Anna Shafran about humiliation by Vladimir Solovyov

Anna Shafran and Vladimir Solovyov recently ended their 12-year collaboration. Was it because of emotional abuse and discrimination by the man? We will tell you in this article.

Why did Anna quit?

Anna Shafran

Ksenia Sobchak invited Saffron for an interview, wanting to dig “Skeleton in the closet” presenter Vladimir Solovyov and learn the intricacies of his relationship with colleagues through his former co-host Anna Shafran.

The reason for the politician’s interest was that a month ago, during another dispute on the air on the topic of a new bill “On the Unified Federal Information Register”, Saffron accused her opponent of demagoguery. For this, Solovyov invited Anna to work alone. But the presenter claims that everything is in order, and she resigned voluntarily due to different views from her colleague.

Was there any discrimination from Vladimir?

In the new episode of the show “Beware, Sobchak!”

In the program, the girls actively discussed feminism. After much deliberation, the interviewer asked if Anna had ever felt discrimination when working with Vladimir.

Anna and Vladimir

“In the entire history of my work, I have never faced any gender discrimination. I don’t know, I’m probably so lucky, ”said Shafran.

“This is how the steel was tempered” and how Solovyov reacted to the interview

When Sobchak asked if it was embarrassing that Solovyov regularly interrupted the presenter on the air, and sometimes with shouts, Anna assured that no – this only taught her patience:

“I believe that it was this situation that gave me the opportunity to recharge with such a colossal endurance that many can envy … This is how the steel was tempered.”

After that, the audience was shown fragments of broadcasts in which Solovyov raises his voice to Anna and hints that she is unable to grasp the meaning.


To this, in his YouTube broadcast, Vladimir laughed at Ksenia and offered to stream the three of them and discuss everything. The man praised Saffron, noting that on the show the girl behaved as calmly and correctly as possible:

“Anna Borisovna won with one wicket, she simply destroyed, took and tore apart citizen Sobchak.”

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