All about May kebabs-2021: new laws, rules, fines

The long-awaited May holidays are ahead, which means the barbecue season is announced open! Today we will tell you the latest legislative requirements, fire safety rules, fines for frying kebabs in the wrong place, and also show you how to avoid unnecessary problems and enjoy the warm spring days.

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How to make a fire for barbecue in nature and not get a fine

Within the framework of the current legislation, new requirements for the preparation of barbecue came into force on January 1, 2021.

If the fire is not built in a special device, then this must be done in a pit with a depth of at least 0.3 meters and a diameter of no more than 1 meter. In this case, we take care of the following distance measure:

  • at least 50 meters to the nearest building;
  • 100 meters – from a coniferous forest or separately growing coniferous trees and young growth;
  • 30 meters – from deciduous forest or separately growing groups of deciduous trees.

Remember! Do not leave a smoldering hearth unattended. Smoldering coals should either be flooded with water or covered with sand / earth until the flame is completely extinguished. And only after that you can leave the resting place.

If the shish kebab is cooked on barbecues or braziers, then the following conditions must be met:

  • the distance from the barbecue to the buildings must be at least 5 meters;
  • all combustible materials must be removed around the barbecue at a distance of 2 meters;
  • the area next to the fire for 10 meters must be cleared of grass and other combustible materials;
  • the place also needs to be trimmed with a fire-fighting mineralized strip with a width of at least 40 centimeters;
  • to install the barbecue, it is best to choose an earthen flat area and surround it with stones for stability;
  • the person who makes a fire should have tools next to him to extinguish it;
  • do not leave a lit brazier unattended or under the supervision of children.

By the way, it is interesting that the term “barbecue” appeared only in the new Rules. We have listed the new conditions, and all the other already familiar requirements operate as usual. Thus, the ban on frying kebabs in private houses and summer cottages in 2021, in fact, has not been established. The main thing is that fire-prevention measures were observed: there was a container with water nearby, or a fire extinguisher.

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Is it possible to grill kebabs in the courtyard of multi-storey buildings and what are the penalties for violation

Making an open fire – lighting fires in the city, including in the courtyards of multi-storey buildings, is strictly prohibited, unless it is a specially equipped area for barbecues with barbecue grills.

According to the new regulatory legal act, it is strictly forbidden to fire open fires within civilian structures. That is, there can be no question of any flame on the loggia or on the roof, and what can we say about apartments and entrances of apartment buildings.

To date fines for such violations, the following:

  • 3-5 thousand rubles for open flames on balconies, roofs and other areas of apartment buildings;
  • up to 3 thousand rubles. for making fires in the courtyards of multi-storey buildings inappropriate to the rules;
  • from 4 to 5 thousand – if a fire broke out and some property was damaged or someone’s health was damaged of mild or moderate severity.

Important! The fine is a small measure. If the fire turns into a fire, causing serious material or physical damage to someone, then the responsibility goes into a completely different plane – at best, administrative, and at worst, criminal.

Also, do not forget about the cases when making fires and frying kebabs is completely prohibited:

  • when local authorities introduce a special fire safety regime in the region;
  • at a wind speed of more than 5 meters per second, if the fire is used without a container or this container is made of non-combustible materials, does not exclude the fallout of combustible materials;
  • when the wind speed is more than 10 meters per second;
  • in containers with through burnout, damage, etc. (so there is a possibility of the fallout of combustible materials, which means the spread of fire).

Of course, an old problem persists in 2021: it’s impossible to track every person who makes a fire. Nevertheless, we warn you: a fine is threatened for violation of fire safety.

Cooking delicious barbecue from A to Z

So, we have finished with important legal information, now let’s talk about more pleasant things, namely, about the intricacies of the correct preparation of barbecue.

  • How to choose and properly ignite coal?

Pay attention to the weight: the worse the wood, the lighter the coal will be. The kebab makers assert: the better and better the coal, the more its mass will be.

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Firing coal every year opens up an eternal controversy. Of course, everyone has their own way. But we do not recommend using the ignition, because, like any kerosene, it is not environmentally friendly and its smell remains on the walls of the barbecue for a long time.

It is better to find a mug (starter) for lighting coal, it is available in many stores and is inexpensive, given its durability. Don’t forget the important tools: poker and tongs. The tongs should be comfortable, take your time with the selection. When the coals begin to burn, you will need to divide them into smaller pieces and spread them around the perimeter. We leave a void in the center of the barbecue, since this is where fat will drip from the cooked meat. And if it drips on hot coals, then it will ignite.

  • How to choose meat for a juicy and aromatic barbecue?

We check the meat for freshness: the meat piece should be elastic, when pressed with a finger, it should recover well and quickly. No excess fluid, blood or other secretions. The color of the fat is white, not yellowed or dark. The part of the meat where the cut was made should not stick or release cloudy juice. The smell of fresh meat is not sharp, but barely noticeable. It is not advisable to take meat in vacuum packaging, since there will be no opportunity to personally check it for quality.

To check a piece of meat for age parameters, pay attention to the color. The darker it is, the older the animal was. Why is it important to buy just young meat? To make the kebab tender, not hard. The color of good pork is pink, and that of lamb or beef is bright red. Life hack, how else can you check your age: young meat easily tears in your hands.

Important! Rospotrebnadzor recently recalled that it is unsafe to buy meat “on street stalls in places of unauthorized trade, as well as along roads.”

  • Steam, chilled or frozen?

Do not let the variety in the states of meat turn you into a stupor: it is best to buy the chilled version. The fact is that the steamed meat is too fresh (it is no more than 2-3 hours old), which means that the kebab will turn out tough from it. In the case of frozen meat, you can stumble upon an unscrupulous seller who repeatedly freezes the meat, and this spoiled it.

Traditionally, the best option for frying is chilled meat, which tastes better when fried.

Important! How to check if the seller gives out defrosted meat as chilled? When defrosting, the piece will be very damp, leaving wet marks on the surface.

  • The stakes are going up: pork, lamb or beef?

Let’s start with pork. If you want tender and juicy meat, choose this animal and you won’t miss. The tenderloin and neck are great for barbecue frying. You should not choose the most fatty cuts, since the meat itself is very fatty. Other parts of pork are not suitable for kebabs, as the result will be tough and even dryish, and to prevent this from happening, you will have to tinker with the marinade longer. Therefore, it is easier to immediately select those pork parts that are excellent for frying.

In the case of lamb, the meat of a young lamb, aged 1-2 months, will be especially valuable for frying. Accordingly, you can find it only in the spring, so it is a very good option for the May holidays. The rest of the time, we advise you to use meat from an animal no older than a year. Tenderloin, loin and hind leg cut are best. Lamb ribs go to the amateur.

Beef is on the 3rd place among kebab owners. This is because it is very difficult to cook this meat so that it turns out to be tender and tasty. Therefore, such meat must be marinated longer than the previous options, while it is good to use carbonated water.

The recipe for the most delicate pork kebab for you to note

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So, in order for the barbecue to turn out to be the envy of all relatives and friends, I advise you to adhere to my rule of four Ms: Meat is fresh, Marinade is correct, frying is Slow, and holidays are May. We only have to deal with the marinade, so I want to share with you a basic recipe with the addition of kefir. This is a classic recipe that you can then experiment with: add vegetables, fruits and herbs. Then the finished meat will have different flavoring accents, but invariably remain juicy, soft, very tasty.


  • A kilogram of a pork neck;
  • 0.5 l of kefir;
  • 3 onions;
  • Pepper (or preferably a mixture of peppers), freshly ground ½-1 tsp.
  • Salt to taste.

Important! Kefir should not be sour!

Cooking process:

  • Before preparing the marinade for pork barbecue on kefir, wash the meat, cut into portions;
  • Cut the peeled onions into half rings of medium thickness;
  • Place the meat in a saucepan, salt and pepper, mix thoroughly;
  • Add kefir, stir again;
  • Put all the chopped onions to the meat, mix gently;
  • Leave to marinate for 5 to 8 hours, then skewer and grill.

These basic guidelines will help you have a fun, hassle-free weekend. I wish you a great rest and delicious kebabs in the fresh air of May! It will be great if you share your tricks for making delicious kebabs in the comments!

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