Aubrey Janik Net Worth

Aubrey Janik Net Worth – Are You Worth It?

You’re here because you are interested in Aubrey Janik’s net worth. This YouTube star is also a franchise owner at Gerbert and Erbert. He has made over $100,000 in the stock market. He also runs a YouTube channel called Joss and janik. Read on to learn about his net worth and his accomplishments. Then, find out if you’re worthy of his net worth!

Aubrey Janik is a franchisee at Erbert and Gerbert

Aubrey Janik, 23, is a young entrepreneur with big dreams. She’s a native Texan who took an early interest in the stock market when she was a kid. She started investing every penny she earned. Five years later, she poured that money into her first business, a sandwich franchise. Janik currently has two locations in Dallas and Fort Worth, with plans to open more.

Janik began working in a Chicagoland store for the company and decided to become a franchisee. After studying franchising and comparing her own experience with it, Janik decided to go into business with Erbert and Gerbert’s. Franchises have a higher success rate, Janik says, and she wanted a restaurant with a character that appealed to her customers.

Although college costs have risen dramatically, the job prospects for post-college graduates are less good. Aubrey Janik dropped out of college at age 19 to focus on her business. She is now working hard to increase brand recognition in her area. She plans to eventually open three more stores. She also plans to diversify her portfolio of investments by getting into real estate.

The plaintiff, E&G Franchise Systems, Inc., is a Wisconsin corporation. It operates restaurants under the Erbert & Gerbert sandwich shop brand and licenses other companies to use its trademarks. The plaintiff, Aubrey Janik, is a former franchisee and member of E&G’s LLC. Janik is a Texas resident. In June 2018, Janik will be heard on a motion to compel discovery.

He has made more than $100,000 in the stock exchange

Twenty-one-year-old Aubrey Janik is making headlines these days as she launches her entrepreneurial career with sandwich chain Erbert & Gerbert’s. Janik earned over $100,000 in the stock exchange in five years. She invested her earnings in the stock markets and saved money to start her own company. She is now opening her first location in Dallas-Fort Worth.

He has a YouTube channel called Joss and Janik

If you’re looking for the next great travel video, you’ve come to the right place. Joss and Janik are two new YouTube stars. Both of them are digital nomads who have been exploring Asia for months. They’ve accumulated a huge following of over 34,000. Their first video features a road trip through Japan. Joss is an expert at sharing her experiences with a wider audience.

He owns a restaurant franchise that has been a success.

Twenty-two-year-old Aubrey Janik has an ambitious five-year plan for her company. She was born in Texas and first became interested in investing in stocks as a child. Years later, she bankrolled an aggressive push into restaurant franchising with her own money. This year, she plans to open her first Erbert and Gerbert’s sandwich shop in Plano, Texas. The company specializes in sandwiches and soups, as well as chili.

After the fire, Janik had to decide whether she wanted to pursue a career in the restaurant industry or in the stock market. She enrolled in college but dropped out to start her own business. She eventually opened a sandwich shop in Plano, Texas. She said she would open three more locations in the DFW area within three year. Janik says that the success of her new business has taught her that it is possible to learn from mistakes and to move forward, even if the situation is difficult.

He started investing at 16

The early stock market experience of Aubrey Janik is inspirational. Aubrey Janik opened an account when she was 16 years old and has since invested more than $100,000, despite being forbidden by her father. Despite her father’s objections, she took on a variety of jobs, including lawn-mowing, babysitting, and nannying. She worked at a Taco Bell and a gym, was a pool cleaner, and flipped cars and Craig’s List merchandise. She did not consider all of this work a sacrifice.

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