Apply false eyelashes step by step – instructions

False eyelashesFalse eyelashes are the perfect complement to any evening make-up. Such a seemingly insignificant detail will adorn any girl. By adding false eyelashes to your look, you can visually enlarge your eyes, make your look more open and attractive.

Despite the fact that the process of gluing artificial eyelashes seems long and laborious, with the right technique it can be done quickly and effortlessly.

There are two types of false eyelashes:

  • Beam are several hairs held together at the base.
  • Tape – a tape as long as the ciliary contour, to which many hairs are attached.

Bundle eyelashes

In my opinion, beam eyelashes are much more comfortable to use and wear. If something goes wrong, and during the evening one bundle comes off, then no one will notice. In the case of strip lashes, you will have to remove them entirely.

Bundle eyelashes

Curled eyelashes create a more natural effect and are often very difficult to distinguish from your own eyelashes. Everything that others see is a beautiful and expressive look.

This type of eyelashes is glued along the entire length of the ciliary row; it is mistaken to attach them only to the corners of the eyes.

Tufts differ in length and density. The most commonly used eyelash tufts sizes from 8 to 14 mm… They can consist of 5 or 8-10 hairs.

When choosing bundled eyelashes, pay attention to their curvature: it should not be too strong, otherwise it will be extremely inconvenient to glue them, and they will look artificial.

Also pay attention to the material: give preference to thin and light eyelashes. When choosing glue, it is better to get colorless than black: it will look neater.

Bundle eyelashes on the eyes

So, glue the beam eyelashes follows the following algorithm:

  • A drop of glue is squeezed onto the back of the hand.
  • With tweezers, grab the bunch from the ends of the eyelashes.
  • Dip the tip of the bunch, in which the eyelashes are connected, in glue.
  • The bundle is glued over their eyelashes, starting from the middle of the eyelash contour.
  • Then they are glued according to the following scheme: one bundle is on the right, the other is on the left of the middle, etc.
  • Let the glue harden for a minute.
  • They paint over the eyelashes with mascara so that the bundles fit as closely as possible to their eyelashes.

Several short beams are attached to the inner corner of the eye, and beams are longer to the entire remaining space.

With the help of beam eyelashes, you can model the look and visually give the eye the required shape. To make the eye more round, it is necessary to add several tufts of maximum length in the center of the ciliary row. In the opposite case, you can stick eyelashes of maximum length to the outer corners of the eyes, in order, on the contrary, to visually “stretch” the eye horizontally.

Tape eyelashes

Despite all the advantages of tufted lashes, strip lashes have their own advantages too. They stand out, look contrasting on the face, attract attention to the eyes.

Tape eyelashes

Thanks to them, the eyes will be noticeable – even when looking at them from afar. Therefore, their properties are often used when creating stage makeup: for performances, dances, as well as for photo shoots, since makeup usually looks less bright in pictures than in real life.

Tape eyelashes will be difficult to achieve a natural look, so they are best used for those cases above when they are most appropriate.

Tape eyelashes on the eyes

To properly stick the strip eyelashes, you must adhere to the following instructions:

  • Use tweezers to take the tape from the package.
  • Apply it over the ciliary row, try it on.
  • If it is too long, neatly shorten it from the side of the shorter hairs intended to be glued to the inner corner of the eye. In no case cut off the tape from the side of the longer hairs – otherwise it will look clumsy and sloppy.
  • The glue is applied in a thin but visible layer along the entire length of the eyelash strip.
  • Apply the tape tightly to your own lash line. It is necessary to attach the false eyelashes as close to your own as possible.
  • Allow the glue to dry for a minute or two, and then paint over the eyelashes with mascara.

Makeup using strip eyelashes should be bright, fully consistent with the stage image or photo shoot.

Video: How to stick eyelashes yourself

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