Banknotes in the palm of your hand that portend wealth

Money is a tool for achieving goals. If we have enough funds, then we can live the life that you dream of. You can allow yourself to do what you like, and not what you need, to get freedom of choice in everything.

According to statistics, out of 100% of those who turn to the palmist – 90% want to know:

  • whether they will be rich;
  • will they have a business;
  • whether they will receive an inheritance;
  • can they risk and many other material issues.

A professional palmist will quickly answer these questions, because all the answers are on your hand.

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Banknotes in the palm of your hand

1. Phala

Phala, presented without breaks, in the form of a grain of wheat, is an excellent indicator of prosperity, wealth, both spiritual and material.

If you have a good, clear oval, then all your goals, desires, dreams come true during your life.

2. Big triangle

It is also called the Money Triangle. It is formed by three lines:

  • Heads;
  • Fate;
  • Mercury.

It is he who shows how competently you can manage money. If at least one line of this triangle has a gap, then the spending will be associated with one of the sides on which there is this gap.

3. Small triangle

This sign indicates great success in the financial sector, prosperity and material well-being. Most often found in businessmen.

4. Star

A star on the Apollo line, showing sudden glory. It should be remembered that fame can also be criminal.

5. Trident

This sign speaks of great luck. He will give you wealth, good fame, a happy family life, and good children. And also the joy of relationships with people, kindness and benevolence.

6. Triangle on the inner side of the life line

A beautifully formed small triangle on the inner side of the life line shows the growth of finances received in a quick and easy way. It can be a lottery, an inheritance, or a loan.

7. Fish

It is rare to find a clear fish sign that indicates good luck in money. Depending on the location, this sign symbolizes several possible options for the manifestation of its power, as follows:

  • presence on the marriage line brings good luck in married life;
  • a sign on the life line indicates the support of loved ones;
  • if the fish is located on the line of Mercury, then it symbolizes commercial cunning;
  • a symbol located on the line of the mind gives great scientific opportunities.

In addition, the sign of the fish on the Apollo line symbolizes great creativity and social success.

8. Vertical line

The vertical line that rises from the heart line to the little finger (on the hill of Mercury) shows the potential for sudden wealth.

9. Line in the middle of the palm

The line going down between the little finger and the ring finger is the line of inheritance.

Money is not only a well-fed life, pleasure and luxury, but also an opportunity to realize oneself as a person. But in order to have enough of it, you need to make an effort, not to be mistaken in choosing a direction of activity, and to invest your savings correctly.

You have to work not for the sake of money, but for the sake of pleasure – then the wealth itself will come!

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