Best books on relationships between people – 12 bestsellers

Books about relationships between peopleThe best books on relationships between people can help you gain influence among acquaintances and gain sympathy in unfamiliar surroundings. What does it mean to live in a human society? If we leave aside the immediate environment and business ties, there will be a huge number of people whom we “pass” through ourselves every day.

Everything that fits into the capacious term “communication” appears on the pages of the best books. Turn your world – and yourself with it! Find yourself among those around you – in an easy, independent form of an observer or a real accomplice of the events taking place around every second!

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A. Nekrasov “To be, not to seem”

M .: Tsentrpoligraf, 2012

A. Nekrasov A book about self-love and self-sufficiency. About choosing your own path – and how not to follow someone’s expectations, but to go forward, regardless of someone else’s opinion.

Scientist-psychologist helps his readers to define their own attitude to other people’s experience, to feelings of guilt. The basis of human relationships, for example, is the important skill of saying no.

Only harmony in your own soul will allow you to determine your own position in relation to people.

Matthews E. “Happiness in Difficult Times”

M .: Eksmo, 2012

Matthews E. "Happiness in Difficult Times"Have you ever thought that life was over? That the noose of longing and despair has tightened around your neck, and there is nowhere to go further? That the sunlight has faded? Then this book is for you!

It is replete with stories of those who have had much worse than you. And they didn’t give up! Life threw them into the abyss, into the mud, catastrophes rained down on them one after another. But everything passes – but the human will to live remains.

To look at ourselves from the outside and assess our own troubles, throwing all the sorrow of the world on the scales – this is what this book helps in. Written not in a melancholic sentimental tone, but with humor and funny illustrations. This book is about heroes who survived and did not give up.

Thich Nhat Hanh. “Peace at every step: the path of awareness in everyday life”

M .: Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, 2016

Thich Nhat Hanh.  "Peace at every step"Consciously building relationships with other people leads to harmony and meditation through love – this idea is proved by the author – a great spiritual leader, a Zen Buddhist monk.

The book provides a technique for meditation and mindful breathing. To learn the miracle of life – through communication and self-improvement, despite the injustice and troubles in the outside world – this result can be achieved by reading a book.

King L., Gilbert B. How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere: A Practical Guide

Moscow: Alpina Publisher, 2016

King L., Gilbert B. "How to Talk to Anyone"The instructive nature of the book is brightened up by an abundance of examples, including from the personal experience of Larry King.

With such a book, your communication skills will become an order of magnitude higher, and your moral will acquire a solid foundation. The book is written in an easy and casual style.

The author does not aim to prepare top speakers. In the process of reading it, you will be able to understand for yourself what is more difficult for you – to speak or be silent, brevity or inspiration, etc.

Pease A., Pease B. “Speak exactly …: how to combine the joy of communication and the benefits of persuasion”

M .: Eksmo, 2015

Pease A., Pease B. "Speak exactlyRecognized bestseller in communication psychology, prepared by # 1 authors in this area.

The book will be interesting not only for specialists, but also for everyone who wants to learn how to formulate and express their thoughts more accurately, to convince the interlocutor.

Confidential conversation, business negotiations, formal politeness – all these are the subjects of study of the Pease couple. Make your career – “mastery of conversation” will help you with it!

Rapson J, English K. Praise Me: A Practical Guide

Moscow: Alpina Publisher, 2016

Rapson J, English K. "Praise Me"Are you one of the “nice people” – the modern generation of anxious personalities? It is this term that was introduced by the authors to define modern neurasthenics with low self-esteem and depressive moods.

7 ways to stop being “glorious” will help you rise above reality – and see life from a height of optimism.

Recognize the “glorious” in your friend or work colleague – and bring him back to life! Psychological support provided on time can cost you his friendship.

Kroeger O., Tewson D. M. “Why are we like this ?: 16 personality types that determine how we live, work and love”

Moscow: Alpina Publisher, 2014

Kroeger O., Tewson D. M. "Why are we like this"The first edition of the book took place back in 1988. Since then, it has not lost either its relevance or relevance among readers.

Typology, as a way of perceiving oneself, becomes the basis of life activity. Read it – and, perhaps, you will recognize yourself among the given types. What if you don’t like the description of this type at all?

Recognize the types of your loved ones and acquaintances – this will make it easier for you to communicate with them.

For each personality type, there is a list of suitable professions.

Cialdini R. “The psychology of influence: how to learn to persuade and achieve success”

M .: Eksmo, 2015

Cialdini R. "The Psychology of Influence"The author offers to understand oneself and evaluate one’s own ability to say “no”. This book is a description of the method of concessions and manipulations, confirmed by real life examples.

The distribution of ready-made attitudes – such as belief in the power of authority, consistency, compliance, explaining human actions – with the light hand of the author becomes the fruit of your analytical thinking.

Assess your own power of influence and check if you are not exposed to someone else’s – along with R. Cialdini’s book in your hands!

Cialdini R. B. “The Psychology of Consent”

M .: E, 2017

Cialdini R. B. "The Psychology of Consent"Another masterpiece of the renowned American psychologist, dedicated to consent as a psychological state.

Separately discussing the methods of re-persuasion and association, the author demonstrates the depth of knowledge and practical experience. 117 ideas are taken from business practice.

How to achieve the desired result even before the start of the persuasion process? Only by forcing your opponent to agree with you! The mechanisms of influence and persuasion are closely related.

A revolutionary business communication method that changes the mindset of partners is presented on the pages of the book.

Pryor K. “Don’t growl at the dog !: a book about training people, animals, and yourself!”

M .: E, 2017

Pryor K. "DonA book with a funny title sets you up for the positive and helps you get rid of troubling problems.

The method of “positive reinforcement” proclaimed by the author, which is used in training, is also applied in life. Moreover, in communication, he is an alternative to beliefs. How do you get what you want from a child or adult? Giving a reward for the final goal!

Self-reinforcement with a reward for every step you take is a great way to improve yourself. More details – on the pages of the book.

Perfect for child psychologists – and parents who are at a standstill.

Tracy B., Arden R. The Power of Charm: A Practical Guide

Moscow: Alpina Publisher, 2016

Tracy B., Arden R. "The Power of Charm"Charm is the most reliable method of interacting with people.

How should you behave in order to be a pleasant interlocutor and to be successful in communication? The authors provide an answer to this question: first you need to learn the art of listening!

The story is imbued with an incredible sense of optimism and belief in human capabilities.

Easy to read, the book is ideal for teenage reading.

Deryabo S. D., Yasvin V. A. “The Grandmaster of Communication: An Illustrated Self-Study Guide of Psychological Mastery”

M .: Smysl, 2008

Deryabo S. D., Yasvin V. A. "The Grandmaster of Communication"This publication is not a scholarly study, nor is it a reference book on communication problems.

Compiled on the basis of materials from the works of Western and Russian practicing psychologists, the book helps to pay attention to those little things that make up the essence of the communication process.

Bright satirical pictures and non-standard advice – “rules” + a short illustrated summary for each chapter = a lot of knowledge in the field of psychological culture!

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