Aqua aerobics for pregnant women: reviews, recommendations

Many pregnant women ask themselves – is it possible to do water aerobics or swimming in position? Everyone knows that the lack of movement worsens the general health, mood, and also the physical condition of a woman. And during pregnancy, it is more important than ever to be in a positive mood, to keep the body and body in good shape.

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Aqua aerobics for pregnant women

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Swimming and aqua aerobics for pregnant women, as an alternative to regular fitness

For women who were actively involved in sports before pregnancy and regularly attended the gym, it will be quite difficult to give up their habits while waiting for the baby. But this will not need to be done, since water aerobics is great replacement for fitness, which, of course, will have to be abandoned during pregnancy.

With swimming and special exercises, you can engage all muscle groups, and your body will receive the load it needs. A pregnant woman doing aqua aerobics will not only support and strengthen her health, but also prepare your body for the upcoming birth

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Aqua aerobics for pregnant women

Losing excess weight during pregnancy with aqua aerobics

Many pregnant women are overweight. It is for this reason that doctors most often in their recommendations to expectant mothers call water aerobics classes. After all, swimming is one of the most effective ways getting rid of extra pounds… In addition, when exercising in the water, your joints and ligaments will not be subject to undue stress. Cushioning the water will make the exercise easy to do and very pleasant for the body.

In addition, you ensure yourself a good mood and get rid of the nervous tension and fears that are so susceptible to pregnant women. After all, what, if not water, so contributes to relaxation and relaxation. By doing aqua aerobics, pregnant women will allow rest your spine, which, in connection with pregnancy, is a very heavy burden. And, as a bonus to all this, you will also receive elastic and firm skin and prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy
Aqua aerobics for pregnant women

Breathing training in water aerobics classes before childbirth

During childbirth, one of the most important aspects is the woman’s ability to control her breathing. A lot of factors depend on the respiratory process and successful outcome of labor… Aqua aerobics for pregnant women will help you learn to breathe correctly. You will be taught how to perform specific water breathing exercises.

For example, inhaling and exhaling while diving would be a great workout before childbirth. A breath holding exercises, like nothing else, will help to endure the efforts during childbirth, when you have to carefully control and hold your breath.
Aqua aerobics for pregnant women

With the help of water aerobics exercises, we help the baby to take the correct position in the uterus

There are times when the baby is not properly positioned in the uterus. This is called breech or breech presentation. In such situations, doctors very often advise pregnant women to attend aqua aerobics classes.

Swimming has a number of specific exercises to help your baby roll over correctly in the tummy, thanks to which you avoid possible complications during childbirth. Such exercises can help even later in pregnancy.

In addition, women who swim during pregnancy childbirth is much easier… Accustomed to movement in the water and correct breathing, they automatically move and breathe correctly during labor pains
Aqua aerobics for pregnant women

How and when can pregnant women do aqua aerobics?

Swimming instructors believe that aqua aerobics classes for pregnant women can be attended by women at any period of gestation… But, of course, every expectant mother should, first of all, when choosing physical activity, start from her well-being.
Aqua aerobics for pregnant women

    • Aqua aerobics in the first trimester of pregnancy

      During the first trimester of pregnancy, exercise should be done very carefully. Since the amniotic egg is attached to the uterus, it is better to avoid too active activities in the pool.

    • Swimming and aqua aerobics in the second trimester of pregnancy

      The second trimester of pregnancy is considered the most stable and calm. During this period, women can add intensity to the loads in aerobics in order to feel all the benefits and positive dynamics from swimming.

    • Third trimester of pregnancy and aqua aerobics

      Here it is already worth doing more measuredly and giving preference to unhurried swimming and gentle water aerobics exercises. Particular attention should be paid to breathing exercises in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Aqua aerobics for pregnant women

Basic rules for aqua aerobics classes for pregnant women

  • One of the most common problems for expectant mothers in the pool can be chlorinated water… During pregnancy, you may find that you are allergic to it, or just an individual intolerance. In such cases, you can practice in seawater pools, which will significantly reduce the possible risks.
  • You should not immediately throw yourself “into the pool with your head” and take on the loads that are already performed by experienced regulars of aqua aerobics classes. Start with the simplest exercises and build them up gradually.
  • Do not go to the pool with a full stomach… Remember that at least forty minutes should pass after the last meal and the beginning of the exercise.
  • Keep track of the regularity of the classes… Initially, you can do water aerobics for pregnant women once a week, gradually increasing to two to three times.
  • The most important thing is that water aerobics classes brought you joy and the most pleasant sensations. Monitor your well-being, taking action at the slightest discomfort. And then water aerobics for pregnant women will bring health and good mood to you and your baby.

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