An image of a woman was found under a painting by Picasso

Researchers from the UK were able to find a drawing of a nude woman, located under the painting by Pablo Picasso “Breakfast of the Blind”.

An image of a nude woman was found under Picasso's
Pablo Picasso “Breakfast of the Blind”, 1903. Picassolive illustration

Thanks to X-ray fluorescence analysis, scientists from the Oxia Palus company were able to make a discovery. The drawing itself was posted on the Oxia Palus Instagram account.

“Under the painting by Pablo Picasso” Breakfast of the Blind “(1903) is a masterpiece that has been hidden from the world for 118 years,” – said in a post on the social network Instagram.

The picture is attributed to the blue work of Picasso, that is, it was painted in the period from 1901 to 1904, when the artist painted in cold blue and green colors. Because of this, it was difficult for Picasso to sell his paintings at one time. The lack of warm colors made them gloomy and unattractive for the artist’s contemporaries.

According to George Kann, one of the creators of Oxia Palus, Picasso, painted one drawing on another because of his poverty. He did not have enough money for expensive new art materials.

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