Ann Sheridan – changing the image of the actress

As part of the Transformations project, our team decided to conduct an experiment and imagine what Hollywood star Anne Sheridan could look like in various images from modern life.

The famous Hollywood actress Anne Sheridan became famous by a fluke. Seeing her beauty, her own sister sent a photograph of the girl to the Paramount Pictures film studio, and her appearance was suitable for participation in one of the films for a supporting role. For two years, the situation did not change and tired of filming without leading roles, the girl moved to Warner Bros.

Here her career quickly took off, and over the next ten years, the actress was among the most sought-after Hollywood actresses. A languid look and plump lips attracted the attention of not only directors, but also the owners of glossy publications, and the actress, already in the status of a world-famous celebrity, often starred for the covers of famous magazines. Today Ann Sheridan could appear in a photo, for example, in a simple white blouse:

Anne Sheridan1

One of the memorable details of the image was the actress’s red hair. Today, a hairstyle in this shade might look a little different. Perhaps it would be below the shoulder length and styling with biowave:

Anne Sheridan2

Hollywood divas of the last century tried to appear in feminine dresses to emphasize their naturalness and beauty. The dynamic lifestyle of today makes almost all successful women periodically wear a business suit:

Anne Sheridan3

But a black square with bangs and bare shoulders could add sophistication to the image:

Anne Sheridan4

Ann Sheridan is a world-class star who was put on a par with the most famous women of the first magnitude. On the Hollywood Walk of Fame, she has her own star, which will always remind of the talent of this actress.

Anne Sheridan5


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