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Best Eyeshadow Palettes - Bologny Top 5 PalettesVisually making the eyes bigger, changing their cut and inclination will help the skillful use of shadows – a makeup tool that can make any look languid and charming.

However, of the majority of girls, not every one uses shadows in their everyday make-up. But, nevertheless, the basic palette of eyeshadows in the cosmetic bag should still be present.

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What is a basic palette? This is a basic set of eyeshadows with which you can do everyday makeup, and sometimes even evening. Usually it contains beige and brown colors, which allow you to do neat makeup, avoiding sharp edges with the skin.

The ideal palette is the one that can be the only one in the cosmetic bag, that is, universal. I am sure that among the presented shadows you can choose the right ones for yourself.


Please note that the assessment of funds is subjective and may not coincide with your opinion.

1. NYX Lid Lingerie Shadow palette 01

The set of eyeshadows includes 6 shades that can enhance the beauty of the eyes of any girl. By themselves, the eyeshadow is highly pigmented, so even when applied without an eyelid base, it can give a bright and rich color on the skin.

With the help of this small palette, you can delight yourself with both daytime looks and bright evening “smokey ice”.

Apply the lightest shade (in the upper left corner) to the entire upper eyelid, apply any of the dark shades to the corner, paint over the crease of the eyelid with any of the two colors in the middle, blend well the borders of the shadows – and a light daytime make-up is ready.

NYX Lid Lingerie Shadow palette 01


  • On the eyelids, the shadows are as bright as in the palette itself.
  • Easy shading.
  • Low price.


  • Shadows can crumble if they are too much on the brush.
  • Few shades, all matte colors, can get boring.

Price: 810 rubles.

2. Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons

This palette is definitely one of my favorites. It contains 16 matte and radiant shades, each of which has a use.

It is ideal for everyday makeup as it has a fair amount of browns and “transitional” beige tones that blend in between browns and skin to soften the edges. Since there are many such eyeshadows in the palette, you can make your daytime makeup varied: experiments will never get bored.

For evening looks, bright colors with small sparkles are provided, which will look delicate and sophisticated. One of the rectangular shades with shimmery particles can be used as a highlighter, and some matte shades can be used as an eyebrow shadow.

Too faced chocolate bon bons


  • 16 shades, including matte and shimmery.
  • Ideal value for money.
  • The eyeshadow smells like chocolate because it contains natural cocoa extract.
  • Beautiful packaging design.


  • Some shades can get used to, so their consumption will be higher than others. I did not find any more shortcomings.

Price: 2000 rubles.

3. The Balm Nude Dude

The eyeshadows attract attention with their original packaging featuring men. However, it hides no less original and high-quality product.

The palette contains 12 shades, among them there are both shimmery (shiny) and matte. This allows you to create a variety of images.

A persistent product, but the base is still better to use.

The balm nude dude


  • Undoubtedly original design.
  • Beautiful shades.
  • Persistence.


  • Few matte dark shades, which are so necessary for creating daytime makeup;
  • The high cost of shadows.

Price: 2500 rubles.

4. MAX FACTOR Smokey Eye Matte Drama Kit 30 Smokey onyx

The name of these eyeshadows is a direct reference to the smoky ice makeup. However, it can and should be used for daytime makeup too! After all, it contains all the necessary shades.

Better to use a palette with tints 30 Smokey onyxbecause the colors in it are the most versatile. Of course, there are only 4 shades, but the price of the palette is very attractive. Although the pigmentation and color rendition are somewhat weak, so you will have to get used to using it.

Its advantage is also that it can be used for eyebrow modeling, as stated by the manufacturer. For lovers of multifunctional, and at the same time – minimalistic products, these shadows will serve as a real boon.

MAX FACTOR Smokey Eye Matte Drama Kit 30 Smokey onyx


  • Versatility of shades.
  • Multifunctionality.
  • Price.


  • Some shades have poor color rendering.
  • Without a base, shadows crumble.

Price: 589 rubles.

5. Smashbox Cover Shot EYE PALETTE Minimalist

The elegant palette will allow you to carry out various types of daytime make-up, as well as to create a delightful smoky “smoky ice”.

The eyeshadow includes 8 shades. They have a pleasant texture, high durability and good color rendering.

Smashbox Cover Shot EYE PALETTE Minimalist


  • High durability.
  • Noble shades.


  • High price.
  • Few dark colors.

Price: 2300 rubles.

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