Batista Bobby Lashley John Cena Vs Regal Finlay King Booker.

This weekend’s Raw pay-per-view is the third annual Fatal-4-Way. John Cena, Bobby Lashley, and Batista team up to defend the WWE Championship against the Royals. Also on the bill are United States Champion Mr. Kennedy and WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker. Jimmy Wang Yang makes his debut and Rey Mysterio takes on Elijay Burke.

As the winner, King Booker won the World Heavyweight Championship against Rey Mysterio, who was also defeated by Lashley. As for Booker, he retained his title by pinning Regal with a Scissors Kick. The match ended with a no contest when King Booker was pinned by Batista after he landed a Shillelagh.

Batista picked Batista as his opponent. The General Manager decided to allow Booker to choose his opponent. He chose Lashley and Regal over Booker. The General Manager also allowed both men to pick their opponents. For example, Booker asked Finlay to lay down for him but Finlay refused and won the match. The General Manager also gave both men the title.

Batista chose Booker as his opponent because he was a valuable asset for the company. He later won a match against Mr. Kennedy and jumped into the World Heavyweight Championship picture. At No Mercy, Booker and Regal got a chance to win the title in a Fatal Four Way. The Royal Rumble was the final event of the event.

After a long feud, Booker and Lashley were paired in a four-way at No Mercy. At the event, both men picked Batista as their “poison” and the three wrestlers had their match on July 28. At the show, King Booker was the winner in the four-way. The two wrestled for the World Heavyweight Championship and the United States Championship, respectively.

At No Mercy, Booker and Batista fought for the title. After the match, the former champions remained the WWE United States champion while Lashley was the number one contender for Rey Mysterio’s World Heavyweight Championship. However, at the same time, they were both paired up in a four-way match.

The Royals had the best of the three men in the No Mercy main event, but the Royals had the upper hand. They were crowned as the top two contenders and defeated the Royals by disqualification. Afterwards, Batista was awarded the World Heavyweight Championship while Regal and Lashley were given a loss.

After the No Mercy pay-per-view, Booker had chosen Lashley to challenge Booker for the title. The match was a double-header as both men were the defending champion. The Royals won the fight in a one-on-one match. Although Batista was the champion, the King had fought for the title a number of times before losing.

After the Royal Rumble, Booker and Regal were matched in a four-way at No Mercy. At the Survivor Series, Finlay regained his World Heavyweight title after a victory against Cena. During the PPV, the Royals were forced to have a four-way match.

During the Survivor Series, Booker tapped out of the ring in the first round, leaving the former champion with no choice but to kiss him. The King’s Court then divided the WWE title, with both men claiming the royal titles. On May 26 of 2006, a special episode of SmackDown took place where the King of SmackDown was unofficially proclaimed the new king. William Regal appeared as the town crier and announced, “All hail King Booker!” as the monarch walked into the ring. Sharmell was anointed Queen and Booker’s court reunited. The following day, the Royals enlisted Bobby Lashley and the ring, and the match was a success.

During the 2007 Royal Rumble, King Booker and Batista were tagged in the ring for the first time. The match ended with the King Booker and Kane retaining the WWE Championship. In the following weeks, the British Bulldog and the US Champion were awarded the title by the WWE. After the match, the king and the Royals were crowned.

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