Alex Harvill Net Worth

Alex Harvill Net Worth – How Much is Alex Harvill Worth?

Alex harvill was a professional motocross racer

Alex Harvill was a popular pro motocross racer who held two world records for motorcycle jumps. He was married and had two young sons, Willis and Watson, with his wife Jessica. According to a GoFundMe page on his website, he was the sole breadwinner for his family. The page has already raised more than $42,000 for Harvill’s family.

Harvill’s death has been attributed to a freak accident on the day of his attempt to break the world record for the longest motorcycle jump. He was attempting to better the record of Robbie Maddison, who had jumped 351 feet on a dirt bike in 2008. The accident happened when Harvill was coming down 20 feet short of the dirt landing ramp. He was transported to the hospital but later passed away.

He held several world records for motorcycle jumping

Alex Harvill died in a tragic motorcycle accident while warming up for a world motorcycle jumping record. He was doing a practice run at the Moses Lake Airshow, which is about 105 miles southwest of Spokane, Washington. During the jump, he hit the edge of a dirt berm. The motorcycle jumper was taken to hospital and later died.

The cause of Harvill’s death is still unknown, but it is believed to have been a motorcycle accident. He was practicing at Grant County International Airport in Moses Lake, Washington, and had been scheduled to lead off a motorcycle jump that would have been a world record. The accident caused Harvill to lose his helmet and fall more than 20 feet. An autopsy is expected to determine the cause of death.

He was married to Jessica Harvill

Alex Harvill was married to Jessica Harville and they have a son, Willis. He was a talented rider and shared his love for the sport with his son. The pair built a dirt track together and the two loved spending time at the track. He was a dedicated father and a Motocross enthusiast, and his ultimate goal was to break another world record.

He is survived by his two children, a five-year-old son named Wills and a baby boy due in May 2021. His oldest son, Wills, would often accompany him on his adventures, and he was eager to learn to ride a bike. He was often photographed practicing on his father’s Instagram page. His wife and children are devastated by his sudden death.

He had 9.5k followers on Instagram

Alex Harvill was an avid Instagram user with more than 9.5k followers. His bio stated that he was a world record holder. He lived in Ephrata, Washington. He was hoping to break the 351-foot jump record set by Robbie Maddison.

He was a sole provider for his family

Alex Harvill was a father of three from California who made Ephrata, Washington, his home. He lived with his wife Jessica, and sons Willis, five, and Watson, a newborn. The GoFundMe page set up to help his family said that Harvill was the sole provider in the family. By the time it closed early Friday, the site had raised over $42,000.

Alex was a dedicated father, and shared his love of riding Motocross with his son. He even built his son a dirt track. His dedication to the sport had him attempting to break another world record.

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