Babylights: highlights for a natural look

Babylights: highlights for a natural look

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Ombre, bronde, balayage – one hair trend follows the next. Babylights, on the other hand, could develop into a real long-running hit. The super fine highlights are perfect for anyone who wants to add a little color and change to their hair without completely separating from their natural hair color. Because Babylights are usually only one to two shades lighter than your own hair color and thus ensure a natural, fresh look. For whom the subtle highlights are suitable, with which technique they are colored and what advantages they have.

Babylights are fine, subtle strands that create a natural, sun-kissed look. Both visually and in name, Babylights are inspired by fine children’s hair, which is usually a little lighter in the facial area. For best results, the fine strands should not be more than one or two shades lighter than the original hair color. Similar to balayage, the hairdresser usually works babylights into the hair by hand with a brush. In this way, gentle, natural color gradients are created that merge seamlessly into one another. Individual, stronger highlights in the rest of the hair ensure a radiant finish.

For baby lights, the hairdresser applies the coloration about two centimeters below the roots and lets it run out downwards. The tips get a little more color for a natural color gradient. Hair professionals use various techniques for this. In the painting or balayage technique the highlights are worked into the hair freehand with a brush. In order to achieve a soft structure, it is important to create fine strands and set them at an angle on the contours. This creates a particularly individual look. In the foil technique the highlights are worked into the hair in the classic way and wrapped in aluminum foil. Many color experts now work with cotton strips, so-called Biolights: The natural structure of the fabric allows the chemicals to breathe better, the dyeing process is slower and therefore gentler on the hair. For smooth transitions, the strands are not completely colored, but only slightly marbled.

For all brave people who like to pick up a paintbrush themselves: Drugstores have special color kits for at home, with which you can easily make your own Babylights. Be careful not to choose a nuance that is too light – otherwise the highlights will quickly look unnatural.

How much do Babylights cost?

How expensive professionally colored babylights are depends on the barber. As a rule, the prices are around 70 to 300 euros, depending on the length of the hair and the time involved. However, since the super-fine color reflections do not have to be refreshed as often as with normal highlights or balayage, the coloring technique is cheaper overall – and gentler on the hair.

Babylights are particularly suitable for normal and thin hair. The different shades of color ensure a slight contouring. This 3D effect ensures that the hair structure gains depth and the hairstyle immediately appears more manageable and voluminous. The technique is particularly effective with long hair. But don’t worry: Babylight’s hair also looks great with a short blunt bob or shoulder-length layered cut. The hair color doesn’t matter either: Babylights for brown hair are just as effective as for a blond, black or copper-red mane. The only important thing is that the fine strands are a maximum of one to two shades lighter than your natural hair color.

Babylights for blonde hair

Babylights are most popular with blondes, because the minimal reflections give light hair a healthy shine and give the hairstyle a fresh kick. The shade of the highlights should harmonize with the skin tone and the natural hair color. Cool skin types are more suited to cool, ashy tones such as platinum or champagne blonde. Warmer skin types should opt for warm nuances such as golden or honey blonde.

Babylights for brown hair

Whether ash brown or hazelnut brown: brunette women can quickly and easily create a new look with the light color accents in their hair. Which color nuance provides the perfect sun-kissed look depends on the individual skin tone and the natural hair color. one thing is certain: The darker the hair, the more difficult it is to conjure up a natural look. As a rule, brown hair is thicker than blonde hair and therefore needs to be bleached more intensively. Babylights can therefore lead to an unnatural result more quickly with dark hair types. It is therefore better to put yourself in the hands of a professional than to experiment with paint and brush yourself.

It couldn’t be more natural: the subtle mini highlights gently caress the face and really suit every woman. They also cheat you a few years younger.

The light color accents underline the natural hair color and act like sun reflections in the hairstyle. Thin hair appears more voluminous thanks to Babylights. Another advantage of the highlight technique: It is absolutely easy to care for. Due to the gentle transitions, there are no unsightly roots that have to be constantly recolored. It is also sufficient to have the color refreshed twice a year. Regular visits to the hairdresser are therefore superfluous. That means you save money and put less strain on your hair. And letting the babylights grow out is no problem either. A natural ombre look is created after just a short time.

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