AnnaLynne McCord talks about her spiritual healing

The path to spiritual healing can be different. For some, this is the support of loved ones and loved ones, for someone new impressions, the emergence of a hobby, or a new love.

Actress AnnaLynne McCord, faced with serious trials, recently talked about what helped her overcome negativity, what was the process of her spiritual recovery, and also voiced her “formula for life.”

AnnaLynne McCord
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Formula of life

The bright blonde AnnaLynne McCord, who became famous for her role in the TV series “90210: The New Generation” and was familiar to many in the 2000s, at some point suddenly disappeared from the screens. As it turned out, this was due to a very difficult period in her life: the girl has been suffering from dissociative personality disorder caused by psychological trauma for many years.

For a long time, the star could not overcome the crisis and, in addition to mental illness, suffered from depressive conditions, but now she finally managed to get rid of the negativity in life. Today Anna maintains her Instagram page, where she shares with her subscribers the stages of spiritual recovery.

“I used to think life was synonymous with suffering. You couldn’t convince me otherwise. “The Dead Are the Lucky” was my favorite quote. And now I think, “Oh, I don’t live in hell anymore! Misfortune is overrated. “

My new formula for life is life = suffering to gratitude> pain. And gratitude can surpass our pain only when we are able to take responsibility for our lives. “

The actress admits that earlier in her life there were a lot of dark thoughts and practically no light: she did not believe in love, hated herself and her life, lived with a constant feeling of shame and deliberately destroyed all the good in herself.

This process of self-destruction was a direct consequence of psychological trauma. Fortunately, the girl had enough willpower to radically change her attitude towards life and leave all bad things in the past.

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Photo @theannalynnemccord

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Healing process

“The healing is wonderful, although the process itself is not perfect. I had to be honest with myself. I had to stop running away from the consequences of bad decisions, ”says AnnaLynne McCord when it comes to the process of recovery, which has become a serious challenge for her.

To finally get rid of the tendency to self-destruction from the inside, she had to learn to accept life in all its colors and be grateful for the lessons that fate teaches us. And the most difficult thing was to admit her mistakes, but only by doing this, the girl was able to forgive herself.

“I started to say,“ Thank you. Thank you every bit. Thank you for the lesson. What will be the next one? What next pile of nasty things will be thrown into my life? Give it to me, I can take it. Thank you!” This is exactly what is not said about healing. They always want to skip this part. I’m here for the truth. And the truth is, as Carl Jung said, “No tree can grow to heaven if its roots do not reach hell.” So I went to hell and I came back. I saw the devil and I was myself. I had a lot of injuries and a lot of pain. And in order to fix it, I had to admit that I hurt myself. That was not easy”.

Now AnnaLynn is living a completely new life and is trying to smile and be happy as much as possible. She has not yet returned to her acting career, but is actively involved in charity work and often appears at various conferences dedicated to the problems of violence. Positive thoughts, meditation and the ability to help others have played a huge role in the actress’s spiritual recovery.

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Photo @theannalynnemccord

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