Beauty-life hacks in makeup for girls – for those who are not yet in the subject?

Often, scrolling through the news feed on various social networks, you can see many small videos with strange makeup hacks. Many of them are really absurd, but there are also tips to help you with your makeup and personal care.

Crazy makeup hacks

1. Apply tone and powder to absolutely the entire face

Yes, yes, you heard right, apply a little BB cream or foundation, including on the lips, and then – be sure to powder them.

Apply foundation and powder

Only then take your favorite lipstick and tint her lips.

By the way, according to statistics, every girl eats about 5 kg of lipstick in her entire life!

2. In order to outline the upper border of the eyebrow, use the USB cable

Before you tackle your eyebrows, wrap a USB cable around your head that will fit right up to the top edge of your eyebrow.

Outline the upper border of the eyebrow

Follow the contour with a brushand then blend it a little.

3. Styling eyebrows with soap

In order to style your eyebrows, you can use not only wax, lipstick, mascara and other means, but also regular soap.

To do this, take a brush – by the way, you can replace it with an ordinary, previously washed, mascara brush.

Brow styling with soap

After wetting it with water put some soap on the brush – and comb your eyebrows. The effect after these actions is even similar to lamination.

4. Perfect arrows with a thread

If you have problems with drawing arrows, or rather, their contours, then a thread comes to the rescue.

Use a felt tip or an eyeliner brush to paint over a small section of the thread. Then quickly apply it first to the section of the eyes, then from the end of the resulting line to the eyelid.

Arrows with a thread

This life hack best used with a highly pigmented eyeliner that doesn’t dry quickly on the eyelid.

5. Remove loose mascara with hygienic lipstick

If suddenly your mascara is imprinted on the painted eyelid, or just blurred – use hygienic lipstick

Hygienic lipstick

Apply lipstick to the marks, and then wipe the skin with a makeup remover. Hygiene creates a protective layer with which you will not touch the shadows.

You can also use it with an unpainted eyelid if you don’t have hydrophilic oil, wipes or makeup remover on hand.

6. Brush 2 in 1

Every home has a large fluffy brush that we usually use for blush.

Blush brush

However, it can be turned into a bronzer and highlighter brush using the stealth tool.

Everything is extremely simple! Hook the invisible brush so that it becomes as much like a fan as possible. Apply the contouring agent with a stealth brush, then remove and blend.

7. Second life for lipstick

Our favorite lipsticks always run out quickly, especially those in a screw bottle. And we always throw them away, leaving the lion’s share of the product on the bottom and sides.

To not do this, collect leftover lipstick using a hairpin, invisible, etc., and place them on a spoon, which must then be placed over the candle.

Melt the remaining lipstick

Melt the product and then pour it into a small jar. The lipstick will harden within 10 minutes and will be ready for further use.

8. Extending the life of a foundation or concealer

If, it would seem, the foundation or concealer is over, do not rush to send it to the trash bag.

Moisturizing Facial Lotion

Add to it moisturizing lotion and stir thoroughly. The pigmentation of the product remains the same, and moisturizing the skin will never hurt.

However, such strange life hacks have a flip side of the coin.… Some of them can be just useless and stupid, and some can harm the skin. Therefore, we recommend using proven tips, for example, as in this article.

We hope it was useful, made life easier and saved time.

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