Beauty calendar for women 25-29 years old – face and self care, procedures

Beauty calendar for women 25-29 years oldSchoolgirls and students are not taught the intricacies of proper self-care. And this is no less important than standard educational programs.

The beauty calendar on was created precisely so that our readers can easily distinguish competent beauty recommendations from harmful advice. Together, we transform local knowledge into a systemic view of care.

The content of the article:

  1. How to supplement personal care
  2. 10 indisputable rules of self-care
  3. Skin problems – and solutions
  4. Beautiful body: not easy, but real

Again 25! How to supplement self-care after 25 years

Skin care after 25 years should take into account that the production of collagen and elastin decreases, cell renewal does not occur so quickly.

Therefore, we adjust the contents of the cosmetic bag to support our face.

Beauty calendar for women 25-29 years old

1. Eye cream

In the past, eye care was a recommendation. When we move into the 25+ category, this part of leaving is not worth ignoring. In addition to a suitable gel or light cream around the eyes, it is worth trying special hydrogel patches… This pleasant mini-procedure will hide your intense life rhythm from prying eyes.

The set “From puffiness and circles under the eyes” from Jurassic SPA is also designed to solve the problem of fatigue.

Apply the cream with delicate movements from the center to the periphery of the eye, avoiding the moving eyelid. We try not to stretch the delicate skin. The most convenient way to do this is with your ring finger.

Vichy products contain a special silicone applicator that simulates finger touch. Try it – very convenient!

A roll-on applicator that eliminates trauma to the skin under the eyes is also available in the Novage True Perfection Eye Cream from Oriflame.

By the way, in 2016, the Novage comprehensive care line won the Product of the Year award in the Effective Facial Care category. This series includes 6 face care products for skin over 25 years old.

It is best to store your eye care product in a dry place away from light.

2. Serum

With minimal consumption, these products contain ten times more biologically active components than a regular cream. The result is visible almost immediately.

To a greater extent, serums have an anti-aging effect, they will be more appropriate after 30 years. Now it makes sense to apply them in three-month courses twice a year, specifically targeting skin problems. The summer period is suitable for the use of water-based serums, in the winter it is better to use an oil composition for additional nutrition and protection.

This stage of care precedes moisturizing. That is, between toning and cream, turn on the serum. Distribute a couple of drops with patting movements.

Ideally, the cream and serum are in the same batch. For example, from the aforementioned Novage.

3. Peeling or scrub

Proper skin care for 25 years includes weekly exfoliation. Slower skin regeneration leads to dullness of the face, the skin becomes less smooth. Therefore, we select a means for the delicate removal of dead skin cells.

For example, a gentle peeling for the face “Apricot Mango” from Organic Shop.

And do not believe in fairy tales that oily skin needs coarse abrasive particles! This injures an already problematic face. Better, in addition to home exfoliation, add salon care.

4. Masks

It’s time to expand the variety of these tools.

A moisturizing mask will still be sufficient for normal skin. Choose a convenient scheme of alternating cleansing, soothing (for sensitive skin) and nourishing masks.

Dry skin starts aging earlier than other types, pay special attention to it!

As you already understood, facial skin care under 25 meant using fewer products. When adding new products to your beauty arsenal, remember: the cell renewal cycle reaches 28 days. Before this period, it is unlikely that it will be possible to assess the effectiveness of the tool.

Beauty calendar for women 25-29 years old

10 indisputable rules of self-care at 25-29 years old

  1. If you have lost your teenage skin care products in your cosmetic bag, it’s time to get rid of them forever.
  2. The skin of the neck is much thinner, nourishes worse – as a result, it loses its elasticity and ages faster.
  3. The neckline is the “face” of our grooming.
  4. We only touch the face with clean hands.
  5. We apply all products along the massage lines.
  6. We pay 15 squats for every cake!
  7. Botox – no!
  8. Do not test on yourself all the “grandmother’s” recipes indiscriminately.
  9. Do you want to watch TV? Make the bar at the same time. Tired? Twist the hula hoop!
  10. Watch your hair: closer to 30 years, treacherous gray hair may appear.

Beauty calendar for women 25-29 years old

Skin problems after 25: home defense and escape to a beautician

After 25 years, vulnerable moments make themselves felt: dilated capillaries, a tendency of the skin to dryness. Additional supportive care should be regularized.

At the age of 28, you can add an effective, and at the same time safe, tool to prevent skin aging in home facials – self-massage of the face

Additionally, this procedure will cope with traces of acne, edema, the consequences of too active facial expressions or drastic weight loss.

Make it a rule to make time for this pleasant ritual every day after washing. At the same time, do not forget about the neck and décolleté area.

You can master the technique of self-massage and the secrets of massage lines from a training video course (you can find free ones on the network) or from your beautician.

Video: Self-massage of the face “RENAISSANCE”

Some girls want to include the fight against wrinkles in their face care at the age of 26. I would like to say: “It’s too early, my friend …”

But what if the superciliary fold is not fiction at all?

Lack of moisture, nutrition and stress can really stun with expression lines quite early.

Having adjusted the drinking regime and nutrition, there remains one more factor that a psychologist, not a cosmetologist, can fight against.

Don’t believe me?

Ask a friend or colleague to discreetly photograph you throughout the day. Analyze the photos: how often are we in the frame with a “chicken butt” on our face? Are you dissatisfied with something, your forehead is wrinkled, your eyebrows are furrowed? Where is our happy smiling beauty? We are working on her return, and there, you see, and the wrinkles will run away.

To the beautician you can sign up for massage, superficial peeling and care masks.

Problem skin in autumn and winter can be maintained diamond microdermabrasion

If the orange peel effect is sneaking up on your buttocks, it’s time for a course anti-cellulite treatments… It’s easier to resort to salon offers. At home, you can pre-prepare your skin with a special washcloth and anti-cellulite scrub after a hot shower.

A cold anti-cellulite peeling massage from Dr. BIO or a prepared composition of honey, coffee grounds and a few drops of coconut oil will do.

Nail design and foot cream are now not the whole secret of well-groomed legs. The skin of the heels becomes rougher, and needs complete pedicure and softening care

Beauty calendar for women 25-29 years old

Beautiful body: not easy, but real

Several times a month it would be good to transfer your beauty treatments to a sauna or steam bath. This is the ideal place to make masks and wraps all over the body without fear of sweat cleaning. When you enter the steam room for the third time, the scrub will perform its function especially effectively.

Sea salt with honey or coffee grounds with sour cream – find the right recipe for your skin

If you do beauty salon wraps, the specialist will determine how to influence the skin, based on its needs.

For independent attempts at body shaping, a little cheat sheet: the chocolate wrap gives a good detox effect, eliminates toxins, the problem of cellulite is compatible with algae-based products. The exposure time is about 15 minutes.

At home, you can apply an anti-cellulite agent to problem areas, wrap it with cling film – and arrange cleaning, or any other activity.

By adjusting their food habits, prioritize fish, fruits, vegetables and nuts. It’s a cool habit to sprinkle sesame seeds on salads.

And limit your salt intake!

Beauty calendar for women 25-29 years old

V sports training we focus on the muscles of the thighs and buttocks, we perform exercises aimed at maintaining the elasticity of the chest. Do you want to stay slim? Download the nut!

After 25 years, there comes an age when excellent appearance is already completely our merit, and not nature or genetics.

Every time you want to succumb to laziness and ignore self-care, ask your reflection in the mirror: “Do you love me?” And where only laziness immediately disappears!

Beauty calendar for women 25-29 years old

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