Attention! The trolls have captured Pyaterochka!

Trolls from Pyaterochka - collect everyone!On August 22, Pyaterochka stores launched a unique promotion based on the cartoon “Trolls” by Dream Works. Funny characters will delight children and their parents for two months. Trolls will become wonderful souvenirs, faithful friends and educational assistants.

How to get trolls into your collection – you will find out in our material.

Trolls are advancing – a super game for children and an educational program for parents

Among children’s hobbies, collecting has always been the most exciting and educational hobby.

What did parents collect in childhood? Candy wrappers, pebbles, badges, chewing gum inserts. Some of these collections are still kept by families and are being revised together with the children.

And what do modern children collect?

Listen, listen – and don’t say you haven’t heard!

The cartoon “Trolls” was released in 2016 and made a splash among many families. The directors have filled the new cartoon comedy, created for a wide audience, with beautiful music, seasoned with good humor and endless optimism. It is an adventurous journey that intrigues to the very end of the story.

Cartoon Trolls - in souvenirs from Pyaterochka

And again there is no limit to the delight of children, because today they have a unique opportunity to collect the entire collection of trolls at home!

Sweetheart princess Rosochka and gloomy Tsvetan, loyal Dancers and Diamond – only 15 characters who always enjoy life and successfully defeat all their enemies can become a home collection of game souvenirs.

Well, who would refuse cute pet trolls!

Do you know what your trolls can do?

It is not for nothing that the Pyaterochka campaign is timed to coincide with the beginning of the new school year – the troll figurines are made of high-quality polymer and are unusual erasers. They have already received the ridiculous name “trollastics”, because from the first days the programs have become incredibly popular and coveted trophies for purchases.

Attention!  The trolls have captured Pyaterochka!

More than erasers

  • Trolls can live in your child’s pencil case and function as erasers. To prevent them from getting lost, each figure has special recesses, and they can be put on any pencil or pen.
  • Is it forbidden to take toys to school? Trolls are allowed! They will remove the excitement of your child at school, help you get to know other children and make friends, unmistakably find like-minded people who also collect a fun colorful collection. They also take up little space.
  • These figures, of course, can live in any pencil case, but they will be most comfortable in their own stylish design “house”, where everyone has their own place, and which can also be purchased exclusively in any of the retail chain stores. House for trolls from Pyaterochka
  • They are also characters from their own home puppet theater! They will revive the plot of your favorite cartoon, or maybe they will direct it according to your child’s individual scenario. Place the figures on pencils, hand them over to the child, make a small screen in front of him, and sit down more comfortably in the “auditorium”. The show begins!
  • Troll figurines will perfectly decorate any constructions from a children’s designer, they fit perfectly into toy cars and will become the most loyal inhabitants of children’s toy towns.
  • Teach your child to count? Use trolls here too. And the next lesson could be learning about colors. After all, the figures are different, and all are of bright colors.
  • A good way to spend time with the whole family is a board game. Figures can be integrated into any where the playing field needs to be present. And if you want to play something new, grab a booklet in Pyaterochka at the checkout – one of its sides is just a card for the game. Put the trollastic on the “start”, and go to the party!

Attention!  The trolls have captured Pyaterochka!

And now – in secret to the whole world: how to get this multifunctional collection of trolls?

Returning with your child after school, take a look at “Pyaterochka”. Surely, the house will not have enough bread or sweets for afternoon tea. For every 555 rubles in the check, you will receive one cherished figure. You can also buy a Troll at the checkout for 49 rubles or get it for purchasing a promotional product with a special price tag.

Promotion in Pyaterochka - trolls as a gift

This collection of erasers will definitely make a great addition to your child’s school kit.

So, who is with us for the trolls ?!

Trollastics - special offer in Pyaterochka

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