Arthur Agee Net Worth

Arthur Agee Net Worth

In addition to being an NBA star, Arthur Agee is also a philanthropist. He founded the Arthur Agee Role Model Foundation to help underprivileged children learn about the importance of role models. He also works as a motivational speaker for inner-city youth. His net worth is estimated to be in the millions of dollars.

Arthur Agee was a basketball player

Arthur Agee was a basketball player from the Chicago area. His life story was chronicled in the documentary Hoop Dreams. The film chronicles his life and the lives of two other players who also attended high school in the city. In addition to playing basketball, Agee was also an athlete in track and field.

Although he never made it to the NBA, he did manage to play basketball semi-professionally for a few years. He also dabbled in Slamball. In addition, he turned down a tryout with the CBA’s Connecticut Pride. Agee also played college basketball at Arkansas State University.

Arthur Agee began playing basketball at an early age. He was a scrawny kid with a passion for the game. He had a friend named William Gates, and he was recruited by the school’s legendary coach, Earl Smith. In fact, Arthur played well enough to earn a basketball scholarship. However, his freshman year, Arthur failed to make the varsity team. He also lost his scholarship, which he had hoped would help him become a better player. After one year at St. Joe’s, Arthur decided to leave.

He is an actor

Arthur Agee is an actor who was born in the year 1972. His life story has been chronicled in the 1994 documentary Hoop Dreams. In the movie, he plays the role of an underprivileged basketball player. The actor is an active member of social media, and has many followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

Agee is a Chicago native who grew up in the city’s north side. He lived near the acclaimed actor William Gates during his childhood. He later moved to the West Garfield Park neighborhood, where he lived until graduating from high school. In high school, he was discovered by a talent scout named Earl Smith. This scout convinced his parents to send him to St. Joseph’s High School, a predominantly white school.

He is a philanthropist

Arthur Agee is a philantropist who has worked to support underprivileged youth. He has founded the Arthur Agee Role Model Foundation to encourage inner-city youth to find positive role models. He also works as a motivational speaker. He was born in 1972 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Agee has received numerous awards and trophies, and has been featured in the Kartemquin Films documentary, Hoop Dreams. He was listed as having an estimated net worth of $345,000 and $3455,000 in the 1994 and 1995 listings of his assets. In addition to his philanthropy, Arthur Agee also has a clothing line, Hoop Dreams.

The foundation has helped provide scholarships to young people who are disadvantaged. In addition, Agee serves as a positive role model for inner-city youth. The organization provides scholarships and youth development programs for youth in the Chicago area.

He started a clothing line

Arthur Agee started a clothing line to help youth in need. Agee, who started his clothing line in 2004, also founded the Arthur Agee Foundation to help underprivileged children. His clothing line is called Hoop Dreams and was based on his philosophy “Control Your Destiny.” He also has five children and has worked as a motivational speaker for inner-city youth.

The former NBA star now lives in Bartlett, a northwest Chicago suburb. He lives with his girlfriend Jennifer Genovesi and four children. They have a son named Anthony, a daughter named Ashley, a daughter named Deja, and an infant daughter named Aiysha. He pays over $900 per month for child support. He stopped playing basketball in 1997.

Currently, Agee focuses on motivational speaking for inner-city youth. He has also founded a foundation to work with inner-city kids. The foundation also includes a motivational speaker. He grew up in a neighborhood with a lot of violence and became a youth pastor and youth worker.

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