcohol.
  • The fetus may be endangered. any kind of alcoholic drink

Common reasons why expectant mothers drink alcohol

alkogol_na_rannix_srokax_beremennostiThe expectant mother, for whom pregnancy is no longer a secret, but confirmed by a certificate from the consultation and a reflection in the mirror, is unlikely to knowingly risk the health of the future baby and take alcohol. But the reasons are different:

  • Holidays, on which a glass or two for the company flies by unnoticed.
  • Habit “Sip beer” on a hot day.
  • The body “requires” beer or wine (which is often the case with pregnant women).

And other reasons, such as abuse (or, more simply, alcoholism) – we will not discuss them.
In any case, it is worth, first of all, to think – is it worth the alcoholic “dubious” pleasure of the health of the unborn child?

Why is a pregnant woman often drawn to beer?

Alcohol in early pregnancyIt is a well-known fact that many expectant mothers are drawn to beer during pregnancy. Moreover, even those who previously categorically did not perceive this drink. There is nothing surprising in such a desire – the tastes of expectant mothers are changing according to changes in the body. Lack of certain substances makes you want something “like”, and beer is one of those whims. What do doctors say about this?

  • The expectant mother shares each sip of alcohol equally with the baby. – this should be remembered first.
  • Drink up a couple of sips of beer – not scary, but only if this desire is really so strong that it is impossible to overcome it.
  • Harmful substances contained in beer can get to the baby through the placenta and lead to oxygen starvation of the child, as well as other consequences. Phytoestrogens (in hops), preservatives and toxic compounds, the presence of which is noted in all cans, are especially harmful.
  • Nonalcoholic beer considered no less harmful than containing alcohol.

It is known that such a strange whim of the expectant mother, like craving for beer, is explained lack of vitamin B… The greatest amount of this vitamin is present in regular carrots… Also worth noting are products such as:
Alcohol in early pregnancy vitamin B

  • Potato
  • Eggs and cheese
  • Certain types of bread
  • Row fermented milk products
  • Nuts
  • Liver
  • Yeast (in particular, beer)

If the desire “even a sip of beer” does not leave the expectant mother, then it is better to choose live beer, without preservatives and dyes.

The effect of alcohol on the fetus in the first weeks of pregnancy

Alcohol in early pregnancy the effects of alcohol on the babyFor the unborn child, the most dangerous and responsible is considered mom’s first trimester of pregnancy… Especially worth noting is the period that begins from the eighth week of pregnancy – at this time, the main systems and organs of the child’s body are formed. Therefore, even a minimum of alcohol may turn out to be the “last straw” that can cause pathologies in development. We are not even talking about moderate, but constant use of alcohol – it significantly increases the risk of miscarriage.

What exactly is the danger of alcoholtaken in the first trimester?

  • Toxic substances, which are in the composition of alcohol, upset the balance of the child’s development (physical and mental).
  • Alcohol is instantly absorbed into the bloodstream, and the placenta is not a barrier for him.
  • Not only ethyl alcohol is harmful, but also alcohol processing products – in particular acetaldehyde. The consequence is damage to the nervous system of the fetus and a negative effect on all cells of the body.
  • Alcohol also disrupts metabolism and reduces the amount of vitamins (and folate) in the blood.

Alcohol in early pregnancyIt is worth remembering that the main “bookmark” and the subsequent formation of organs in the fetus occurs from 3 to 13 weeks. It is during this period that you need to be attentive to the unborn child and your health, protecting the future child as much as possible from the effects of harmful factors.
Further development as well organ improvement occurs from week 14… Negative factors, most likely, will not affect the development of organs, but they can cause dysfunctions of these organs.

“I didn’t know I was pregnant.” Alcohol in the first two weeks of pregnancy

Alcohol in early pregnancyOf course, a couple of glasses of wine drunk during the entire period of pregnancy, most likely, will not lead to irreversible consequences. But situations, the quality of alcohol and organisms are different. Therefore, it is better to endure once more and drink some juicethan later regret their incontinence. There are situations when a woman drinks alcohol without being aware of her pregnancy. Do you have such a case? Don’t panic. The main thing is to refrain from all bad habits for the remaining period.
What Happens During These Important First Two Weeks of Pregnancy?

  • Fabric bookmarks the unborn child and its organs do not occur in the first two weeks.
  • The egg (fertilized) at this stage of pregnancy very defenseless, and each negative factor (in particular, alcohol) acts according to the scheme “all or nothing at all.” That is, either it does not affect the development of the fetus, or it kills the embryo.

Alcohol in early pregnancyIt is precisely these two weeks that go before the next menstruation, and during this period a woman, traditionally, does not yet know that she is already in a position. Do not worry too much about the alcoholic drinks taken at this time. But here to suppress further use, of course, it is necessary

Reviews of women

– I realized with horror that in the first two weeks I drank both wine and harmful canned beer. Now I don’t even come close to alcoholic beverages. One consoles – that at this time the organs are not yet formed. I read that the fetus is not even attached to the uterus in the first week. But still not at ease.

– Alcohol is extremely harmful to the fetus! And you don’t need to listen to anyone – they say, there will be no harm if you drink a little … You can feel the harm after birth! So it’s better not to do such experiments.

– The ovum is attached to the uterus on the fifth day. So in the first days, drunk alcohol will not do any harm. But then it is better not to smoke, not drink, walk and rest more. Here, the doctor advised me to have a beer to wash my kidneys.)) I twisted it at my temple and went for juice.

– I learned about pregnancy when my son was already five weeks old. A couple of days before the visit, I met old friends at the consultation, and we merrily drank two liters of wine. Of course, I got scared when the doctor said – stock up on diapers. In general, I did not drink a single drop for the rest of my pregnancy. And I didn’t want to – it was disgusting. The baby gave birth to a healthy one, on time, there were no problems.

– My girlfriend, when she got pregnant, generally could not pass by the beer – she was almost drooling. I drank it by a glass sometimes, when it was completely unbearable. Her daughter is now twenty years old, clever and beautiful. Nothing happened. True, in those days, and beer was different. Now it is dangerous even for non-pregnant women to drink beer.)

– I think, if in reasonable quantities, then it’s not scary. Not alcoholics! Well, I drank a glass of wine for the holiday … So what? Expensive wine, high quality. It is unlikely that there will be any harm from him. It is clear that the baby will not get the benefits of wine or beer, but when such a strong “thirst”, then the body must. The body cannot be fooled.

– It seems to me that there is nothing terrible if in the first days (when you still do not know about pregnancy) you drink something. Even strong. In the end, a pregnant woman can be tested for abnormalities and soothe her conscience. But the nerves that will be wasted because of some “pair of glasses” are much worse. One friend got nervous – the threat of miscarriage in two weeks of pregnancy. In general, everything is individual.

– The first days of my pregnancy fell on New Year’s holidays. Where can you go without champagne for the new year? Nowhere. And then my husband’s birthday, then a girlfriend’s … And every time – a glass of red wine. Nothing happened. My child was born healthy in every sense – a hero. ))

– How can you even discuss “is it possible or not”, “a little or half a bottle”? Alcohol is harmful! This must be remembered and that’s it. Well, what kind of mother is this who carries a child in her stomach and stands, drooling in front of a bottle of beer? Do you want a beer? Replace it with something. Not harmful. Pouring yourself, you pouring for the child! This should be the first thought. And the next one – how good will I be as a mother if I indulge my whims to the detriment of the child?

– I read a lot about what doctors think on this topic. All of them are categorically against. Although I am not drawn. During the holidays, wines are constantly poured into a glass with a comment – let the baby cheer up. And I swear and pour out. Is it possible to compare the health of a baby and your “mood”? If you don’t drink alcohol for a year, nothing will happen. I do not understand pregnant women who whip beer into the open.

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