Audrey Hepburn’s best winter outfits

A style icon of your era or a girl who laughs. So, Audrey Hepburn is characterized by her fans. Why has the legendary actress earned such a reputation? It’s all about her outlook on life. Audrey believed in manicures and flashy clothes, and that hair and lipstick are essential pieces of a bow wherever you are.

In addition, she believed that the most beautiful girls are the ones who are actually happy. In addition, she considered laughter a means of burning calories. Therefore, for style lessons you need to turn to Mrs. Hepburn.

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Don’t surrender to the cold

Nothing should force a woman to compromise her beliefs. If the fashionista is sure that this particular image suits her, then even an atomic war will not prevent the lady from creating the desired outfit. Audrey’s winter looks have always been laconic and elegant. Sheepskin coats, as well as fur coats, were an outlet for her.

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In the wardrobe, the stars took pride of place of the model:

  • straight cut;
  • short fur coats;
  • cloak;
  • with sleeve ¾;
  • A-shaped silhouette.

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In the outfit of the star, there has always been competition between furs with wide lapels and one-piece designs with funnel collars. Hepburn was not afraid to combine luxurious fur coats with satin shawls, as well as a kind of turtleneck hats. The actress has always complemented the latter type of hats with fur pill hats.

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Important! Sunglasses and a charming smile were the constant “companions” of the famous actress.

Hepburn elegance

Audrey’s passion has always been coats. In addition to the classic black models, the star preferred snow-white, nude, and smoky shades. In films, she appeared in bright yellow or red products, which conquered men and her fans.

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The Hepburn coat collection consisted of all sorts of styles:

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  • double-breasted;
  • long;

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The best images of Audrey Hepburn8

  • flared;

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Important! Audrey had a signature trick. The style icon often wore a coat with a raised collar and lapels. This gave her the image of unsurpassed chic. This made her feel more confident, she said.

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Audrey Hepburn’s favorite model was a cropped trapeze coat. In some cases, she chose double-breasted designs with 4 or 6 buttons, and in others, three.

Thanks to this cut, the lower floor of the product formed a deep cut when walking, which increased the degree of the star bow. Lady Hepburn knew how to perfectly combine the details of the wardrobe. This is well illustrated by the example of one winter bow.

The black double-breasted coat queen of style complemented:

  • white jumper;
  • pearl gloves;
  • glasses with bright frames of a milky shade.

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Important! Many of the actress’s coats often resembled cute princess-style dresses. In addition, she was very fond of flares, especially when it came to classic models.

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Back in those distant 50s, Audrey understood that in order to remain irresistible, you need to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, she chose things with contrasting collars. In addition, the actress surprised with her oversized bows. However, in her collection there were also fitted models, which the celebrity successfully combined with voluminous ascot collars.

The original suit in the cold season

Elegance has become a hallmark of the British actress’s image. For this she was remembered by a whole generation of fashionistas.

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Audrey loved the severity of the lines in the bows, as well as minimalism. All the same, notes of chic, no doubt, were present in her outfits. One day she appeared in public in a loose-fitting suit. The ensemble impressed with its oceanic shade, as well as unearthly overflow. The double-breasted style brought austerity to the image, and snow-white gloves and a headdress brought greatness to the bow.

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Audrey Hepburn came to social events in spectacular outfits. Her set in a fur version with inserts of sparkling textured fabric attracted the attention of the press. They talked about this outfit for a long time. At the same time, when choosing costumes, Mrs. Hepburn was never afraid to experiment.

For her bows, she often chose:

  • center pleated trapezoidal skirts;
  • double-breasted jackets from Chanel;

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  • jackets with mandarin collars and basques;

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  • midi-length skirts;

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  • asymmetric models.

Important! Hepburn created winter looks on the basis of strict suits made of dense flannel fabric. The original mosaic print of the ensembles was perfect for jackets with collars in English or shirt style.

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Among other things, the image of Audrey in a luxurious black dress deserves the attention of fashionistas. The fluffy sun-flared skirt was unusually combined with a mandarin collar. A placket with large buttons and a thin leather belt became the final chord of the image.

The actress decided to complement the image:

  • knitted hat;
  • doctor’s bag;
  • stylish gloves.

The best images of Audrey Hepburn21

Winter outfits of the legendary Audrey Hepburn can be repeated by every girl. You just need to choose the right bow for your image and type of figure. Of the proposed options, I would also like to try to stylishly raise the collar and the side of the coat in order to appear more effective.

What bow would you like to repeat?

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