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HighlighterNot so long ago, no one heard of such a cosmetic product as a highlighter, but today almost every woman uses it. What is it for? From English, the word “highlight” can be translated as “highlight”, that is, what makes our skin much better. Previously, only professional makeup artists used highlighters, but now this tool is available to everyone. It gives the face a light glow, the skin looks fresh and youthful, the main thing is to choose the right product. How not to make a mistake in your choice? This TOP-4 will help you figure out which face highlighters you can safely buy in order to get the best long-lasting effect.

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Persistent highlighters

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Highlighter Benefit: “High Beam”

This product from a famous French company gives the face a delicate silky and even slightly satin shade, which makes the skin very beautiful.

The product is placed in a jar (like nail polish), which is the perfect solution for the liquid structure of the highlighter.

High Beam

When applied to the skin, you will see a shimmery glow on the skin and a very even tone, as if the face was instantly rejuvenated. This product is suitable for all skin types and is easy to blend and can be used for both day and evening make-up.

Plus – it is consumed economically, one jar is enough for a long time.

Cons: high price of a highlighter, not everyone can afford such a tool.

SAEMMUL: “Luminous Multi Highlighter”

This highlighter from a South Korean manufacturer is unique: it contains only natural mineral components and a whole palette of shades is presented in it.

It looks like a mosaic of several colors, allowing you to experiment with tones. You can simply apply one shade to your face as a point, or you can mix two or three colors at once, which allows you to achieve gentle shimmering overflows.

Luminous Multi Highlighter2

In addition, this product is very easy to apply and provides a moisturizing effect.

As a result, the skin glows, looks young and fresh, plus – it stays firm throughout the day.

Cons: it is unusual for beginners, for the desired effect they will have to practice.

CATRISE: “High Glow Mineral”

The Italian company has developed an original product: a budget highlighter, distinguished by its high density. Thanks to this quality, the product lasts for a long time, it is consumed very economically.

This product gives the skin a shimmery light glow, it is formulated with mineral reflective particles.

High Glow Mineral1

The highlighter can be called delicate, since its sparkles are so small that the skin shimmers with natural colors after applying the product. It looks very romantic and gentle, and the rather low cost allows everyone to purchase a highlighter.

Cons: a little “dusty” when applied, but it can be easily removed with a brush.

The Balm: “Mary-Lou Manizer”

This face smoothing product from the American manufacturer has won the love of girls all over the world. The original design of the pin-up + pale gold shade fell in love with many of the fair sex.

It has the most delicate structure, perfectly shaded and economically consumed. This highlighter evens out the skin for a natural and natural glow.

Mary-Lou Manizer2

After use, the face looks rejuvenated and fresh, the shade lasts for a very long time and does not roll off. And if you apply a base under the highlighter, then you can achieve the perfect effect for the whole day.

Cons: quite high cost of the product, but the quality is worth it.

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