Anna Sedokova created her own training for independent women

What hasn’t surprised us Anna Sedokova yet? It seems that the singer showed the public absolutely everything: touching love stories, loud partings, bold photo shoots and clips. But on her 39th birthday, the singer really surprised her fans by launching a coach project where she promised to create a community of strong and independent women. Hello to feminism!

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Keeping up with the times

Singer Anna Sedokova, who recently celebrated her 39th birthday, delighted fans with unexpected news: she is launching her Power Community project – a virtual platform for modern women, where they can feel like strong, independent, bright, courageous mistresses of their destinies.

The singer promised that on her training platform she will help everyone who wants to develop, grow materially, spiritually and learn to love themselves. In her Instagram account, where Anna announced the creation of the Power Community, the singer admitted that her main goal and dream was to give women independence, both from men and from public opinion.

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“Well, that’s all … My mother always said that I never finish anything. Mom, I did it!

On my birthday, I am announcing the creation of my Power Community. A place where the strong and independent can become even stronger and more independent. Today I didn’t want to just post a photo in panties (which obviously got a lot of likes). After all, I have long been more than a beautiful girl in panties. I am a businessman, girlboss, producer, endlessly happy wife and mother. I am a woman! Who sings)

By creating this platform, my dream was to give you independence and self-confidence. So as not to depend on men, circumstances and excuses. “

You can already visit the Power Community by Anna Sedokova website and, if you wish, fill out a short form to join the club and the closed Telegram channel.

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It should be noted that Anna herself has been openly declaring for several years that modern women need to learn to be more free, primarily from prejudices and the influence of public opinion.

The singer has repeatedly spoken out against ageism, body shaming and other forms of hate and discrimination. After all, she herself has to regularly face these phenomena: the singer is often condemned for candid pictures, images on the red carpet, weight and even her personal life. Anna herself prefers not to be silent, but defends the right to be herself.

By the way, it is this tendency – the desire for freedom, independence and the rejection of stereotypes – which is now flourishing among foreign stars and is conquering the global Internet space. Bodypositive and feminism have become synonyms of modernity, so we can say that Anna is keeping up with the times, launching a similar platform.

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Who else?

Today, more and more celebrities are exploring the Internet space, launching various projects aimed at enlightening, highlighting any problems, or simply creating a community. Most often, the stars launch the so-called podcasts, where they discuss certain issues.

For instance, Dakota Johnson (“50 Shades of Gray” star) has launched a podcast dedicated to the problem of abuse. She announced this in 2019 at the Global Citizen Festival.

Plus size model Ashley Graham decided to touch on the topic of self-love and launched the podcast “Pretty Big Deal” dedicated to body positivity. By the way, her first heroine was the well-known Kim Kardashian, who was always distinguished by her magnificent forms.

And among the domestic stars, the podcast has already launched Olga Buzova – the TV presenter decided to discuss questions of her personal life.

In addition to podcasts, the stars also launch other platforms. For example, actress Teresa Palmer, like Anna Sedokova, created an online community, but with a different theme: the Hollywood star chose to raise the issue of motherhood.

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