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In the recent past, no one knew such a word as “self-development”. What does it suggest and why. And now, almost everyone is engaged in self-development and personal growth. And if this question arose, it means that there is no harmony in your life and some changes are needed.

Self-development can be started at any age, and at 20, and 30, and at 40, and 50 years old. You can always engage in self-development!

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Personal growth or self-development is the process of developing some new qualities in yourself that will lead you to improve in many areas of life.

Carl Rogers

For example, if I can’t swim, then I will drown if I don’t take any action.


If I learn to swim, then I will swim in any situation.

There are step-by-step motion techniques.

Where to start personal growth:

  • Realize what you want, what changes, make a complete audit of your life in the main areas of your life that are important to you (health, work, personal life, hobbies, leisure and travel, interpersonal relationships, etc.).
  • We set tasks in each of these areas.
  • We turn on our imagination and prescribe what skills we would like to acquire.
  • We draw up an action plan with specific deadlines.
  • We take daily actions in relation to changes. If it’s a morning run, don’t sabotage!
  • We evaluate the result with the help of our diary.

Tips from the best coaches in the world for those who have embarked on the path of self-development

1. Start with yourself:

  • it is necessary to clear your head of wrong beliefs and attitudes,
  • cleanse your space at home and at work from all unnecessary things,
  • evaluate your surroundings and cut back on people who bring discomfort to your life.

2. Start learning something new:

  • foreign languages,
  • get new skills,
  • master financial budgeting,
  • find a new hobby,
  • expand your circle of acquaintances,
  • develop spiritually.

3. Don’t be lazy!

  • each of your new actions will cause resistance of your body and consciousness, you can even get sick if you do not know about it.

Therefore, use the “small steps” system.

  • Prioritize the introduction of new skills and the repetition of these skills so as not to overwhelm yourself, and follow this schedule without being lazy.
  • After 21 days, new skills will slowly become a habit, and after 2 months it will be difficult for you to abandon them.

4. Use visualization techniques and keep a personal journal of achievements:

  • always imagine the end result of what you want to get from these changes,
  • keep a personal diary of your achievements every day,
  • figure out what gift you will give yourself when you achieve what you want.

5. Motivation:

  • it is best to take personal growth trainings with a coach who will help you overcome all difficult moments, help overcome fears, calm you down and push you to move in the right direction.

We also offer a list of the best books from coaches around the world for motivation:

1. Barbara Sher. “Dreaming is not harmful”

Barbara Sher The book was published in 1979 and is still popular today. It helps to find your strengths, your mission, find your talents that you do not know about, correctly formulate goals.

After this book, you can feel like a winner!

2. Daniel Siegel. Mindsight (the science of personal transformation)

Daniel Siegel.  MindsightThe book is that all people are subject to mood swings, unfounded anxieties, fear, unpleasant memories.

It helps to focus on yourself, your inner world, and real-life examples will make you believe that change is possible.

3. Daniel Brownie. “Source of energy”

Daniel Brownie.  The biggest problem today for all people, especially women, is the lack of energy. The book provides ways to increase energy, which will lead to an increase in working capacity up to 15-17 hours a day.

There will be enough energy to go about your personal goals in the evenings and not feel tired.

4. Keith Ferrazzi. “Never Eat Alone”

Keith Ferrazzi.  This is a very important quality – to expand the circle of your acquaintances and connections. Networking is the most productive road to the future.

“Together it is fun to walk through the open spaces”, the book is about this! This is a very important skill!

5. Walter Michel. “Development of willpower”

Walter Michel.  There is often a desire to do nothing, and it takes willpower not to sabotage. The book provides ways and “magic kicks” for motivation.

Now, it’s up to you! Are you going on a hike for what you really want in your Life?

Only personal growth and self-development will lead you to results. Take action!

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