All possible causes of a frozen pregnancy

Every woman who has experienced an intrauterine death of a child is tormented by the only question – why did this happen to her? We will talk about this today. In this article, we will tell our readers about all the possible causes of pregnancy fading.

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All possible causes of a frozen pregnancy

Causes of a frozen pregnancyAll causes of pregnancy fading can be roughly divided into several groups. but in each individual case, you need to understand separately, since a stop in development can occur for a combination of several reasons.

Genetic abnormalities lead to the termination of fetal development

Causes of a frozen pregnancy genetic abnormalitiesThis is the most common cause of pregnancy fading. Thus, a kind of natural natural selection takes place, embryos with serious deviations in development die.

The cause of deviations and malformations of the embryo is most often environmental factors… Early harmful effects may not be compatible with life. In this situation, the principle “All or nothing” is triggered. Early alcohol abuse, exposure to radiation, poisoning, intoxication – all this can lead to the fading of pregnancy.
Causes of a frozen pregnancy fetal anomalies

You shouldn’t regret such a spontaneous abortion, but find out the reason is necessary… Since a genetic defect can be sporadic (in healthy parents, a child with deviations appears), or it can be hereditary. In the first case, the risk of a recurrence of this situation is minimal, and in the second, such an anomaly can be a serious problem.

If the regressive pregnancy is genetically determined, then the likelihood that such a misfortune will happen is very high… There are times when it becomes completely impossible for a couple to have children together. Therefore, after curettage of a frozen pregnancy, the removed tissue is sent for analysis. They are checked for the presence of abnormal chromosomes in the nuclei of embryonic cells

If the genetics of the fetus was abnormal, then the couple is sent for consultation to a specialist. The doctor will calculate the risks for future pregnancies, if necessary, conduct additional research, and give appropriate recommendations.

Infectious diseases of the mother – the cause of fetal freezing

Causes of a frozen pregnancy infectionIf a mother is sick with an infectious disease, then the child becomes infected with it. That is why pregnancy fading can occur. After all, the child does not yet have an immune system, and viruses with bacteria cause colossal harm to him, which leads to the death of the baby.
Causes of a frozen pregnancy infectious diseases

There are infections that quite often cause deviations in the development of the child… Therefore, the mother’s illness or any other contact with them in the first trimester of pregnancy is a direct indication for termination.

For example, if mom is sick rubella before 12 weeks, the pregnancy is terminated for medical reasons, since the baby will not be born healthy.

The death of the embryo can lead any inflammatory processes in the female genital organs… For example, a missed pregnancy after curettage or abortion may be associated with a uterine infection. Some latent infections can also cause fetal growth to stop, for example ureaplasmosis, cystitis

Even such commonplace infections as herpes virus can be the cause of pregnancy fading if a woman first encountered them while in position.

Pathology of the female genital organs, as the cause of a frozen pregnancy

Causes of a frozen pregnancy palologyWhy does pregnancy freeze if a woman has non-inflammatory diseases in the genitals, such as sexual infantilism, adhesions in the small pelvis, uterine fibroids, polyps in the uterus etc.? Because, in these cases, the egg does not have the ability to normally gain a foothold in the endometrium and develop.

And an ectopic frozen pregnancy is a kind of protective reaction of the body. After all, its progression can lead to rupture of the fallopian tube.

In such cases, spontaneous termination of pregnancy avoids surgery. However, this is only possible up to 5-6 weeks.

Disorders of the endocrine system interfere with the normal fixation of the embryo

Causes of a frozen pregnancy endocrine disordersEndocrine diseases such as hyperandrogenism, thyroid disease, insufficient prolactin and the like may also cause miscarriage.

Why is this happening?

When the hormonal background is disturbed, the embryo cannot gain a foothold on the endometrium. The woman does not have enough hormones to support the pregnancy, so the fetus dies.

If, in such a situation, the hormonal background is not corrected, the pregnancy will fade every time.

Autoimmune diseases and missed pregnancies

Causes of a frozen pregnancy Rh conflictThis category includes Rh conflict and antiphospholipid syndrome… If the second causes fading only in the early stages, then the first can cause the death of the baby in the second trimester, which is even more offensive. Fortunately, this can be avoided.

Causes of a frozen pregnancy examination

Quite often, pregnancy fading occurs after IVF… The death of the embryo can be prevented by careful observation of doctors and timely adopted methods of treatment.

From all of the above, we can conclude that the fading of pregnancy can cause a fairly large number of reasons.

Therefore, to give an unambiguous answer to the question – “Why did this happen to you?” – not until the woman passes full examination… Without finding out the reasons, repeated conception is very unreasonable, since the pregnancy can freeze again.

If a similar tragedy has happened to you, be sure to go through a full examinationso that it does not happen again.

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