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While the geographical borders are closed, Jupiter opens up new horizons for development for us. Jupiter is the planet of optimism and prospects. Slowly moving across the firmament, on May 14, she passed into the mysterious and sensual sign of Pisces, thereby giving us new social and personal tendencies. The main one is blurred thinking and a new look at old values. Therefore, for the entire coming year, our goals will be emotionally colored and deep in meaning.

But what is interesting is something completely different – what opportunities Jupiter will give each of us. So I suggest you find your zodiac sign and make plans for the coming year, because Jupiter will definitely give you an opportunity and favorable events for you.

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It’s great if your work is connected with secret information, since Jupiter will produce and multiply secrets around you. Don’t worry about this, because even if you’re not an FBI agent, you can start developing your creativity. Sign up for a vocal course or wipe down a dusty synthesizer, it’s time to let your hands remember what it was like.

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The opportunity is open before you to acquire new associates and comrades. Your environment may expand significantly this year, so be open to new opportunities. I would like to advise you to look at the world broadly and with a touch of innovation. Conservatism and familiarity are good, of course, but not in this case. And yes! If you are planning to start a blog and start developing social networks – go ahead and sing! Audience growth is guaranteed for you.


Everything is simple and short – your plans come true once or twice, especially if they relate to career issues. Set a goal and just go to it, Jupiter will help you in everything.

Cancer, Capricorn

Don’t be offended, but you have the same recommendations. You should improve your competencies. Sign up for training, go to college and increase your intellectual activity. The opportunity will definitely be, most importantly, not to be lazy and remember that in the 21st century it is possible to monetize any knowledge. And Cancers can get lucky, and they will finally pull over the hill or move to a new city. So buy a suitcase just in case.

Jupiter in Pisces: the astrologer told what new opportunities opened up for all signs of the zodiac after May 14
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a lion

You have the opportunity to increase someone else’s bank account or use not your own money. Of course, if you are a bank employee, then these are also career opportunities for you, but in ordinary life you can help your partner earn more and charge him interest for it. Selfishly? Agree! But the wardrobe cannot buy itself …


Who’s not married yet? Girls, we are getting ready and signing up for Vera Wong for fitting, because this year can be significant for many of you. Well, if marriage is not included in your plans, then let’s make money, because this year you can expect an expansion of your client base. You can also improve your management skills – everything will be useful.

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New opportunities await you at work. It will, of course, be great if these are financial prospects, but labor prospects are also not bad. This is a chance to establish yourself as a professional, high-level specialist. Perform duties with your head held high and your merits will not be ignored.


This year, luck will accompany you every year. So we grab Lady Luck by the tail and ride her 24/7. And I also suggest you find a new hobby or entertainment to your liking – it will really bring you pleasure. And cool news for Scorpios planning a pregnancy – this year your tummy may grow up not because of McDonald’s, but because someone lives there.


Jupiter is inviting you to expand your housing opportunities this year. Whatever you think about: renovation, relocation, extension or division of property – luck is on your side.


Everything is easy and simple – financial prospects will grow like a pyramid of Cheops. You can rely on the successful solution of any financial issues: salary, bonuses … Moreover, you will have a resource to earn money. This means that both health and the situation (some part-time job may turn up). Not a forecast, but a song.


The growth of your great opportunities lies in yourself. There is a slight danger that you yourself may expand by a couple of kg. So, who does not want to gain live weight, let’s gain skills. Sign up for a marathon on good habits or personal growth, develop yourself and you will be happy.

I also remind you that this forecast is general, which means that deviations are possible. For an accurate forecast, you should consult a specialist.

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