Bad taste in clothes – 10 signs of bad taste in a woman

How to avoid bad taste in clothes for a woman?Have you met at least one woman who wants to look bad? But where does this faceless multitude of women in the streets of your city come from then? They are unremarkable, their image is not remembered, and tasteless clothes do not attract attention.

You can get rid of bad taste, and good taste can be learned, you just need to follow some rules, and everything will be fine.

Less but better

Don’t buy clothes that don’t go well with the rest of your wardrobe.

To avoid bad taste in clothes, choose a combination of suits.

When we say suit, it doesn’t necessarily mean a classic business set (although it should also be in your wardrobe).

We want to say that all of your outfits should be combined into “suit combinations”.

The right combination of clothes

for instanceWhen buying jeans, choose a top that will go with them. Then choose your shoes, bag and other accessories.

It’s better to have a few things that fit together perfectly than an abundance of clothes – but all in different styles.

Quality issue

No matter how you try, low-quality cheap clothes will never look like expensive ones. She will create a fairly cheap image available to everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you decide to save on cheap gloves or shoes – it will destroy your originality and uniqueness.

Buy some good outfits, not a lot of cheap ones.

You need to choose high-quality clothing to avoid bad taste.

As the famous philosopher said: “We are not rich enough to spend money on cheap clothes.”

High quality clothing may not be cheap, but it lasts longer and gives you a sense of confidence and superiority.

Branded versus regular clothing – is there a difference, and is it worth overpaying for a brand?


Despite the above reasons, sometimes it is simply impossible to resist the seductive, bright stacks of “no idea what” at the seasonal sale.

To avoid bad taste, never combine expensive stylish clothes with their cheap counterparts!

High-priced jeans are worthless if worn with a variety of dollar tops.

To avoid bad taste, do not combine branded clothing with cheap items.

As fashion designers say, sometimes you can try to save on some elements in one outfit.

for instance, you can opt for a little cheaper pants, but you cannot skimp on comfortable shoes, fashionable underwear, stylish sweaters and quality makeup.

Choose what is right for you

Fashion houses dictate what to wear – but don’t blindly follow everything that popular designers have to offer.

For example, a low waist on jeans is not suitable for women with short legs.

Always think about your appearance, your conspicuous strengths, and easily remedied weaknesses.

Choose the clothes that suit you

If you like some super-fashionable thing, wear it to your health. But if you feel that it is not yours – put it aside.

Every season on the catwalks you can observe a variety of styles and designs, which allows you to find a lot of things that will look perfect on us.

Colors and shades in clothes

Color is the first thing we notice in clothes. The combination of an ultra lemon blazer and bright orange pants will make those around you roll their heads trying to see you.

But this will not necessarily be an expression of admiration and delight, but rather a reaction of surprise.

Therefore, learn to choose the right colors.

You need to choose the right colors in clothes

Usually, those who want to look elegant prefer the standard technique: black or gray clothes, sometimes diluted with fresh fashionable colors.

But this method has its drawbacks.… A dark tone can make you part of the crowd, hardly differentiating from others, and a fresh trendy color may not suit your appearance.

If the colors popular in the season do not suit you, you just need to put up with it, and choose only some accessories of this shade, and it is better to choose all the rest of the clothes in a different shade, which is more suitable for you.


Beautiful expensive lingerie makes a woman feel like a Woman.

Many ladies do not attach much importance to underwear, because it is hidden under the clothes. This is a big mistake, because beautiful fashionable lingerie gives self-confidence in any situations and sets you up for a positive attitude towards men.

You need to choose beautiful underwear for your clothes.

If you wear something old and unattractive, it will reflect on your behavior and attitude towards men. And if you wear lacy lingerie or stockings, then even a simple business suit will look feminine and sexy.

Say goodbye to your old underwear and treat yourself to new sets.

Don’t forget to buy some expensive sets for special occasions.


Every woman’s dream is a wardrobe full of a wide variety of shoes: elegant shoes, stylish boots, elegant boots … red, white, black, etc.

For others, shoes are an indicator of well-being, grooming and self-confidence. It works as an important finishing element in clothing. It helps to hide our flaws, for example – making it taller, or lengthening the legs.

Always match your clothes with the right and quality shoes.

Whatever goals you pursue, when choosing boots, you should pay attention to their quality.

Good shoes last a long time, look better and don’t tire your feet. Isn’t that enough to realize that it is better to buy shoes from good shoe stores?

By the way, shoes must be correctly selected and in size, focusing on the Russian and European size grid.


We women attach great importance to scent, choosing the right scent for hours.

At the same time, two categories can be distinguished among us: “constant admirers” of one scent, which they adhere to all their lives, and “lovers of experiments”, who change aromas very often.

Both are good, the main thing is a general rule that is better to follow: do not use cheap fake perfumebecause they will never smell the way you want to others.

Choose the right perfume for your clothes and for the occasion

Perfume testers and counterfeits versus original perfumes: which is better?

Every woman should “treat” herself with at least one bottle of good perfume. All you have to do is choose the right one.

The scent should complement your image and match your mood.

The right of chance

Your clothes are important, but the reason and where you want to wear them are also important.

The discrepancy between dress and occasion is one of the clear signs of bad taste in clothes, and it looks just disgusting. A chinchilla fur coat will look funny on the subway.

Always choose the right clothes for the occasion

So, make sure you know what to wear to a trade show, lunch at a local café, or New Years celebration.

Searching for harmony

Only women are able to notice every single element of your image.

Men perceive us as a whole, as a result of likes and dislikes.

Even if you dress up in expensive designer brands from head to toe, he may not notice you. But his attention may be drawn to a woman wearing a terrible polka-dot dress. And it’s not about the dress, it’s just that it looks in harmony with these polka dots, but you don’t with your branded clothes.

Therefore, we can say that well-known labels are not as important as they paint it in the advertising of model images. The main thing is that the clothes fit you perfectly, and favorably represent your mood, temperament and social status.

In addition, it must be appropriate for the time of day and season. Only in this way will she emphasize your beauty, make you more unique and desirable. website thanks you for your attention to the article! We will be very pleased if you share your feedback and tips in the comments below.

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