Anfisa Chekhova spoke about her attitude to Photoshop

Before posting another photo on Instagram, I often wonder: shouldn’t I correct it a little more, or maybe I shouldn’t have removed those skin irregularities at all? This emotional torment is familiar to many modern girls who share their pictures on social networks. To improve or not to improve, photoshop or naturalness?
The TV presenter spoke on this topic Anfisa Chekhova, and her position was quite unexpected.

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“I am for aesthetics!”

TV presenter and Instagram diva Anfisa Chekhova has always been known for her magnificent appetizing forms, which remained with her even after losing weight. The star has repeatedly stated that she loves herself and is constantly working on her self-esteem and thinking. Despite this, the TV presenter is quite loyal on the issue of photoshop and, unlike many supporters of body positivity, does not oppose retouching. The star told her subscribers about this, providing the post with a slightly corrected picture in a swimsuit.
According to Anfisa, she does not reduce the volume in the pictures, but corrects the skin, removing all roughness: all because the celebrity prefers aesthetics and artistry.

“I’m trying to be more natural on my Instagram … Although, to be honest, I am for aesthetics and artistry in photography! In all glossy magazines, models are made smoother, hiding minor imperfections, just like in pictures! The artists have never conveyed a real picture, they have always decorated and improved! I’m not against it! A photo is the same picture, only drawn not with brushes and paints, but with light, lens, photoshop and color correction!
Another thing is that a sane person should separate magazines, instagram and life! In life we ​​are not the same as in the pictures, but we can share our charisma and charm that cannot be read from flat photographs! “

Photo @achekhova

Interestingly, most of the subscribers agreed with the words of the TV presenter, noting that it is always important to know when to stop and not to overdo it with Photoshop. In addition, many admired the beauty of the TV presenter, praising her figure in the pictures.

• “I am also for the aesthetics in the photo. But the measure is also important here. You are straight in moderation. I am still happy with your results ”, – wow.olya.
• “100% agree !!! Who is interested in looking at imperfections, for example, pigmentation, bruises under the eyes, let them look at themselves in the mirror, preferably in the morning! ” – irinashaiger.
• “How beautifully you built, Anfisa, super. A small correction will not hurt the photographs, and so I am for reality ”, – svetlanamukagova.

Bologny expert opinion

Today, against the background of a total enthusiasm for body positivity and naturalness, I am very impressed by the opinion of Anfisa, who advocates aesthetics and the right of girls to correct their photos. Primarily because the TV presenter suggests maintaining a healthy balance between real beauty and created beauty.

Photo @achekhova

Opponents of retouching, as a rule, argue their position by the fact that an “ideal” ironed picture without flaws gives rise to complexes in many girls who begin to compare themselves with goddesses from social networks, and the comparison turns out to be not in their favor. But here you need to understand that the problem lies much deeper: a person suffering from low self-esteem will still look for and find flaws in himself, regardless of how the models look on Instagram and gloss. And a person with normal, healthy self-esteem simply will not compare himself with anyone.

The desire to show oneself in the best possible light is absolutely normal and does not signal the presence of complexes or rejection of oneself. We cover up pimples with foundation, choose clothes that emphasize advantages and hide flaws, stand on heels, go to beauticians. How is retouching different from all this? In fact, nothing. It’s just another way to become a little better, to present yourself more advantageously. In a sense, this approach does not harm, but, on the contrary, helps self-esteem: they say, how cool I am in this photo!

Photo @achekhova

Of course, measure is good in everything – there is no point in retouching your pictures to the point of being unrecognizable or caricatured. But scolding girls for wanting to look a little better, positioning it as a threat to someone’s self-esteem, is in no way possible. In the end, as the TV presenter rightly pointed out, it’s always important to separate reality and Instagram.

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