Alexey Lemar left his wife with verses of gratitude

What a news! 36-year-old actor Alexei Gavrilov, known under the surname Lemar, left his wife, with whom he was married for five years and raised his two-year-old son Solomon.

Left with beautiful verses

Lemar with his wife

The star of the series “Univer” informed the subscribers about this by publishing a photo with his wife on his Instagram account and dedicating touching poems to her. In them, he wished his wife Marina Melnikova to find true happiness and harmony with herself, and also thanked her for the entire path that they had traveled together.

“… I am grateful to you for my son

And for thousands of moments of happiness.

Let’s walk the path of friends and mom and dad now

If as a couple we got into bad weather.

I wish you Universal Love,

And find everything that I could not give.

God keep you on your way.

I will remember the years of my life with you, as the Grace of heaven … “, – he wrote.

Send your ex-spouses positive energy.

The artist also asked subscribers not to condemn their decision and not build speculation:

“Send us your positive energy and goodness will return to you as an ocean of love!” He addressed to the fans.

Marina also posted a post about the breakup, noting that it was “A balanced decision of two adults”… According to the girl, they thought about it for a long time and tried with all their might to preserve the relationship, resorting to different methods, but they did not succeed. She noted that she would not disclose the reasons for the breakup and “Rinse underwear“Spouse.

2 loving parents of Solomon

Lemar with his wife 2

Melnikova admits that she continues to treat her husband with love and gratitude for everything. After the divorce, they will remain friends, focusing on “Careful attitude to the child.”

“Do not worry about Saul, he has not changed much, there are still two loving parents,” she emphasized.

How fans react

Commentators are very worried about the couple, wishing them all the best for the “new stage of life”:

  • “Alexey, how worthy! Only a noble man with high soul vibrations can have such sincere words. Delight!”;
  • “I would like to open my eyes tomorrow, go to Instagram and read that it was some kind of audit of your audience or a joke …”;
  • “Everything is going as it should. Both of you are beautiful, and your child is an angel. Happiness to you! “;
  • “What is it… You were a very cool couple. It’s a pity, a pity. I wish your life to continue on a happy and successful wave! Everything that is done is for the better. “


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