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Lip tintsLip tints are a real find for lovers of persistent and weightless products. Korea can be considered the birthplace of lip tints. It was there that these amazing products first appeared, allowing you to create a light and natural finish on the lips. The effect of such products is somewhat reminiscent of the effect of permanent lip makeup: a shade close to natural, but brighter and more saturated. What are their features, why you can love them, and which product is better to buy, read on.

Tints are very liquid, slightly watery, and contain a high concentration of pigment. Usually they have a poor range of shades: no more than five per position. They are usually applied using an applicator. They differ in their finish and “behavior” on the lips.

1. Benetint, Benefit

For the first time, this tool was released about 10 years ago, but to this day it is in high demand. It has a liquid watery texture, light aroma and pronounced pigmentation. The packaging is equipped with a handy brush, with which the product is best applied.

Benetint, Benefit

The tool is presented in several shades, among which there are both peach tint and cherry tint. The product has high durability, low consumption of funds and the fact that the shade literally adjusts to the tone of the lips. This tint can also be used to add a blush to the cheeks.

Flaw: slightly dries lips with constant use.

Cost: 2000 rubles

2. Beach Tint, Becca

The soft tint of this brand allows you to achieve a natural finish. Even though the product may seem overly bright at first. However, by applying it to your lips, you will ensure that the shade lays down as naturally as possible.

Beach Tint, Becca

Tint has a convenient miniature packaging. The plastic texture makes it comfortable to apply. With all its advantages, the product is consumed very quickly, being quite expensive.

Price: 2300 rubles

3. Holi Pop, Holika Holika

This tool is an element of decorative cosmetics, although it is produced by a care brand. The tint has an unusual gel texture. This allows it to be absorbed into the lips gradually and even slightly moisturize them, which few products of this kind can boast of.

Holi Pop, Holika Holika

It is available in several shades, has medium durability, and can last up to four hours.

Price: 600 rubles

4. Oops My Lip Tint Pack, Berrisom

This tint is distinguished by an interesting method of application: it is distributed over the lips, left to dry completely. In this case, the lips should be at rest. After ten minutes, a film forms on the lips, which must be carefully removed. Next, rub the lips with cold water. As a result, permanent pigment remains on them.

Oops My Lip Tint Pack, Berrisom

Application manipulations must be carried out quickly: the dense texture of the tint is quickly fixed. The pigment stays on the lips for up to six hours.

Price: 600 rubles

5. Stainiac Tinted Hintof Tint, The Balm

Enriched with nutrients such as aloe juice and camellia extract, the tint not only brightens the lips, but also brightens the cheeks. The product has a jelly-like texture. The package contains an applicator, so it is applied like a regular gloss.

Stainiac Tinted Hintof Tint, The Balm

The product was released in a single shade, but it adapts well to any lip color, which makes it universal.

Price: 1175 rubles

6. Water Lip Stain, Clarins

The tint has a watery and very light texture, which allows you to adjust its brightness by layering. It is quickly absorbed by the skin, resulting in a matte finish.

Water Lip Stain, Clarins

The product is only slightly felt on the lips, but they look very natural in appearance. The disadvantages include high cost and low durability.

Price: 1700 rubles

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