Alena Vodonaeva gave a tough rebuff to all consumers

How often have you caught yourself thinking that they shamelessly sit on your neck? They take advantage of the inability to say “no”, pressure on pity, ask for something over and over again, but are never ready to help in return?

Unfortunately, the so-called consumer attitude has always been not uncommon: as soon as a reliable person appears, “parasites” and “vampires” immediately loom on the horizon.

TV presenter Alena Vodonaeva talked about her attitude towards such people and gave advice to everyone who faced consumer attitudes.

“I don’t need passengers”: Alena Vodonaeva rebuffed all consumers who want to “sit on her neck”
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Travel companions and passengers

Always straightforward and sharp-tongued Alena Vodonaeva this time talked with her subscribers about the consumer attitude of others. The TV presenter said that she never equates such concepts as “good attitude” and “weakness” and does not allow others to do this in relation to her.

According to Alena, in her life, especially recently, there are often cases when her kindness was perceived as weakness and an opportunity to “sit on your neck”. In her usual manner, the star sharply responded to all consumers and recommended them to transfer from her neck, because she was created exclusively for the head.

“I don’t need passengers”: Alena Vodonaeva rebuffed all consumers who want to “sit on her neck”
Photo @alenavodonaeva

“I never mistake a good attitude towards myself for weakness. I appreciate and reciprocate. If interested. If not, I disappear from the radar.

Recently, I have had many situations when my good attitude was precisely because of my weakness and was perceived. Some people like to sit on their necks. So tired, to be honest, ”the host wrote on her Instagram account.

Alena also gave practical advice to all those who come across those who like to take advantage of someone else’s kindness and reliability. According to the celebrity, it is best to always outline the boundaries in advance and not let people take “out of place.”

“It is better to follow the chain of command right away. Always and with everyone. After all, not everyone is able to soberly assess the situation. Understand that it’s cool to be a travel companion, not a passenger. I don’t need passengers in my life. You either fulfill your functions, or you do not take someone else’s place. “

“I don’t need passengers”: Alena Vodonaeva rebuffed all consumers who want to “sit on her neck”
Photo @alenavodonaeva

Audience opinion

As it turned out, the topic touched upon by Alena is close to many: in the comments, most agreed with the words of the TV star and shared their stories. Also, some subscribers noted that often attempts to build clear boundaries are perceived by others with hostility and cause unfounded resentment. However, there were also those who took Alena’s words skeptically and considered that the girl did not belong to the category of people who could easily “sit on their necks”.

“The consumer society is bearing fruit, unfortunately. Here, probably, only a clear line of boundaries will help. They also often try to sit on my neck because of my kindness. And I, too, learn to build boundaries. Some acquaintances sincerely do not understand why I help orphanages, nursing homes and sick people, but I refuse to help adult able-bodied acquaintances. “, – anna_2pitsina

“How vital… just the best description of how not to do it, namely, to take a good attitude towards yourself for weakness. Recently I often recalled this phrase “, – zhuliannazhdanova.

“Alena, you are very inspiring and motivating with your publications. Thank you”, – gerastolitsina

“You build boundaries and immediately become bad and forget everything that you did for them”, – elfielviresta.

“All that you want to sit on your neck, straight mother Teresa. Sorry, but this is too much “, – gubmarii.

“I don’t need passengers”: Alena Vodonaeva rebuffed all consumers who want to “sit on her neck”
Photo @alenavodonaeva

Where do you think the acceptance of help ends and the consumer attitude begins?

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