Anti-Aging Skin Diet: Anti-Aging Foods

Diet for the skinSkin creams are, of course, a thing. But do not hope that they are able to work a miracle. Adding certain foods to your diet may be a more effective way to keep you young. Can you actually look younger just by changing your diet? Definitely yes! And those harmful products that you put in your mouth can, on the contrary, take away your beauty.

Choose something that can slow down skin aging and stop the formation of wrinkles!

Antioxidants: anti-wrinkle fighters

How can your diet affect the body as a whole? It’s all about antioxidants. It is they who are able to protect your body from the attack of free radicals that initiate the aging process. These “enemies” of the body are formed by exposure to the sun, tobacco smoke, chemicals and chemicals.

A free radical is a commonplace molecule that has lost one of its electrons and has become unstable. This instability makes the “defective” molecule look for its fellows (in your body) to connect, which leads to an increase in the number of unstable molecules in the body.

As a result, oxidative stress and inflammation are the main triggers for triggering the wear and tear of the body.

Anti-Aging Diet: Foods to Maintain Skin Health and Firmness

Eat a diet high in fiber, fruits and vegetables – these foods can help you stay healthy for a long time. Vegetables and fruits are generally low in calories and also cleanse and renew cells.

So, introduce these effective anti-aging foods into your daily diet:

  • Bright multi-colored berries

Bright multi-colored berries

The antioxidant anthocyanin gives the berries their vibrant colors. Eat more of them: they protect and repair skin cells.

Quercetin is another powerful antioxidant found in broccoli (as well as cranberries, apples, and onions).

In addition, quercetin is a completely natural anti-inflammatory agent.

It contains lutein (as well as cabbage, corn, and other vegetables).

It perfectly heals your skin and improves its hydration.

Allium is a very “fighting” antioxidant, which is very abundant in garlic, onions and green onions.

It neutralizes free radicals, which is extremely beneficial for your skin and immune system.

Anthocyanin is found in very large quantities in black beans, beans and soybeans.


Soybeans also contain tons of isoflavones that are excellent anti-aging agents.

The antioxidants catechins in green tea, red wine, and dark chocolate are another magical agent that supports health – and therefore youth.

Drink at least four cups of tea a day (preferably with lemon) to boost antioxidant activity in your cells.

In addition to catechins, red wine contains resveratrol and has many anti-aging properties. It is another powerful antioxidant.

  • Yellow and orange root vegetables

Have a lot of beta-carotene on your plate. These super antioxidants are beneficial for your skin and eye health.
Lean on carrots and sweet potatoes!

Lycopene (in red and pink grapefruit, tomatoes, watermelons) is a powerful weapon against free radicals, with the ability to delay the aging process.

Drink plenty of tomato juice every day!


Eat a handful of nuts and seeds every day. They are rich in “good” fats that keep the skin healthy and firm.

They are loaded with antioxidants and minerals, which are also beneficial for the health and wellness of the body.

Salmon should be on your table at least three days a week. It has many benefits for your skin, from omega-3s to high quality protein.

Let this fish permanently settle in your menu, and literally in one and a half to two months you will see how your skin will change for the better.

Drink at least six glasses of water a day.

And rememberthat too much caffeinated drinks can dehydrate you, which can lead to dry, wrinkled skin.

Drink water

Also, eat your fruits and vegetables raw whenever possible. If you heat them, steam is the best way to preserve all the antioxidants in your food.

Necessarily Cut back on sweets, and avoid processed, refined foods that can increase free radical activity.

Advice from our expert nutritionist Irina Erofeevskaya, what foods should be in the diet to keep the skin young and healthy at all times

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